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I quietly stood to the back of the family portrait, minding my own business. I had assumed my parents would push me completely out of the picture but apparently they wanted me to join in… I wasn't surprised when they made me stand to the side though, almost out of the camera's view. But I held my tongue… I truly didn't mind anymore. I was used to being pushed aside and or standing behind my twin brother's shadow, my identical twin that just so happened to be standing between our parents at the time with a huge smile on his face. Slowly, as to not draw any attention to myself, I slipped out of the camera's range. I doubted my parents would care whether I was there or not. While everyone was smiling and saying 'cheese' I took the time to observe my twin: The neatly kept head of dark brown hair, the bright brown eyes shining behind the black rimmed glasses… the red tie and unwrinkled black polo shirt tucked into a pair of tan khaki pants, the shiny black dress shoes… the perfect child to them…

Then there was me: The messy head of bleached white hair, the fake pair of green contacts that hid my true hazel irises, the wrinkled plain white form-fitting V-neck shirt and baggy black jeans, the worn out sneakers… the worst child in the history of children as I am called by them…

And I guess you could say that they were right… My brother excelled in almost everything… sports, education, art... public speaking… whereas I… well the only thing I can do is play guitar and write music… I'm no good in sports, but I do bodybuilding (does that count for anything?), and when it comes to school, let's just say I can only pass English with flying colors…

My parents see me as worthless compared to their star child. Again I have no issue with that… I used to, but I learned a long time ago that nothing I do would ever compare to Kai… the freaking brainiac… The one thing that gets to me though is how Kai always tries to help me… he always tries to get my parents to see that I'm not useless… or help me pass my classes… or get me out of trouble… and as much as I try to distance myself from him like I did my parents, Kai always finds a way to wiggle his way under my barrier.

You know, I used to blame him for stealing our parents' love from me… but I grew out of that phase and realized that it wasn't his fault… it was my parents who were to blame. He was the one that was trying to act like a brother… so in the end, how could I hate him when all he wanted to do was show me some love? Let me know that someone can care about me?

So when I heard Kai call to me, "Rei, come over here!" I couldn't help but offer a small smile and walk over to his extended hand. My parents held a look of discontent when Kai motioned for them to get out of the camera's view and when they didn't budge Kai physically pushed them out of the way. I must have looked like a kid who just saw Santa Clause for the first time because he started a round of hysterical laughing… Kai threw an arm around me and pulled me close after his laughing subsided into light chuckles, "Smile bro!" he held up the peace sign and I did likewise.

The camera flashed a few times as we posed for different pictures before we had to take individual photos. Kai looked like a complete bookworm with all his books in his photo, but I have to say it fit him well… and I took my photos with my guitar upon Kai's request.

When the photo shoot finally ended, Kai came over and slung his arm over my shoulder again, "Have fun Rei?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "Ehh… It really didn't faze me…"

Kai pouted, "You really didn't have fun during our photo shoot at least?"

"Mm-mm… not really." I was just pulling his legs now; I seriously did enjoy our photo shoot together.

"You didn't?!" And cue the watery eyes… the crybaby… I gotta love him…

"Aw come on bro!" I pulled my brother against my chest and ruffled his hair when he started to sniffle, "I was joking Kai! I had fun, alright?"

Kai sniffled but I felt him nod… I felt bad now, but I couldn't help but laugh at his childishness… Kai was responsible and acted like an adult around everyone else, but, whenever he was around me, I felt like I was taking care of a seven year old…

"You're such a crybaby," when he straightened up at my tease, I ran my hand through his now messy hair, trying to fix it in case our parents freaked out, "You always break down whenever you hear 'No I didn't have fun' come out of my mouth… why do you always freak?" I asked.

Another pout found its way onto Kai's face as he regarded me with those puppy dog eyes, "Well… I hate it when you end up sitting in the back like our parents make you do… I hate thinking that you feel unwanted or you just… I don't know…"

I raised an eyebrow and took an educated guess, "You don't like to see a frown on my face?"

Kai finally smiled and nodded his head, "Right! So don't frown!"

I let out a heavy sigh when I heard our mother call, "Come on Kai baby, it's time to go back home!"

Kai grimaced, "God I hate it when she does that…" he looked at me, "Well, come on Rei…"

Right before we could even prepare to leave, the photographer suddenly called us back, "I want to take one more picture!" he exclaimed, waving his hands.

I glanced at Kai and shrugged my shoulders, "I guess he didn't like the ones we took before?"

The photographer had my parents sit on stools and I stood stock still when the man made me stand next to our mother and Kai next to our father. I heard my mother clear her throat and chanced a glance: Pure annoyance… I looked over at Kai when I heard him clear his throat and he motioned for me to smile and look at the camera. I did so and one last photo was taken.

We got the pictures in the mail about two weeks later. When Kai handed the envelope to our parents, he snagged my arm and pulled me up the stairs and towards his room. I tripped when my foot collided with one of his thick pre-college class textbooks on the ground as he pushed me in and closed his door, "What's the rush?" I asked as I rubbed my tender foot. I glanced around his spotless room and grumbled about how the only mess he could possibly create in his darn room is the one that injures me the most… I could feel the bruise forming on my foot already… Stupid pre-college textbook…

"Come here!" he exclaimed as he made his way over to the bed, "I snagged the pictures before mom and dad could get them."

Ignoring the insignificant pain in my foot, I answered with, "Yeah, so?" and followed him over to the bed to sit down next to him.

Kai handed me a handful of pictures to look through, "I didn't want anything to happen to them…"

I rolled my eyes but smiled, "Nothing would have happened to them Kai." All of the photos were of me and Kai together, our photo shoot. There was one that I had really liked and it was where Kai was ruffling my hair and I was playfully swatting his hand away. I held that photo up to Kai, "I want this one!" I laughed.

He smiled and took the remaining photos from me, setting them in the drawer of his nightstand. Kai suddenly stood up and ran over to his work table and pulled out a box. He ran over to me and handed it to me. I laughed when he exclaimed, "Open it open it open it!" a perfect impersonation of an excited child…

You know what I find amusing? Technically speaking I'm supposed to be the kid brother, even if it is only by a few minutes or whatever, yet it's him acting like a child and being a crybaby and all… but I guess it's all cool… he needs to be able to act like one around someone now… so it mine as well be me, someone close who won't shun him or judge him for simply not acting his age like he always should. I feel bad that he always has to put up a front, an air of professionalism and maturity, no matter where he goes and he never gets the chance to just kick back and relax… except around me… So naturally, I'll joke with him about his immaturity, let him know that it's okay to drop his act around me.

"You sound more like a three year old instead of a seventeen year old Kai…" I stated with a slight chuckle.

He gave me a playful shove, "You love my childishness; it's the best thing about me!"

I gave him a bright smile at the known statement. Opening up the box I gasped when I pulled out an expensive looking frame, "Kai… when did you…?"

"Happy 18th birthday Rei…" Kai pat me on the back as he gazed at the photo as well. The picture was the one where Kai and I were holding up the peace sign, big smiles on our faces as we held the other close with an arm around the shoulders. But what caught my eye was the subtext that was placed right below the photo, 'It may feel like everyone is against you, but there is always someone there to back you up.' It was one of the lines from one of the very first songs I ever wrote… It was the line from the very first song I actually shared with my childlike twin brother… I smiled at the photo before hugging Kai, "Thanks bro…"

When he returned my hug, I realized that I hadn't even given him his gift. I pulled out of the embrace and started dragging him towards my room with the same excitement that landed me in Kai's bedroom. Upon entering my room, I heard him snicker at the organized mess I called a room and I snorted in response to let him know that his laugh did not bother me at all. I pointed to my unmade bed before going to my closet to pull out my guitar case from the pile of clothes and other junk that I shoved into the confined space. I sat down on the edge of my bed, pulling my guitar out. While I was tuning it, Kai brought up conversation, "So, I'm a three year old instead of an eighteen year old this time? I believe I was a five year old the last time!"

I smirked, "Yup I just downgraded you by two years!"

Kai laughed, "Well now!" his laughter died down, "You know you should let me straighten up your room for you."

"Ha! As if I'd let you ruin my organized mess!" I finished tuning my guitar and turned so that I could flick his forehead, "Now just shut up and listen. Let me know what you think about it, okay?"

I started to play a soft melody, humming along until the first line began and I was singing along to my new song, dedicated for my twin. When Kai gave me a big toothy grin, I found myself smiling as I continued to sing.