A/N : Edited – 01/30/2016



What would you do when you come face to face with your worst nightmare?

Not the kind that makes you uncomfortable. Nor the kind that makes you anxious you'd want to pull your hair out.


I mean the life-threatening kind. The kind of nightmare that endangers your very existence; the kind that spells torture and death to body and soul should you dare face it. The nightmare of all nightmares.

So again I ask, 'what would you do?'.

Would you close your eyes and will it with everything you've got to go away, hoping that it was all just your imagination? Would you turn around and run as fast as you can, tail between your legs, to the furthest haven you know where it can't reach you? Or maybe to that empty closet at the corner of your room where you can cry petrified tears and hide? Would you perhaps start to believe in a God? Would you start to pray to Him and ask for salvation? Or would you call for your family and friends so you can ask them for help?

Different people. Different kinds of responses. But ultimately I'm sure it will all be driven by the same, primal instinct.


It's in the face of a lethal kind of danger that cold sweat starts to trickle down your forehead and then your heart beats like it wants to leap out of your chest. It's when you can suddenly hear the smallest of vessels pounding in your head like they're counting down the very last moments you have in this world that you'd do just about everything to survive.

Me though? I didn't do any of those things. In that moment when it really mattered, my instincts failed me.

It wasn't bravery that made me do what I did. Not really. More like an unhealthy mixture of monumental pride, very bad temper, and that wee bit of bloodthirsty part of me that rears its ugly head every once in a while to scream for a little carnage.

So what was it that I did, you ask? Well, something crazy. And stupid.

As I came face to face with my worst nightmare, I straightened my back, squared my shoulders, and plastered that annoying smirk I was known for on my face. I laughed, and cursed – I wasn't sure what I did first. Maybe I did both at the same time. And then, I did the stupidest thing I could've done; that thing that led me to my complete and total damnation.

I stared straight at the pitch, black eyes of Satan's son.

Suicidal, right?

I wish it had been that simple.