A Childish Belief

Ben awoke to a loud noise. He had tried to stay up late. He wanted to see him. But sleep had overtaken him.

It seemed something had crashed on his roof. Something heavy. Thieves ? Aliens ? Hurricane ? Frightened, he pushed the door to the living room.

Lying next to the fireplace, unconscious, there was Santa Klaus.


Plic, ploc. Red drops fall from Danny's fingers, unmistakable on the white tiles. The man on his right gives him a weird look.

Uh oh, he's coming in his direction now ! With a guilty expression, Danny gathers his courage, hoping he won't get into troubles.

"We did painting in kindergarten" he told Daddy later.

An Unavoidable Duty

It was time. He had to do it, once and for all. His hand was clenched around the broomstick.

He was going to be brave and get it over with. Maybe it wouldn't take much time. He took a breath. He was going to do it.

Broom in hand, Harry stepped into the Quidditch stadium.