Six years later, Pete was with new friends. One day he chose to quickly let

Off a loud and lengthy blasting fart, the type nobody would forget.

Jace said, "Peter that was terrible. Go do that somewhere else. You stink."

But then once he'd gotten over that, his clever mind began to think.

He suggested (not to Pete but ben), that next time Peter's bowels would strike,

He could use the bursts of methane as a way to power his hover-bike.

In the past, as early chapters tell, he'd run the bike with his own nose.

But he thought, "I'll test out Jace's plan. And then we'll see how far it goes."

So he moved the bike's old honking nasal intake power fuelling pipe,

And then waited 'til he'd brewed a ripper, farting when the time was ripe.

It had so much power, it caused the bike to blast off into outer space,

Which was more than any expectations placed on him by Ben and Jace.

Then before he knew it, Pete had landed on a planet full of gas,

Which was methane, like his own output. Except it had a greater mass.

Its inhabitants could breathe results of human flatulence unharmed.

So for once his anal output found an outlet where it only charmed.

Peter toured their world and saw the sights, but then he thought of nice perfume,

Which he'd never smell again if he stayed on a world where all the room

Was forever in a situation, where much methane would enshroud

All his breathing space in nothing but a massive lasting fart gas cloud.

So he knew that time was fast approaching when he'd really need to clear

Their near toxic overdose of not so rarefied fart atmosphere.

"I'll fight fart with fart," Pete thought, and once again employing Jace's tip,

He got on his bike, and cocked his cheeks and letting a whopping loud one rip.

He was carried back to earth in no time, greeting Ben and Jace and Clare.

Then he told of Planet Methane and his quite unique adventures there.

On the whole, he thought, he'd best return to honks instead of farts, to charge

Up his bike's momentum, since the fuel from Pete's backside was much too large.