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One year and six months later…

College: the last part of my parents' eighteen-year education plan. Tanner and I are finally on our last stretch before we finally say goodbye to annoying teachers and house parties. Well, four years from now, I hope.

I looked at the façade of the looming co-ed dormitory and gave out a big sigh of relief. Thank God for the all-gender dormitory. I love my freedom just like the next eighteen year old girl but I don't think I can part with Tanner. I wouldn't know what to do if Tanner chose another school.

"This is it?" Ana, my best friend since last year, stopped beside me.

"No, hon. This is just the dorm. The school's that way." Seth, her boyfriend and Tanner's best friend answered her.

Yup! Tanner and I managed to drag our best friends with us at this university. What would we be without these two love struck idiots? Ana and Seth got together a few months back and they've been inseparable ever since. There was this issue about Ana looking a lot like Seth's first love but then it got sorted out and all is well.

Ana elbowed him on his stomach and continued to go in the building. Our dormitory is a big imposing brick and mortar thing that I presume was built ages ago. We had reservations for the school's official non-coed dormitories but my mom thought it would be better for Tanner and me to be living in the same building. Ana and Seth were just happy because they get to go to each other's rooms as much as they want. Anyway, the building was towering with eight stories with at least eight rooms in each floor. The pamphlet that came with the reservation said it housed at least two hundred students. Well, that's a lot of dorm parties and orgies, if you asked me.

The first two floors are dedicated to recreation so it had its own library, entertainment room, a game area, a café, and conference rooms. Two floors are dedicated for freshmen and sophomore girls, two floors were only for freshmen and sophomore guys, a floor for seniors and another floor for juniors. Although the dormitory is co-ed, we aren't actually allowed to room with guys. That is why I am with Ana and another girl named Angela Roux. I'm assuming she's French.

Our room's at the fourth floor and Seth and Tanner's on the fifth and we are currently thanking the Gods for working elevators because Lord knows I can't haul my things up to the fourth floor if my life depended on it. How much more Ana?

The boys dropped us off at our dorm before they went back down to get their stuff. Ana opened the door and whooped. The room is bigger than what we expected.

"I was expecting something just a little bit bigger than a cupboard." I said honestly.

Ana grinned, "I knoooow!" She clapped her hands, "But look at this, Cass! We get our own dressers and study tables. We even have our own bath."

We went inside and explored the room a little bit more. I haven't been to any dormitory rooms in my life but I was expecting a little bit smaller than this. This is huge. Well, not huge but relatively big. I feel like I'm in a hotel room. I don't want to mess anything up.

There were three single beds that lined up the wall and the other end of the wall is lined with shelves and study tables. We have a faux-receiving room with a small couch and fridge. I am loving this.

Ana and I looked at the beds and bounced on them. I landed on the middle bed and Ana landed on the one to my right. Seeing that Angela Roux is running a little bit late, she'll end up with the left bed. It was nearer the window and the sun was hitting it in all the wrong places. What can I say, Ana and I… we love our sleep.

Ana saw me looking at the empty bed and giggled, "Do you think she'll hate us because we gave her the evil bed?"

I shrugged, "Let's just hope she's not an evil person."

"The family name, though. Roux. Do you know anyone with a family name like that?"

I shook my head, "Nope. I think she's French."

Ana agreed, "I think so too. Must be fun!" She glanced at me and smiled. I don't know if she was being sarcastic or not.

The school is known for having a good exchange and foreign student programs so it wouldn't be a surprise if we actually had to room with a foreigner. Let us just hope that Angela Roux knows how to speak English because the only French word I know is oui. And I thought it was pronounced 'oy' for a very long time. If it weren't for Sadey, I would still be saying 'oy' instead of 'wee'.

"Yeah." Ana broke the silence first, "I miss the girls too."

I smiled. Back at home, we had a big group. We weren't jocks or the cool kids but a lot of people looked up to us. We had two of the best looking boys at school – Seth and Tanner – and were friends with everybody. We got to be invited in all the fun parties and life was really great.

Until we graduated and we realized that not all of us are going to the same school. Ellen and Cindy went to New York – Ellen to NYU and Cindy to Columbia. I heard from them yesterday and New York, no surprise here, is awesome. Ryan, one of the boys' teammates, went to the Naval Academy and we are all proud of him. Rita delayed going to college but is with Cody right now in Los Angeles. Cody got a full ride to UCLA because he's so good with basketball and stuff. And then there's Sadey. Ana and I haven't really talked about it but I think we miss her the most. Tanner misses her the most.

Sadey and Tanner got together early last year. She's been in love with him forever and loved him despite Tanner being such a perve and a douche. I still don't know what she found in him, but whatever floats her boat, right? Sadey's good for Tanner. He was still a little bit of a pervert but he loved Sadey. Tanner, on the other hand, gave Sadey the confidence she needed. Everybody thought they'd end up together… but they didn't. At the end of senior year, Sadey's dad, who is a pharmaceutical executive, got a great job in Asia and decided to bring the whole family with him. Sadey wanted to stay. We all saw how devastated she was when she was told she'd have to move to Japan but her dad wasn't having it. Technically, Sadey can stay because she's eighteen now but her dad didn't want to leave her behind. So off she went. She spent her last night in the country with Tanner. They were laughing and enjoying the whole night but I think I heard them crying in his room at around two in the morning. She left the next day. Tanner then went on a drinking spree. I think I've never seen him drink so much alcohol in a week. I didn't even know how he got the alcohol.

One day, though, Tanner came home sober, and continued with his life. We found out that they broke up because it was pointless to keep a long distance relationship and that Tanner wanted Sadey to enjoy her life in Japan because… duh, it's Japan. Japan is really really cool and gorgeous and fun. In the end, Tanner was the bigger man. They're still friends, though. They text each other all the time and Tanner is happy.

Tanner is very very happy. Which makes my life okay.


"And this? Where do you want me to put this?" Ana asked.

We were currently arranging our things and putting our clothes in the closet while waiting for our new roommate to come and show her face. I am folding our clothes and Ana is putting the pictures and books in our desks and drawers.

"The what?" I asked, turning around to look at her.

Ana is holding a small pink-packaged stuff and is currently waving it in the air, a cheeky smile pasted on her face. My face instantly grew hot.

"Oh my god!" I lunged forward to grab the vibrator Rita gifted me on our Senior prom night.

Ana ran around the room laughing, "Why do you still have this, Cassee? Do you use it?"

I blushed even harder, "No!"

Ana stopped at the end of my bed, panting, "It's okay. I'm your best friend. It's okay to have urges."

I stopped in front of her and grabbed the vibrator, "I haven't even opened it yet. See?" I showed the sealed box to Ana.

The vibrator was a gift from the girls because I went to the prom alone. Tyler, this guy who was my classmate in one of my math subjects, asked me out but I turned him down. I once had a vivid imagination of my Senior prom night. So when I realized the one I wanted to go to prom with will not show up on that night, I decided to go solo instead. The girls gave me the vibrator because, according to them, I'd be the only one in the group who won't be getting it on that night. They wanted me to 'have fun' on my own. Yeah, I have great friends.

Ana's eyes twinkled, "Let's open it!"

And before I can say anything, she snatched the box from my hand and tore the packaging.


"Wow," Ana echoed what I had in mind.

"This is…uhm, surprisingly small?" I wondered.

I am not a virgin and I thought I have seen vibrators before but this thing is a small, bean-shaped gadget that I am not sure how to operate. It has a power button in the middle of its body and a small screen. I have no idea what the small screen is for.

"Do I just press it on and put it in there?" I asked Ana.

She laughed, "I have no idea."

We were still examining it, when the door slammed open.

We were so startled that Ana dropped the vibrator on the floor.

Seth and Tanner entered the room and closed the door. Tanner eyed the box I was holding while Seth bent to grab the vibrator.

Seth frowned, "What's this?"

"Uhm…" Ana looked at me and I looked at the box.

Tanner grabbed it from my hold, "Vibrator for teens." His eyes widened and looked at me, "What the fuck Cassee?"

At the same time, Seth grinned and handed the vibrator to Ana, "So this is what you girls do when the boys are away, huh?" He leaned in to whisper in Ana's ear.

Ana giggled and slapped Seth's arm. Tanner quirked their eyebrow at them but snapped his eyes back at me.

"Come on, Tan. Don't go all protective brother on me right now." I rolled my eyes.

Tanner shrugged, "Well, I guess this is better than having you go reverse cowgirl on someone."

I buried my face in my hands. My brother is hopeless.

The boys went to our room to see if we wanted to explore the nearby eateries. We are now far from home and far from our favorite pizza place. The four of us should really start looking for another hang out area.

We ended up entering an ice cream parlor that looked like an antique house. I immediately fell in love with it.

"I love it here, can I please stay here forever?" I said, looking at the vintage vinyl records.

We ordered, got our ice creams, and sat at a partially hidden booth.

I was eating my banana split when Tanner sighed, "I'm still trying to get the hang of things…"

Seth agrees, "It seems weird not having the other kids here."

Ana and I nodded. Back at home, we would occupy two booths because there was just so many of us but with only the four of us here, we didn't even fill out this one.

"Weird not having the same amount of noise, huh?" Seth asked Ana.

"I'm just glad I'm here with you." Ana grinned and kissed Seth smack at the mouth.

I made vomiting noises and Tanner bumped his head on the table. This is a normal occurrence. The two act like they just got together yesterday. It's sickening, really.

"When are you going to get over your Seth obsession, Fresh?" Tanner asked, sarcasm lacing his voice.

Seth flicked a balled up napkin towards Tanner, "You get over your Anais obsession, dickwad."

I giggled, Tanner hitting on Ana is as normal as breathing. Tanner will never act on it anyway because Ana's not his type but he is just getting off the fact that it riles Seth up all the freakin' time. I'm just here for the ride.

"You know Tanner…" Ana wiggled her eyebrows, "now that you're sharing a room with Sethie poo…" Ana leaned in to tap Tanner's cheek, "how about that threesome you were offering?"

Tanner let out a big hurrah at the same time Seth choked on his rocky road. This is the first time Ana actually bit Tanner's banters and it shocked me. Someone is being playful today.

"No!" Seth roared.

Tanner got up and did a victory jiggle, ignoring Seth. Ana just sat there looking at me, laughing. I just laughed with her because Seth looked like he was going to combust at any minute now. I am loving this.

Tanner sat back down and rubbed his chest against Seth's arm, "Gotta get used to this, buddy. Because the time has come for Fresh here to get to know the dragon."

Ana and I laughed harder. Of course Tanner will name his penis the dragon. It is very much like him.

Seth glared at Tanner and removed his arm from around Ana's shoulders.

I giggled, "Someone's sulking."

Ana looked at Seth and grabbed his face with both hands, "You big babyyy." She said and gave him another kiss, "Of course we're not having a threesome with Tanner."

Tanner slumped his shoulder and Seth grinned, "Really?" He asked.

Ana nodded, "Yup. I'm gonna sleep with him while you're in class."

I laughed a little bit harder and Tanner high-fived Ana. Seth is so pissed.

Seth came around, eventually, after Ana told him that her sleeping with my brother will never happen. Not even in the distant future. Tanner acted disappointed but just continued eating his caramel sundae. Typical Tanner.

I can feel it already, college is going to be a whole lot of fun.


We ended up going back to the dorm a few hours later. We have already explored the cinemas and Ana has already scouted the area for the nearest pizza parlor because we live and breathe pizza, obviously.

The boys just dropped us off at our floor and Ana and I arrived at our room to see that Angela Roux has finally arrived.

Angela's head is buried deep inside a big box of clothes when we entered and I can already see that she is one little lady. She straightened and we came face to face with a brunette fairy.

She looks like the Tinker Bell version of Audrey Tautou.

I leaned in to whisper to Ana, "I told you she was French."

"Hi!" Angela Roux exclaimed, her smile as wide as her face. Perky!

Ana and I had awkward smiles pasted on her face. I don't know about her but I just smiled this way because I am silently hoping that Angela Roux knows how to speak English because I have no idea how to introduce myself in French.

"You look a lot like Audre Tautou." Trust Ana to speak everything that runs in her mind.

Angela Roux's grin widened. I thought it was impossible for her smile to get even bigger but she just proved me wrong, "I know! I get that a lot, that's why I cut my hair in a bob. To look more like her. I'm Angie!" She said, extending her hands for us to shake.

She speaks English! With an American accent! Praise the heavens for this miracle.

Ana shook her hand first, "I'm Anais and this is my best friend, Cassee."

I shook her hand and smiled wider, I am now comfortable with her because she speaks English.

"Oh," she wondered, "Are you French? Anais is a French name right?"

"Yeah!" Ana nodded but then immediately shook her head, "I mean, I'm not French but my name is."

"Oh. I just thought." Angie shrugged, "My father's father was French, thus the family name. But I was born here and grew up here as well."

Angie continued to dig something out of the box until she threw her hands up in the air and sat down on her bed. She's so small that all three of us can fit in her bed and still have space.

She grabbed both Ana and my hands and pulled us to sit beside her.

"Wow, for one small lady, you are pretty strong," I declared. She is strong.

"Oh," Angie giggled, "thanks, I guess. That's because I swim. Upper body strength and all."

Ana chimed in, "I did cheer and Cassee plays basketball."

"Oooh, basketball…" Angie giggles (she really is perky), "Nice." She winked, "If you know what I mean."

Ana laughed, "No. No. Cassee doesn't have a boyfriend."

Angie frowned, "But you're so prettyyy."

Ana nodded, "I agree."

Angie nudged my shoulder, "Don't worry Cassee. We'll get you one before the year ends."

She put her arm around Ana and me and declared, "let's be friends girlssss, okay?"

She removed her hands and fiddled with her phone, "This is my boyfriend." She showed us a picture of an All-American looking, blue-eyed, blond-haired pretty boy. "He's Mark. He's a junior here and lives upstairs. I was supposed to go to another school with my friends but I decided to come here for him. So, uhm… I know nobody here except him."

I smiled at her, "Oh the things girls do for love."

"Yeah." Ana agreed.

"So? Friends?" Angie asked.

"Is that even a question?" I beamed and hugged her. Yup, that's me: the hugger.

The girls and I ended up cleaning our room and fixing stuff for the rest of the night. Angie shared to us her favorite songs and we danced to most of it until our legs gave up on us and the only one left standing is Ana, ever the dancer.

We then took turns using the bath to shower before we called it a night. Except before actually calling it a night, I had to go to the boys' room because Tanner has my toiletries bags, that twit.

So I took the elevator up to the fifth floor, lazy me, and saw the boys' room. It was messy and it looked like the boys have been there for years now, instead of just a few hours.

I went to the elevator to go down but noticed that it was still in the ground floor. I really do not like to wait for it so I decided to use the stairs instead.

I was going down the stairs, minding my own business when someone rushed past me. The person was hurrying down the stairs to the point that he bumped into me and almost knock me off my footing. I almost fell if it weren't for him steadying me.

I just had the scare of a lifetime because some douche was hurrying down. Great.

I turned around to face the offender when I got a whiff of his cologne and I froze.

I haven't smelled that cologne in a long time. Not that I'm automatically assuming it's him because that cologne isn't custom made. Anyone with the money can buy and wear it. So why am not feeling my tongue right now?

I looked up at the offender to lash out at him when I heard his voice say my name.

My name.

Not my nickname.

My name.


Oh dear God.

I looked up to see the one face I was hoping never to see again.


Kill me now, why don't you?

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