By Shino Yume

The ground is cold beneath me,
Despite the heat I'm feeling.
He is so close to me,
I hate it.
I've been crying,
My face is stained with tears.
I can't get away from his cold hands.
They have found me,
And now they know my everything.
I am no longer a person.
He's stolen my secrets.
He's stolen my heart.
He's stolen my life.
He's stolen my body,
And now I am forced to abide by him.
It isn't fair.
I didn't want this.
It's all his fault.
Why am I punished and not him?
"Are you happy now?
You got your fun.
Now let me go."
I'd cry but I have no more tears.
The least he could say is 'I'm sorry.'
But then, how would that do any good?