Doppelgängers, you know what they are right? If you don't they are people who look exactly like you and it's said to be a bad omen if you see yours.

Anyway, sometimes things change with people, maybe how they act, their personality or even little things like preferred food and colour.

You just never know when a doppelgänger has gotten to someone, especially if you haven't seen them for a while.

So moral of the story, if you haven't seen someone for a few weeks and they have changed in any way, be aware that it might not be them.

Authors note

hey! It's another horror story type thing I made based on one I didn't write much of so yeah...anyway it's another post within 48 hours so that's pretty good...for me so please remember to vote on my poll because I really need the advice and it would mean a lot to me, I should stop seeing as I don't want the note to be longer than the story _