Storm clouds filled the air creating an ominous feeling to those who walked the streets below. Lightning would flash, mostly unseen, and booming thunder would reverberate through the air. More than one person was startled by some of explosion like noise caused by the thunder. Below a young girl called, Selisa, was hurrying into the main entrance of a school. As she entered it was clear that she attended this school as her attire matched that of the many other young people milling about in the halls. The girls looked smart in their red skirts checked with blue squares, white shirts and small ties (also red in colour) while the boys donned grey pants, white shirts and ties similar to what the girls wore.

No sooner had she entered the hall of the building when the heavens opened above. Large rain drops fell down to the earth and suddenly it looked like large flowers came into blossom as many people opened a variety of coloured umbrellas to avoid getting wet. There was a feeling of excitement in the air among the young learners as many girls were batting their eyelids at the boys. Postures changed and girls were doing their best to attract the attention of the most popular and athletic of the boys.

A huge banner in the hall, that was decorated in red and had many hearts on it, gave information to an upcoming school dance. It was part of the yearly 'hug-fest' that always took part shortly after the Valentine's dance. It was organised to try and establish a stronger bond among the learners and try to include those that tended to get left out when Valentine's gifts were being handed out.

Selisa had shoulder length raven hair and the most astonishing blue eyes. Many didn't see them as they were hidden behind rather thick spectacles that she needed in order to see properly. Having her nose in the books so much had had a detrimental effect on her eyesight. She was the epitome of being a bookworm. Her marks were always at the top but the price to pay had been high. At 17, she was considered to be a loner as well as snob. With regards marks, being at the top had never felt so lonely. She hardly had any friends and no romantic life to speak of.

Everybody her age had had a boyfriend or several. But she had always put her studies ahead of any such thing. She had faced many difficult tests, exams and scholastic representation for her school and none had phased her. Yet now, her heart was beating a mile a minute as she stood towards the back of a group of girls that were flirting with the various jocks. In her hands she was slowly flipping an envelope while her eyes scanned the room nervously.

Finally they stopped on a good looking boy. He had short brown hair, hazel eyes and was doing his best to avoid conversations with the amalgam of girls in the hall. Suddenly their eyes met and he smiled at her. She smiled nervously and felt herself going red in the face. Her eyes opened a little wider as she saw that he was making his way to her.

"Hi." They said in unison.

They both chuckled a little at the awkward moment.

"So, fine weather we have." He said with a grin.

"Um, hi Jeff, I was wondering, the thing is…" Selisa stammered.

"You? Wondering about something? I thought you knew it all." He said, still smiling.

Was he joking? Being serious? Selisa hated being in a situation where she felt awkward. She generally enjoyed having all of the cards and knowing what to expect. But, with regards interacting on a romantic level, she was definitely a novice to the extreme.

"Um, well, not always. I do have to research a lot. But, I was wondering, er, hoping that is, um…" She stammered and felt the heat radiating from her cheeks as she began to blush profusely.

"Hoping what?" he asked.

"Here, sorry…." Selisa said, thrusting the envelope at him and then ran away, right out of the school hall.

Jeff stood in the hall with a very confused look on his face as he watched Selisa run out of the room. He could hear some of the taunts and catty remarks from the girls that she passed thrown in her direction. What many failed to notice was the tears that was welling up in her eyes and beginning to spill down her cheeks.

After passing through the school gate Selisa stood with her back against the wall as the rain pelted down and began to soak her. She sniffled as she tried to regain her composure.

"That was so stupid! You idiot! Why didn't you just out and ask him to go to the dance?" she muttered to herself.

"Well, that's why I had made up the invitation to ask him. Not that he would want to go with a bookworm like me. I'm not pretty like the many other girls in the school. My chest is rather flat and timid compared to them as well. Why would he want to go with me? He's athletic, good looking, clever and could take his pick of the many girls willing to do the least modest of things with him. I'm such an idiot!" she said and swallowed a sob. A hiccup hit her while she was trying to regain her composure. She had several long strands of her dangling in front of her glasses, which were covered in water drops, and held her arms around her body as she realised that she had started to shiver from the cold.

She sneezed and then realised that the rain wasn't falling on her anymore. Looking up she could just make out that a large umbrella was being held over her.

"For somebody so smart you sure don't act it. Standing in the rain. And, what is the meaning of this?" Jeff asked holding the letter from within the envelope in his hands in front of her.

There were so many water droplets on her glasses that she could hardly see. She took them off and wanted to wipe them on her shirt and then realised how futile it would be seeing as water was dripping from her own soaked shirt. She sniffled and realised what he was holding.

"The letter…. the thing is, I" she started but was cut off.

"You know, you have really nice eyes Selisa. A person can't see them behind your glasses. Let's get you inside." He said.

"Wait, does that mean you'll go to the dance with me?" Selisa blurted out, feeling her cheeks reddening.

Jeff turned around, as he guided her under the umbrella, looked at her and smiled, giving a small wink.