Young Matthew made an older friend, who had the nasal gall,

To blow his nose with volume, just like that of Uncle Paul.

It sounded "like an elephant," Michelle said, from the couch,

As Peter took new handkerchiefs out from his backpack's pouch.

He had no need to trumpet "war", in times of peace and truce.

So Peter chose to put this gift of his to proper use.
He joined the local church, and at the Pastor's first command,

He lent his brassy efforts, which augmented their church band.

The combination of their music, and Pete's hypertone

Soon opened up a time warp, which drew Peter in alone.

Emerging 22 years in the future, Peter saw

A robber in a car, pursued by minions of the law.

Then Peter blew his nose right at the robber's car's front tyre,

Which stopped the car. Then Peter met the Sheriff of the Shire:

"I'm Matthew, now a Sergeant; and I recognize that nose.

I heard it, back when I was nine, with all its mighty blows."

So Matt then welcomed Peter into days of future past;

And used police equipment to record the sonic blast

Of Peter's nose blow; so it could be played back in reverse,

Which caused a backward warp in time, for Peter to traverse.

He went back to the younger Matthew's house, with psychic blocks:

To mention future Matt would cause a chronal paradox.

He said, "I've been to church. They found my honking wasn't sin.

And then came time to come back home. And so I just BLEW in."