A/N: This story is based on a movie from 1966 called 'The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming', so if you've seen that movie, you'll understand it better.

"I knew I find you on beach," he told her. They were sitting in the lobster bar on Alison's island home. Alexei still looked much the same as he had when Alison had first met him. She'd recognized him right away.

"It's my favorite place in the world," she told him. "I spend as much time as I can there."

"I remember first time we were there, with little girl," he said.

"She's taller than me now." Alison laughed.

"And little boy also."

She smiled. "He never forgot you, you know. This entire town has always regarded you as a hero for having saved him."

"Everybody help me," Alexei said modestly.

"That was amazing," Alison said. "You were all ready to blow us up, and we had our guns ready to fire on you, and then we saw him hanging from the corner of the roof by his belt and that changed everything."

"When life of child is in danger, nothing else matters," Alexei agreed. "I hope he has good life now."

"He has," Alison assured him. "Like I told you before, it's a waste of time to hate anyone." Alison slowly stirred her drink with its straw and watched the bubbles rise to the surface. "I nearly gave up on ever seeing you again, you know."

"And I as well," Alexei told her. "When I decide to vacation here, I knew chances of finding you weren't good, but I had to try anyway."

"I'm awfully glad you did," Alison said. "I followed all the changes your country's government was going through in the news. I often thought of you and wondered how it was affecting you."

"Mostly good," Alexei told her. "Economy is bad, but we have more freedom now, more choices. They no say hate Americans anymore."

"Well, I'm awfully glad to hear that." Alison laughed, and Alexei joined in. "And we no longer have to worry that you'll push the button and wipe us all out."

"I would never push button," Alexei laughed.

"I know you wouldn't have." Alison smiled. "I'm so very happy to see you again, Alexei. You'll never know how many times I looked out over the waves and thought about you so far away and wondered how you were."

"I thought about you many times as well," Alexei said. He reached across the table and took her hand. She looked into his eyes and thought about how very happy she was to see him again. He had changed, of course, but she had as well. How much she would soon find out.