No Wedding And A Future Funeral

This was it. The best day of his life. After years of hesitation, well-studied seduction and mysterious insinuations, he had finally got Mary to marry him (no pun intended !). And today was their wedding day. They were both standing before the altar. She looked gorgeous in her strapless white dress and he was wearing a simple but classy black suit. His best man, and best friend, Matt, was smiling at him on his right side. The priest asked the usual questions and they both answered "I do". -"It is now time for the rings" he said with a kind and polite smile

"Sure" said Luke "let me get them"

With a giant grin, he put his hand in his breast pocket but, as he found nothing but emptiness, he felt the corner of his lips faltering.

"What the...!" Suddenly, his heart started beating faster, a burning sensation spread to his whole body, his hands began shaking and sweating and all blood left his face. He checked every pocket once, twice, three times ! All the while mumbling "It's alright, it's alright, I'll find them" but still no ring ! Mary's smile was beginning to falter too and her face was reddening with embarrassment. The priest looked uncomfortable.

"Hum, do you need help ? Or maybe some time ?"

But Luke, fumbling with his tie which felt tighter and tighter with every second, answered, a little too loud, "No ! I'm going to find them !"

But, as the minutes went by and the people in the assistance started coughing awkwardly, he had to accept the obvious conclusion: the rings were nowhere to be found. As he apologized over and over to her, Mary suddenly said: "You know what ? I get it ! You don't want to marry me !"

He tried to interrupt her "No, no, it is so not like that ! I do want to marry you but I just can't find theses stupid rings ! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..."

But she wasn't having it: "No, please, stop lying to yourself. Maybe you truly lost the rings but it's not just a bad mishap, it's a sign ! If you're unable to put this ring on my finger, it means that you're not ready to commit yourself to me ! And you know what hurts the most ?" Luke was so astounded by her sudden burst that he couldn't find the words to answer her. "It's that I knew it ! I knew it all along ! That's why I hesitated for so long before saying 'yes'. It's because I knew you couldn't lock yourself in marriage. I knew you were know husband material, my mother kept telling me that you were still a child in your mind. I knew you'd chicken out at the last minute at the idea of having to put up with me for the rest of your life. I knew you weren't one for commitments, but I didn't want to face the truth. So I said 'yes'. And it has been one of the biggest mistakes of my life."

Luke felt like in a nightmare, a terrible, twisted and sick nightmare, from which he only longed to wake up. But it was just too real. He couldn't believe how what had started as such a wonderful day could have come to this ! He tried to explain, to reassure her of his eternal love for her, to apologize but there was nothing he could do. She kept whining about what a terrible decision she had made and refused to listen to him. After what felt an eternity of pain and humiliation to Luke, she shouted a final and furious "I hate you !" and left the church.

Half an hour later, after everyone had left except the priest, who was busy tidying, Matt and him, he said through tears "I can't believe she left me, it hurts too much ! If only I knew where the stupid rings were ! This is the worst day ever."

Matt had an apologetic look on his face and Luke thought he was such a nice friend for sticking with him and having such compassion. He seemed truly sorry and at a loss. With a trembling voice, he replied: "Hum, actually, I found them. They were in my pocket."