Chapter one

I was born in New York City. Best city in world. I've lived here my whole life. I've got all my friends and family here and I go to a great school. Life here is fantastic. So why move? That's what I've been asking my mother for the past week, ever since she told me we were going to move to Louisiana. Louisiana, of all places, that's where she chooses to go. And we're not even moving to a city, we're moving to a suburb, it's a suburb to New Orleans, but it's still a suburb.

My mother says we're moving because New York is getting dangerous and this suburb seems like a peaceful place. She's been a bit paranoid ever since my uncle was killed. Uncle Robb got stabbed by muggers when he refused to give them his money, apparently, at least that's what my mother told me. I don't really believe her, mainly because my dad got killed the same way about 9 years ago. I just think it would be too much of a coincidence. There is something suspicious about both these murders, like someone has been targeting my family for years. I think my mother knows something about it, she just seem so afraid lately….but every time I try to pry some answers out of her, she changes the subject. She probably wants us to move to get away from something, but I don't really think moving is going to help with anything.

I go to the chair in my room, where I had set out my outfit for today. Since we're traveling by plane, I had chosen something comfortable (yet stylish) to wear. I put on my leopard leggings, a white graphic tee and a black leather jacket. I slip on my black combat boots and go to the mirror. I tie my hair blonde hair in a ponytail as I look at myself. The sadness and frustration that I am feeling is a bit palpable in my green eyes.

I sigh. I guess I always thought I was going to live here my whole life.

"Fucking great." I mutter sarcastically as I go to zip up my last bag.

"Lindsay!" I hear my mother shout at me from down stairs "Stacey is here to say goodbye!"

Stacey. Stacey Jones, with her amazing smile and beautiful auburn hair, who has been my best friend my entire life. We've been inseparable ever since we met at school in kindergarten and I found out she was my next door neighbor. And now I have to say goodbye to her. This sucks.

As I struggle carrying my bag down the stairs, I think to myself: shit, why did I have to buy so many clothes?! This is heavy!

When I finally reach the end of the stairs, I spot Stacey in the living room chatting with my mom. I stand in the doorway for a bit as I look at my mother. Her hair is in her usual loose bun and she's wearing casual clothes. Stress and worry have made white streaks appear in her blonde hair and the lines in her face have grown deeper. As I come closer she looks at me with a small smile.

"Hey sweetie." She looks from me to my bag. "Is that the last one?"

"No, there's one more in my room." I mutter out angrily.

"Okay, just remember we're leaving in half an hour." She looks at me with pain in her brown eyes and puts her hands on my shoulders. "Listen, I know you don't wanna go, but we've been through this. We need to go." She says sternly and gives me a small nod. She let's go and walks away.

I puff out angrily and turn to Stacey with a pout.

"Aw, come here, Linds." She says as she opens her arms.

'Linds' is my nickname, Stacey came up with it when we were only kids, and it just stuck with me. She does call me 'Blondie' occasionally too, even though I've told her, and told her how much it annoys me. But of course, she's my best friend, so I guess it's kind of her job to annoy me sometimes.

As Stacey hugs me tightly, she whispers: "Don't leave."

"You know I don't want to." I say as I let go. "It's my mom that does. I just don't get why NY is suddenly dangerous for her. I mean, it's my senior year, why can't she just wait till after it ends?"

Stacey sighs. "I can't believe we're not going to prom together!" she whines and I chuckle.

"Lindsay!" I hear my mom call me again. "Go find your brother and tell him to get ready to leave."

"Okay!" I reply. I turn to Stacey "Can you grab my bag for me please? It's in my room."

"Sure thing."

I go to the backyard where I'm sure I'll find my little brother. He loves the outdoors, he's always here searching for little animals.

"Jonah!" I call out, and just as I do, I find him. Squatting in the middle of the backyard, poking at something with a stick, his blond hair shining in the sun.

Jonah has blonde hair just like mine, but his eyes are brown. Unlike me, he has my mother's looks.

People would always say I looked like my father. That made me somewhat proud. John Kane had been very handsome, tall man with blond hair and green eyes. No wonder my mother, Miranda, had fallen in love with him and eventually married him and had two amazing children together: me and my annoying brother.

My brother beckons for me to come closer when he sees me.

"Look Linds! Look what someone did to the poor thing!" he says sadly.

As I approach I see that it's a squirrel, a dead squirrel with two holes punctured in its back. Like pointy teeth.

"Huh, weird…but it looks like some animal did this, kid, not a person."

"I don't know Linds…people are mean this days." He says, with a worried expression.

"Yes, yes they are kid. So you better be careful…Rawr!" I pick him up and put him over my shoulder.

"No! Let go, Lindsay! Let go!" he shouts, kicking and laughing.

I put him down as soon as I enter the house. "Okay, okay! Go to mom, she's looking for you." I say ruffling his hair. He slaps my hand away and runs off. I shake my head smiling. As much as he annoys me, I love that kid.

I can see that Stacey is having trouble carrying my bag, so I go up a few steps and help her. When we reach the end of the stairs, we both sigh in relief.

"Wow that is heavy! What do you have in here?" she asks as she sits in the steps of the stairs.

"Um…mostly clothes." I say. We both laugh at that.

"Oh! By the way, this was in your room. Well, perched on your window, to be exact." Stacey says as she hand me a rose. A black rose.

"A…black rose?"

"Yes! Isn't that romantic?" She says, as she grabs the rose from my hand to smell it. "Huh, there's no smell…but still it's romantic, don't you think?"

"Not really. I mean, it's a black rose…that's just creepy. What was it doing in my room?"

"Oh, the color doesn't matter! And I think it was there cause you have a secret admirer!" she sighs dreamily.

Of course she would think that, being forever the hopeless romantic. But I'm not and I just think it's creepy, it's like I have a stalker or something like that.

"Stacey, I think you've been reading too many Nicholas Sparks novels. This isn't romantic. Besides, was there even a note?"

"Nicholas Sparks doesn't have anything to do with this!" She says defensively. She's always been a huge fan. "And no, there was no note…but the fact that there was a rose, means something."

I'm sure it means something too…just not something romantic. I think to myself.

"Let's just put it away, it's giving me the creeps." I say grabbing it quickly and putting it in my purse.

"Stop being so dramatic Lindsay! You got a rose, be happy!" Stacey says.

Just then the doorbell rings. I stand up to answer it, but my mother beats me to it.

"Mrs. Kane?" A guy asks as she opens the door. I can see that there's a cab parked on the driveway.

"Oh, great, the cab is here." I mutter under my breath.

"I'll help you guys with the bags." Stacey says as she starts pulling one of my bags with her. I stroll after her and put my other bag in the trunk.

When all the bags are in the trunk, I turn to Stacey.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye." I say with a pout.

"Yeah." Stacey replies, her shoulders slumping. Her brown eyes are glistening with tears.

I pull her close to me and hug her tightly. "I'll miss you." I say, trying to fight back my own tears.

"Me too, promise me we'll Skype often?" She says when she lets go.

"I promise." I say, giving her a reassuring smile.

I turn around and notice everyone is already in the cab, waiting for me.

"I gotta go. Goodbye! I love you!" I wave goodbye and enter the cab.

"Bye! Love you too!" I hear Stacey reply as the car drives away.

I sigh and rest my head against the window, watching the city flash by me. I miss this city already.

Well, at least the house is nice. I think as I step inside, struggling to carry a bag in each hand. It's big. Way bigger than my house in NY. Although the furniture here is…less cool. But my mom bought the house furnished, so I guess we're going to have to live with it. And I can see it's an old house. It'll definitely take some getting used to, but it's nice.

"Ok kids. My room is on this floor, so go on upstairs and choose your rooms."

Upstairs, there are three rooms but only one suite. Well, I guess Jonah will have to do with the hallway bathroom, because I'm taking the suite. It's a nice room, there's a queen bed in the middle, a wardrobe, a full length mirror (thank god) and a desk. There's also a window that overlooks the backyard, which is great in case I need to sneak out at night.

And that's exactly what I did tonight. Turns out the Wi-Fi isn't installed yet, so there's really not much to do. Plus, it's a Saturday night, and that calls for a night out. My mom says I shouldn't go out because I don't know anyone here and I don't know the city and the usual concerned overprotective mom stuff. I think a new city is just another chance to meet new people. And by new people I mean: new hot guys.

As I walk in the bar (using my fake ID, of course), that's just what I encounter: hot new guys. I really wouldn't guess that this suburb had a bunch of hot guys, but boy was I wrong. At least that's what I'm thinking when I look at the boy with black hair standing in the corner.