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This weekend came quicker than I thought it would. Angel was nice enough to explain that we would just be hanging out at the park. So when I woke up this Sunday, the first thing I did after freshening myself up once I was out of the shower was slather sun screen on and dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a burgundy halter top. In the mirror, I turned so that my back was facing it. When I moved my long hair over my shoulder, I smiled as I saw the white etching of my tattoo clearly. I decided that I would pull my hair up into a bun to better show off my back and the tattoo that Angel had seemed to like so much.

According to Angel, the park was only a few blocks away from her, so, I was to meet her at her house and we would walk with Kei and Kota. I didn't want to leave before feeding Kei, so I made sure to at least make her breakfast. The rice and chicken took little time and after Kei had eaten and gone to the bathroom, I locked her leash onto her collar and led her to my car. My passenger seat was occupied by a very excited bundle of fur and I couldn't stop myself from chuckling. She knew that I was going to lower the roof and I was rewarded with a happy bark when I did so.

The ride to Angel's house was uneventful. When we got there, I put the roof back up and both Kei and I hopped out. I called out loudly for Angel, obnoxiously loud; I'm pretty sure my voice cracked hilariously as I sang her name very off key. I jumped when the window on the second floor opened up with a slam.

"Shina, what the fuck?! My neighbors are gonna think something died!" Angel laughed.

I couldn't help the grin that spread across my face, "Well, come on! Hurry up!"

Angel laughed once more as I jumped up and down like an excited five year old being offered a shiny new toy, "Alright Shina, give me a minute, I'm coming out very soon!"

True to her word, Angel came out of her house with Kota in tow about five minutes after she talked to me from her window. While she locked up her house, Kota came barreling towards Kei. Both dogs barked happily at each other and ran and jumped around the small yard in excitement. While the two were playing, Angel ran up to me with a basket in her hand.

"Ready for our picnic date?" She asked me with a bright smile.

My eyes roved over her form. She had put on a dark blue sleeveless button down dress and it looked absolutely ravishing on her. The dress fell to her knees and billowed gently the wind. Her hair was left out to fall around her face and shoulders. She looked beautiful… absolutely beautiful…

I swallowed, my mouth suddenly dry, "Uh, y-yeah, um… let's go!"

Once we got our huskies under control, Angel and I set off with her leading the way to the park. It was a beautiful day, surprisingly warm for October and I was glad for this abnormal weather. It was perfect for our date. It was as if the deities of the world had decided to clear up today to make it the perfect setting…

At the park, Angel and I looked for a nice, grassy spot to settle down. When we did, we allowed Kota and Kei to jump around and play as they pleased. Meanwhile, Angel and I leaned against one another as we brought about small talk.

"Today's weather is so perfect… it's unbelievable." I murmured.

Angel nodded, "Yeah, I almost thought the weatherman had made a mistake, but it really is nice outside… of course it's going to suddenly get chilly again tomorrow."

A small laugh bubbled out of my throat, "Well, let's just enjoy today then."


And with that, Angel tilted her head so that it was resting against my shoulder, a content sigh leaving her lips. I flinched when I first felt her move into the position, but almost immediately, I returned the gesture by leaning my head atop of hers. We sat there in companionable silence, just watching out girls running around and enjoying the outdoors.

I couldn't picture a better day than this and a sigh of contentment left my lips after a while. It could have been hours for all I care that we sat there, just basking in each other's company, when Angel finally shifted to reach for the basket. We called out dogs over and spread the food. I usually liked to cook Kei's meals, the boiled rice and chicken, but for today, I allowed for her to eat the food that Angel brought for Kota. I trusted her choice in dry food so I didn't worry.

For us, Angel had made sandwiches and as a surprise, she had even brought mochi for us as a sweet snack. I enjoyed our lunch with a smile on my face. After everything was eaten, we resumed our earlier task of just lounging around and enjoying the gentle heat from the sun. Kota and Kei rough-housed for a little longer before they got tired as well. Soon enough, Angel and I were simply lying on our backs with our dogs snuggled close to our bodies. I closed my eyes and stretched my arms above my head. It had been a long time since I could relax like this in anyone's company, and damn did it feel good.

My eyes shot open however when I felt another hand tangling with one of my own. Tipping my head up, I looked at Angel's hand as it covered my own. From the corner of my eye, I could see that she was looking in another direction, but her cheeks were bright red with embarrassment. With a soft chuckle to myself, I intertwined our fingers together and gave her hand a soft squeeze, and action that was quickly reciprocated.

Both of us giggled when Kei and Kota both got slightly possessive. Kei literally plopped her whole body on top of me and dropped her head on my chest, her nose pushed up against my neck and a soft whine leaving her on a sigh. Kota was a bit nicer and instead, she maneuvered herself so that her body was pressed against Angel's side. Her head mimicked what Kei had done.

When Angel had seen what Kei had done, she burst out laughing. I laughed as well, and with my free hand, I ran it through Kei's white pelt. She let out a happy snort and rubbed her cold, wet nose against the skin of my neck. I giggled happily. This day just couldn't get better…


Did I have to say anything?

My eyes narrowed as a head came into my line of sight. Standing right next to us was none other than Jacob… I thought I told him to stay the fuck away from me?! Kei let out a low growl as she stood up from my body, allowing me to get up as well. She sensed my growing discomfort and was acting accordingly… When I stood up, I glared at Jacob and motioned for him to move away slightly.

"What are you going to do…?" I heard Angel softly ask from behind me.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw that she had sat up and was staring at me, her expression guarded. With a small smile, I shook my head slightly, "I'm just… going to talk to him for a bit…"

And with that, I walked away towards where Jacob was waiting. I noticed him stiffen and I realized that Kei had also decided to tag along. I allowed her to and gently pat her head. I wasn't going to try to not seem hostile because there was no reason for me to act…

"What the fuck do you want Jacob?"

Jacob blushed slightly and he turned his head slightly, "I… I wanted to see you… and a-a-apologize… for what I had done…"

I raised an eyebrow, "You want to apologize? Why the fuck do you want to do that? Huh? Do you think that's gonna get you back in my good graces?"

"No! Well… actually… I really…" Jacob trailed off and looked to the side, refusing to meet my eyes. When I got annoyed with waiting, I snapped my fingers in front of his face and motioned for him to continue. He got the message and after taking a deep breath, the words rushed out in a jumbled mess that I almost couldn't understand, "Iwantyoutogivemeanotherchance!"

One minute. I'm pretty sure that is how long I stood there, staring at Jacob, before all my rage was thrown at his face and I was angrily growling, "What the fuck is going through that brain dead head of yours?! You want me to give you another chance? Another chance?! Why should I give you another chance? Huh? Why should I?! You cheated on me! You cheated on me while I was getting attacked by my psycho ex! You left me to fight for myself while you were busy shoving your small ass dick into some whore's pussy! Jacob, what in the fucking world made you think I would ever give you another chance?! I can't fucking believe you!" I spun on my heels and prepared to march right back over to Angel. Like hell I was going to listen to this shit for a moment longer, "Get your pathetic ass out of my sight!"

Jacob panicked, "Shina, wait!" and he grabbed my arm.

Almost instantly, Kei was kicking into action. A loud and very angry snarl escaped from Kei and she jumped in between our bodies, snapping her jaws at Jacob's form menacingly and baring her fangs. Jacob's reaction was instantaneous and he released me with a startled, unmanly yelp. He jumped back out of Kei's range and I stopped my movements to look at him from over my shoulder.

It took me a moment, but I noticed that a few people who were simply walking and minding their own business before had stopped to see what the commotion was about. That was not what I needed at all. All I needed was for one of these people to pull out their phones, record me fighting with Jacob, and then posting their find on the web. I and the company would suffer a bit from that kind of publicity… Closing my eyes, I took a calm and steady breath before glaring once more at Jacob.

"That is the only fucking warning you will receive. Touch me one more time, and I will let Kei rip the veins in your wrist open. Get away from me Jacob. You're causing a scene and I really don't need that for my reputation." I pat Kei's head and gently tugged at her collar when she let out a low growl and continued to glare at Jacob, "Kei shizumeru (calm). Kuru, ima (come, now)."

By the time I returned to Angel, she was standing with the picnic basket in her hand and Kota standing beside her. The moment we were close enough, Kota shot forward and bombarded her body against the still agitated Kei. The two fell to the grass and began to wrestle. By now I could see that Kei was a lot happier. So I let myself relax slightly as well. Angel approached me a lot calmer than Kota did to Kei and placed her free hand against the side of my face; it was a silent gesture asking if I was really okay.

The smile on my face brightened up considerably and I raised a hand to hold the one against my cheek and leaned into the touch, "Let's go for a walk again…"


When Jacob first approached Shina, I was fully prepared to knock him out. But Shina surprised me when she sat up and sent him to wait a little way away. As she got up with Kei by her side, I sat up. Was she really going to talk to that cheating son of a bitch?!

"What are you going to do…?" I couldn't help but ask.

Shina assured me that she would just talk, so I trusted her and let her walk away from me. I watched as Shina and Jacob spoke together, hugging Kota's body against me. If anything were to go wrong, I was ready to jump into action.

The more time that passed, I could see Shina becoming even more aggravated. She suddenly went still after something Jacob said. I held my breath and watched… waited… and suddenly, Shina was waving her hands wildly in anger and although I couldn't hear what she was saying (she was pretty good at keeping her voice low despite how pissed she looked) I could tell that Jacob was getting an earful. After she finished, Shina whipped around and started to walk back towards me, but Jacob grabbed her.

I shot to my feet at the same time that I heard Kei's very angry snarl. I saw Kei snap at Jacob's form and the man instantly released Shina with a wimpy shriek. Kei circled Shina once before she faced Jacob head on, baring her teeth and snarling very loudly. Kota had stood up with me and I could hear her low growls, see her hackles raised. She was just as wary as I was, especially from hearing Kei attack.

Shina's head whipped around, assessing the surrounding area. There were people watching to see what all the commotion was about. She needed to get out of here. The younger woman turned to say one final thing to her ex before she stormed over to where Kota and I were standing. The moment they were close enough, Kota immediately jumped to play with Kei and I to comfort Shina. I didn't like how upset she looked, and when she offered to go for a walk, I was quick to respond by grabbing her hand and whistling for Kota to follow while she called to Kei. We walked away and I took one last glance behind me to throw a glare at Jacob. I would make sure that nothing else disturbed Shina on our date…

We walked around aimlessly for a while. The sky had begun to turn a brilliant array of orange and red and pink and yellow as the sun began to set. In order to enjoy the sun setting, I pulled Shina over to one of the benches with the best views of the sky and trees. Shina and I sat close together with our dogs lying by our feet. The red headed woman's eyes sparkled as she watched the setting sun.

"It looks so much like a painting. It's beautiful…" Shina breathed softly.

My eyes were not on the sunset, but on Shina instead. The light casted a warm glow around her that made it seem like she was shining… Her hair looked fiery and alive as it fluttered in the wind and her brown eyes were speckled with orange and red and yellow, reflecting the sunlight that she was staring at. Her lips were twisted into a bright smile and she seemed so much younger… so much more beautiful…

"Not as beautiful as you…" Came out of my mouth before I could put on a filter.

Shina's head whipped to the side so fast it gave me whiplash. She stared at me with a bright blush high on her cheeks. I bit my lip as I turned my head a lot slower than she had to return the stare. We stayed like that for a few moments… but I couldn't stay like that for long. So, with slow and steady movements, I moved my head forward, invading her personal space. Shina remained frozen, but her eyes flickered back and forth between my eyes and my lips. We were so close… I touched our foreheads together and stared into Shina's eyes. I waited for her to pull back or object to what I was about to do… but all she did was close her eyes.

I let out a shallow breath as I finally closed the distance between us completely and sealed our lips together in a chaste kiss. It was sweet and innocent and when I pulled back, I watched in delight as Shina's eyes fluttered open and the blush high up on her cheeks burned brighter. She let out a breathy sigh. A smile spread across my face. It was then that I noticed that the sky was starting to turn a bluish purple and the park and street lamps were lighting up.

Slowly, I stood up and reached out my hand to help Shina up as well. Now that it was getting later, it was starting to get a little more chilly, but I don't think either of us minded, our bodies suddenly warmed from our sweet kiss. To Shina, we were probably walking around aimlessly, but I had a plan. Without her knowing, I began walking towards where I knew there was a small, noodle cart stall. When she saw just what we were coming up to, I swear she looked like a chibi on a sugar high. I could see her trembling with excitement and I was pretty sure I heard her stomach rumbling.

When we approached the little stall, we sat at the counter, Kei and Kota lying by our feet. An old Asian woman smiled at us sweetly, asking us what we wanted.

"Can we have sukiyaki with white rice and sashimi on the side?" I asked politely.

Upon realizing that there was another person, Kei and Kota both shot up and barked happily, most likely hoping to get some spare food. We both quieted them down before looking back at the woman when she gently tapped my shoulder. I wasn't too surprised when she showed me a small bowl of unseasoned chicken that looked to have been boiled. Shina, on the other hand, gave her a questioning look, to which she answered with:

"I boil chicken for soup. Extra. Feed dogs. Free!" Her accent heavy, but understandable.

Shina smiled brightly and took the bowl with a bow of her head in thanks. The old woman reached out a hand to gently pinch Shina's cheek before she went back to making our food. Shina bent down slightly and dropped the chicken for the dogs to enjoy. We sat there in silence for a little while until our food was finished. Shina's smile got impossibly brighter. She thanked the old woman, thanked me after I finished paying, and then she dug right in. I followed right after I gave the old woman a hearty tip. The food was freaking delicious, as I expected. I couldn't help the little moans of pleasure that left my lips. It was so freaking good… Shina must be in heaven right now! Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the old woman sneaking in little pieces of meat and vegetables for Shina to eat. It made me smile.

I came to this stand every so often and I would leave tips for the old woman, even if I wasn't eating. She liked me a lot and she even seemed very accepting of a lot of things, hence the reason why I decided this would be the best place to eat with Shina. I remembered seeing a gay couple here before. The two men had been treated very kindly by this woman and she did the same thing then that she was doing now: cooing over us (especially Shina, which I could understand since she looked like a freaking adorable kid in a candy shop) and basically taking care of us like we were her children or something. I knew Shina would love it…

I was just finished my meal, Shina still devouring hers, when I had the odd sensation of someone staring at us. I casually looked over my shoulder and refrained from growling out loud when I saw Jacob hiding behind a tree. Clearing my throat, I grabbed both Kei's and Kota's leashes before turning to Shina to inform her that I was going to take the two to go to the bathroom.

"Mm!" Shina stopped me before I could walk and I smirked as I waited for her to swallow her food, "Kei only listens to commands in Japanese. For now, just remember these: Taizai means stay and Kuru means come. I don't think you need to worry, but just in case, Kougeki means attack and Shizumeru means calm."

It was slightly overwhelming, but I quickly recited the commands over and over in my head as I walked away with a nod of my head. Shina turned back around and went back to eating her food (which had increased since the time it took for her to return to her bowl). The moment she was distracted by speaking with the old woman with a huge smile on her face, I stormed my way over to Jacob's form.

I stopped when I was next to him, "What the fuck do you think you're doing, Jacob?"

Jacpb glanced down at me, "What's it to you? My business is with Shina."

"And Shina's business is also mine. So why are you stalking her?"

"I'm not stalking and I don't have to justify myself to you!"

I smirked, "Oh yeah?" I motioned down towards Kei, "You know who this is right?"

Jacob visibly cringed and backed away slightly, "Hah, you think that stupid mutt is going to do anything? She only listens to Japanese commands!"

The smirk fell from my face when he blatantly insulted the beautiful husky, "Kei." I paused, and then a sick grin spread across my face, "Kougeki Kei."

Kei snarled menacingly and jumped forward, but I held fast to her leash. I wouldn't let her bite him, I'm not that cruel. But this was my only warning… Reacting towards Kei's actions, Kota also let out a menacing growl and shot forward. I held her back as well, and the duel attack seemed to make Jacob piss his pants. I finally showed a little mercy.

"Kei, ShizumeruKota, stop. Sit, girl…" When both dogs had calmed down, I glared up at Jacob once more, "One, Kei is not a stupid mutt. And two, get lost, jerk. If I see you stalking Shina once more, I won't hesitate to let go of the leash. Now get before I actually let them attack you!"

Jacob quickly scrambled to get away from us and I watched until I could no longer see his form on the horizon… stupid jerk… I made my way back to Shina where she had finally finished eating and was thanking the old woman again, offering the lady her own hearty tip. The woman was pinching Shina's cheek once more and cooing in her native tongue when I finally arrived. The lady pat Shina's cheek in farewell and we got up to leave for my home.

"I heard Kei snarling. Did something happen?" Shina asked as she casually laced our fingers together with one hand and rubbed the other over her pink and slightly abused cheek, "Man, that little old lady was so sweet, but my cheek hurts now! I'll have to go back and eat there more often." she finished off with a chuckle.

I refrained from cringing at Shina's question and quickly thought up a lie, "… Squirrel… it was a squirrel…"

Shina raised a brow, "A squirrel…? Alrighty then."

We didn't say much after that and I was glad Shina decided not to continue asking questions. It would really dampen her mood if she knew Jacob was being a creepy stalker… The walk back to my home was finished in a comfortable silence with Shina gently swinging our clasped hands gently between us. She walked me all the way back up to my door before stopping and releasing her grip on my hand.

I turned to face her, "Well, I had an epically amazing day… thank you Shina."

Shina smiled brightly, "I should be thanking you for taking me on this date! I had a great time too. We'll have to do this more often…"

My smile grew wider. She had enjoyed our date… I did a good job then… she wants to go on more dates too! Suddenly, a pair of slightly chapped lips were pressing against my own. Before I could even comprehend what was going on, Shina pulled away and waved to me. She unlocked her car and hopped in with Kei settling in the passenger seat. As she pulled out of my driveway, she rolled the window down and called out.

"Have a good night Angel!"

My eyes followed that red mustang until I couldn't see it anymore. A sigh escaped my lips at our second kiss… it ended too quick for me, but I still enjoyed it… Exhaling another blissful sigh, I opened the door to my home and walked inside with Kota at my side…

It was a good day…