Did you ever have a special toy when you were younger? One that you love so much that you never left alone?

If you did, what happened to it? Did you give it to someone? Did you lose it? Or did you simply forget about it and grew up leaving it deep in you wardrobe or toy box?

Sometimes they come back into your life. Maybe you found it when cleaning up or you were looking through your childhood.

Perhaps you found it somewhere, the toy just lying there.

If you have and there's no explained reason. I advise you to look after the toy, never ignoring it. After all there has to be someone or ''something'' that put it there because who knows, maybe the toy is an item to judge you. Maybe whoever put the toy there is watching, watching your every move

author's note

Hi people of the internet XD I promise that I've been working on yin and yang but it's been slow, I don't remember to write and I don't know what to write most of the time so anyway this is a new story I literally wrote in five minutes and I'm considering putting it onto the creepypasta wiki but I'm not sure if I shoud or not, help please? There's a poll on my profile thanks ^-^