Chapter 1: 'The Memory Remains'


Hi everyone! I'm Iris Nightingale and I'm new here at "FICTION PRESS". This is my first novel and I have just started writing in a real hustle and bustle because my friends forced me to do so. I really don't know what to write here but all I want to say is that I'm new here sooo please read my story with little sympathies! So here's my first chapter hope you will enjoy reading this!

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" For God's sake, she's your daughter... Don't do this to her...Don't!"

It was 2:15 am at late night, it was raining heavenly; the clouds were dark blackish and a streak of lightning fall down which was the most horrible spectacle that anyone could ever witness.

"Come here... I'm your father! Don't be afraid...No No No! "

A blurred vision revolving in her mind, pounding against her brain.

"So that's it; you will regret Eleanor Martin...You will regret... YOU WILL...YOU WILL!" The gushing water from the roof made a horrifying sound.

"Please help me; 'SOMEBODY', my daughter's sick...Please...I beg you."

A chilled wind blew strong enough to diffuse through her blanket. A shiver ran down her spine. Tears rolling down her mother's grey eyes, relentlessly.

"SON, that's all I want; all I want...Can't you give me that Eleanor?! I'm asking something you worthless woman!"

"That's not in my control!"

"Then you are of no use to me...You get that - NO USE!" A thundering voice echoed in her mind, loud and clear.

" This is going to be just the way it should be...Shh...Don't tell anyone, our secret will end with this CHILD...Don't you worry, I know I will soon have what I want...Shh Eleanor...Shh..."

That deadly whispering sound still buried in her mind.

"Come here,I'm your father...Don't be afraid...come to me." She saw that familiar yet blurred figure of a tall man with blue eyes, fair complexion, his eyes ablaze.

"NO!" Was all she screamed before she woke up, a sheen of sweat covering her forehead. She could clearly hear her heart racing and her ribs becoming tighter and tighter, so much that she felt that it would crush her into pieces.

" What's the matter my child?" Inquired her mother; a thin feeble woman with straight black hair, dark brown eyes ; a fair complexion with dark circles under her eyes. " What is it, that's bothering you?" she asked anxiously.

"Is it that dream again?" She asked anxiously.

"Is being a girl a crime?" She asked, a painful expression on her face.

"No my dear, No!" She replied softly, touching her cheeks.

"Why is this happening to us mother? Why? Is it because of me? Am I the cause of all this?" She asked simultaneously, a clap of thunder made her feel even worse.

" No my child, No! Forgive him for he knew not! Forgive him...forgive!" Her voice breaking as she spoke.

"I never will, Never ever, You are crying because of him...We are nothing because of him...And I shall forgive him? Never ever!" She sobbed while she spoke.

" It's late dear, it's late but i know he loves you and..." She spoke while rubbing her daughter's hand.

"Loves me? Loves me? Yeah maybe that's why me and you are here! In this circumstance!" she interrupted her mother, tears rolling down her eyes." I know but..."

Her mother tried to say something when she was interrupted. "...But, now things are I'm strong! I'm strong mama!" She said this building up her confidence.

" My baby girl's strong, I know that." Her mother kissed her forehead. "Tomorrow's your interview, you'll be late if you don't get up on shall go to sleep, Go to sleep!" she added softly, kissing her forehead once again.

"You are right mother...why should I care if he does not!" She finally spoke wiping off her tears.

"I have full confidence in you my child. God does not make His creation starve, He gives His creation the burden they can carry; not the burden that crushes them" She mentioned this and made her lie down; covered in her sheer blanket.

She laid there in her bed trying to forget everything and focus on getting a good sleep and a job than on someone who didn't care for her. By now the rain had stopped and the sky was crystal clear with a chilled wind blowing, which ran down her spine and she tried to ignore what she was dreaming since the past five to six months. For she did not know that tomorrow was a big day.

A day she would never forget...

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