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Katherine's POV

Seventeen years of being diagnosed with a phobia that doesn't even exist is really difficult. Plus being an orphan who lives with a different family almost every week or two isn't going to help either.

Oh, Hi there, I'm Katherine Parker, the girl who fears everything.

And this is my typical life.

My current family, the Jacksons said that I was given up on because I was crazy. I was given up on beacause I was an experiment gone wrong. I was nothing but trash.

Next week, I will be sent off back to the orphanage again beacause they were the ones who had given up on me this time.

Oh, they're all the same at first. Sweet, loving, caring. Bleh. That's all a lie. They're all monsters hiding under masks. After inspection, they start to show thy true colors. When the doors shut close and the inspectors leave you're in burning hell. I've gone through almost 9 families yet no one wanted me.

No one accepted me.

It's probably because I'm old already or they just think I'm plain retarded.

First family I had was the Fosters. God how I hated that family. I was around the age of 7 when they adopted me.

I finally thought that I had already found my family. I thought I was finally accepted.

But no, the Fosters were living demons. They were the ones who made my childhood miserable.

You see, The Fosters had twins; one boy and one girl. They had the same curly blond hair and light sparkling blue eyes. I can say that they were 14 or 15 from their appearances. They looked like little angels, but as they say do not judge a book by its cover.

The twins were the main source of my suffering everyday. Since they totally disapproved of my adoption they made sure I was in pain or in an uncomfortable state. The first time I had laid my eyes on the two I felt a sinister chill travel down my spine. When I saw them walk through the doors of The Children of Mary Orphanage Center they had burning disgust in their eyes when they first glanced at me.

In other words, they made sure to make my life a living hell.

After a week with them, that's when they started to torture me.

How I wanted to strangle both of them. How I wanted to slap them in the face and punch all there teeth out. How I wanted to give them wedgies and make their butts hurt. How I wanted to tie there heads together. How I wanted to throw plates at their faces. How I wanted to fight back.

And apparently I did.

And that was the reason I got kicked out.


"Ahhhh! No! No! The fork is about to eat me! No No! Stay Away!" I shouted on the top of my lungs while backwarding on the kitchen floor. Tears were starting to form on the corners of my eyes.

The plain metal fork that I was using turned into a hideous monster and the twins took this as an advantage.

Its tips began to curl and bend. It had grown sharp fangs. A long bumpy purple tongue came out from its slimy mouth. It's body widened and thickened. Soon, another fork sprouted from its body, then another, then another, and it just goes on. By now, the fork had 10 petrifying heads with sharp fangs and tongues. The heads simultaenously hissed as it got closer to me. To the twins; Julie and Julian Foster, it was just a regular metal fork from Walmart or something. How come they didn't see this?

"Hahaha! Crazy orphan!" Julian Foster shouted.

"No! No! The fork will eat you! Get away!" I warned them both.

"So this is a monster fork?" Julie asked. "Seems legit."

"Move away! The fork is scary! It will eat me! No!"

I backed further.

"See Mr. Fork right here, mate? It's really hungry now." Julian snickered.

The fork, or as I name it , The Fork of Doom, nodded and smiled.

"No! Stay away!" I begged of them but they ignored it completely. I was still backing on the floor, covering my face and wiping my tears away.

"Boo!" Julie shouted and shoved The Fork of Doom right on the tip of my nose.

"AHHHHHH!" I let out a painful shriek. By now I was wailing on full mode.

The twins laughed sinisterly. The heads of the fork sighed. If Julie didn't move the fork away fast enough they would have totally chomped my head off.

I backed further away from the beast but then-


I hit the mahogany cabinet.

This was the death of me.

There was no escaping now.

"Oh boohoo!" Julie made a crying face. "Where are you going now, orphan?" she shouted while putting the fork right infront of me.

"STOP! Please! The fork is very scary! It is a monster! STAY AWAY! It will eat you too!" I cried out.

The two looked at me like I was a hyprocrite. They stared at each other and then laughed.

"Retard! You're not going to scare us with that!" Julian said.

They both laughed again. I was still backing up and covering my face. My hands were trembling.

Then Julian's eyes went stern.

"Julie! Throw the fork at her face!" he commanded.

The Fork of Doom's eyes glistened with delight. It grinned and opened its wide mouth. Finally, it can eat me already.

"As you wish my dear brother." Julie said and with that she aimed her throw at my face.

"NOO!" I shouted.

Then I finally snapped.

I got up immediatley and quickly snatched the porcelain vase from the mahogany cabinet and bashed it against Julie's skull before she can even throw the fork. She winced in pain and then got knocked unconscious on the floor. She plopped down head first. I got The Fork of Doom from her grip. Then I ran to the stove dodging the bites of the the heads. I quicky opened the gas range on a high level and then dropped the fork there. It let out one ugly noise before it dissolved completely.

Panting, I turned around to Julian which was in utter shock.

"What have you done?!" he shouted as he knelt down to Julie.

"I don't know." tears falling from my eyes.

"I DON'T KNOW!" I screamed at him.

And with that I ran outside. As I was about to make a run for my crime my parents blocked the exit.

"Oh? Katherine! Why are you crying, dear?!" Mrs. Foster asked anxiously.

"Fork! Doom! Fork! Monster!" I shouted.

Then Julian ran towards them and pointed at Julie who was still unconscious.

"Katherine did it!" he shouted sounding innocent.

Mr. and Mrs Foster froze at the sight.

"Monster! What did you do to Julie!" Mr. Foster slapped me in the face and ran to his daughter. Mrs. Foster was still shocked but apparently snapped out and called an ambulance.

"I didn't mean to do it!" I shouted, touching my swollen cheek.

The next day, without hearing my side of the story, I was sent back to the orphanage and I had never heard of the Fosters again.

~End of Flashback~

As I was told, a week has passed by and I'm sent back to the orphanage because the Jacksons can't take my silly stories anymore, but I was sure glad as hell to be back at home.

The orphanage center was the only place in the world that made me feel wanted. It was the only place where I wasn't tortured or treated like trash.

"Katherine!" Mother Sophie greeted me. She waved her hand and I ran to her as fast as my legs could bring me.

Mother Sophie was the head of the orphanage. She was the angel who started all of this. She was the one who filled my mother's space. She treated me like I was her daughter. And I'm surely glad to see her again. Mother Sophie was the only one who I really opened up to since I'm like scared of every single human being alive.

"Hi, mother Sophie!" I greeted back. I kissed her on the cheek and hugged her. Tears were swelling in my eyes when I finally saw her again.

"What's the matter my dear child?" she asked putting a hand on my cheek.

"Ah, nothing I'm just happy to see you again."

I lied. Well it was true that I was happy to see her again, but the nothing part was a big fat lie.

"Ah... See? Did your family not have enough money to continue-"

"Yes." I cut her.

I lied again. Way to go Katherine. Lying to a nun. Woopie.

"That's why they sent you back?"


"Well, no worries. We will find you a family soon." that's what she always says when I come back after a week.

"Okay." I gave her a warm smile.

"Mother Sophie!" A manly voice called out.

I whipped my head back to see who was it, and then my mouth shot open.

Damn, he's beautiful.

"Mother, mother! I just finished watering the garden!" he proudly said.

I felt a shiver travel down my spine. It was a good shiver though. I felt easy around him.

The boy was probably the same age as me. He was tall and he also had a lean body. He had messy hazel brown hair that just fell above his ears. He had a a snakelike birthmark near his neck. But it was fine, he still had a good body, anyways. His lips were pink and suttle. He also had a perfect set of pearly white teeth. But the thing that captures my attention the most were his eyes. They were peircing green.

"Mother Sophie who is this?" the boy asks.

I hide behind Mother's back.

"Katherine! Come out." She tugged me and I was back in my position.

"Oh, hi! You are new here?"

I shyly shake my head sideways.

"So your name's Katherine?" he asks.

I barely nod.

"She's Katherine Parker." Mother Sophie continues.

He reaches out his hand and I stare at it in shock.

"Hi, I'm Matthew. Matthew Anderson." He grabs my hand and I feel a jolt of electricity travel down my spine.

"Hi." I finally spit out.

"So I'll leave you two here, eh? Get to know each other?" Mother Sophie asks.

I look at her pleading for her to not go. I can't be left with a person. I'll start to spill my silly stories and then they'll think I'm going nuts.

I just can't.

"Katherine. Stay with Matthew, he's a nice kid, get to know him." She says and without my approval she turns her back and walks off to the distance.


"Sooo.." Matthew speaks.

He turns his head toward my direction. His eyes widened and he stares directly at me.

I look at him with a cocked eyebrow.

"Are you wearing contacts?"

I shake my head.

"Woah. Your eyes are naturally like that?"

I nod.

"Come on I won't bite, you can speak."

I laugh at his comment and look at him again.

"I really can't believe your eyes are like that." he adds.


"Finally, you spoke!" he cries out. "But anyways they're so-"

"Strange?" I add.

I was starting to open up to Matthew, maybe he isn't bad after all.

"No, they're so beautiful."

I blush hard at his comment and look away.

"No need to be shy! They're marvelous!" he exclaims and puts his hand on top of my shoulder.

I look back at Matthew trying to hide my redness.

"Thanks." I simply reply.

"How about you? Are you wearing contacts?" I ask back.


"So I guess we're the same?"

"Yeah." he answers.


Awkward silence.

He looks away trying to think of a topic. He whistles then abruptly stops.

Like he was hit with lightning, he violently whips his head back again to me.

"Katherine Parker, you do know you have violet eyes, right? " he points out.

"Yeah, I know." I simply answer.

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