I guess this may come as a shock

I said I'm fine when I'm not.

The day you walked out on me

I hurt so bad I could hardly breathe.

I guess it was all just too much,

I wanted love, truth, and trust.

Call me naive-

Did it hurt you at all?

Did you ever wait for my call?

Did you just erase me?


I guess I wanted everything-

I wanted nothing but you

Turns out I was the fool.

You walked away with my heart,

though it was ripped apart.

I crawled away on my knees

begging God please,

Yeah, you took all of me.

It may be coming a little late now

but I have to ask how,

How you can go on everyday

just the same?

Don't you ever think about me?

I need something more from you,

I want to send you through hell

I want to cut your soul

I want to make it so you don't know

where it wrong, or what story to tell.

I'm not usually mean

But I want you to hurt,

I want you to hurt,

To know you were never worth the dirt.

I guess I always wanted everything

I wanted nothing but you-

Turns out I was a fool

But now I'm coming for you.

I want to see you cry,

To watch your heart

Wither and die.

And least then I'd have proof

that you can feel too.

I've bided my time

I've swallowed my pride

Like it was cheap wine

Scars will fade

But I'm done waiting

Bruises will heal

But i'm sick of the shading.

So now it's your turn to

start escaping.

I wanted you to know

When you left you had every

good part of me in your fist to hold

I wanted you to care,

To admit you lied when you said you'd be there

To see love eternally means nothing from you to me

I guess though I always wanted everything

I wanted nothing but you-

Turns out I was a fool