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Warnings: This may not start weird or anything but it will have (hopefully) very erotic chapters later on. This is an ALPHA/BETA/OMEGA Dynamics story (meaning there is knotting, mating/heat cycles, and male pregnancy, etc., etc.). There will probably be DUBIOUS CONSENT and AGGRESSIVE themes. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Chapter 20


It was almost too hot to bear, honestly. I'd heard many things about heat sex, but no one had really ever mentioned how actually hot it was. And not just Derek's body as he writhed underneath me, but my own body as the scent of my mate in heat sent me into a sort of sexual frenzy.

"Don't be so scared to be rough with me, Yuvile," Derek snapped as I trailed hands along his sides, "I'm not going to break. Just fuck me until we pass out please."

The fact that he'd used Neso for that last bit had me growling and hurrying to comply. I flipped him on his stomach and spread him open. I wanted to just plunge into that warm heat, I knew it'd be welcoming and wet, but I also wanted to taste him like this, wet and open and more desperate than I'd ever seen him.

I'd always thought heats made omegas submissive, and to a point it really did, but more than that it just made Derek more open about his desires.

I buried my face in him, shoving my tongue deep inside. It was so hot and Derek cried out, pressing back against me. The alpha in me rose up to the praise Derek's body gave it and I fucked him with my mouth until my jaw was sore and I'd made my sweet omega come at least twice.

Derek was chanting my name by now, occasionally assuring me of all the plans he had for my mouth in between. I pulled back licking slick from my mouth. My own erection was throbbing and somehow I doubted I'd be able to get fully inside before I came, but I would be cursed by the Three Moons if I didn't try.

I slammed home in one stroke, most of my caution gone in my own lust crazed state. Derek bit the pillow beneath him and all but screamed and then we were fucking, hard and brutal and desperate in a way I don't think we'd ever done before, not even that first time. This wasn't the time for me to draw him out and then pull him back only to quickly push him over the edge.

This was a desperate mating, both of us fueled by a need to cum. I bit his bond mark and his whole body jerked as he came again and I felt the answering hum in my mark as my knot grew until I had to reach down to help nudge it in, his body squeezing down on it.

We both shook as the pleasure curled around us. After what felt like forever, we slowly relaxed down on to the bed and I held him close, unconsciously rubbing his stomach.

"You really want a kid, huh?" Derek's fucked out voice asked, and I jerked as his hips moved a bit as if on their own, his whole body shivering with each little movement.

"I… yes," I replied. "I would like children…" I hesitated, "Do you?"

"I always wanted some, yeah." Derek replied after a while. My knot finally went down enough for me to slip out and I felt Derek tense a bit. Before he groaned and smashed his face into the pillow.

"What is it?"

"It's… it's gonna leak out." He grumbled, voice muffled, "Fuck, this is so stupid. I know it doesn't matter either way but sometimes that little voice in the back of my head seems to make so much sense…"

Realization hit me and I slipped a hand down between us and gathered up the slick mess between his cheeks with my fingers and pushed into his soft whole. His whole body shuddered.

"Fuck…" he announced again, pressing back against my fingers. "Fuck me again. Fill me up until I can't hold anymore, Yuvile. J—just this time, okay?"

I removed my fingers and lined up and slipped into him again. I kept my thrusts slow but short until Derek was practically whining as he pushed against me.

"This side of you is very cute," I replied, "So honest."

"I'm gonna fuck your ass raw when this heat is over, I swear to god," Derek growled, "Gonna fuck you until you cry."

I snorted, rolling us over so he was on top of me. He whined and I groaned as I sat us up and gripped his hips, urging him to move until we were practically bouncing on the bed with his desperate motions.

"You can laugh… now," he panted, back arching very slightly, "But… I'm still a man, you know."

"I am very aware of your manhood, Derek," I replied gripping his cock to emphasize the point. "I find it quite enticing."

He growled and groaned and jerked his hips in an attempt to thrust into my hand and down onto my cock at the same time.

"I'll show you…" he panted, but he turned his focus back to fucking himself senseless on me. "Fuck, it's hot… it's too hot."

By the end of our five days confined to the bedroom, we were both in serious need of some R&R. We spent most of the next day sleeping. And after that, it was wedding planning.