Daidōji (大道寺) Scroll: Kotaro Kazama

I did not know it –- the savage legend that was about to unfold from that man.

Where and when did Moritoki meet him?

Perhaps the Kazama Valley truly is a deep place, and harbors the strangest of society. His band was motivated by fear, but he wore swords like a man. Perhaps he had a rich lineage, but fell off into the abyss.

His stature was very tall; he was calm and confident; his hair looked inked with the blood of his enemies. At times, he wore the same face as a namahage. A predator of rascals.

With that said, is he here because of the war we brought to this land? Or is he here to further the chaos?

I couldn't help but hold superstitions.

A band of robbers. A fearful man. Two fangs. I remember this wonderment of the Bunmei era's 12th year.