He regretted it.

He shouldn't have yelled at her. Shouldn't have hit her.

Even is she had gone too far.

But it was too late now, as he waited, all bloody, for the police to find him.

Cold. Still. Breathless.

Yeah, he regretted it, as he bled to death in the trunk of her car.

Airport Disturbances

The landing had been delayed when he saw her.

She had nice eyes and a pretty face.

She smiled to him.

He imagined being with her, almost forgetting the person on the plane.

He was about to join her when he felt arms around his waist.

"Hey" he said "I missed you Jason"

Money Is The Anthem

The clothes were good.

Elegant and expensive.

Exactly like his childhood.

He was used to the high society.

To money.

Delicate dishes in silverware and costly hangings were his everyday life.

And now, he remembered the parties and rich balls

as he left the store and went back to his only home, under the bridge.