As soon as I opened the lights, it just suddenly turned off again. I fell back on my bottom with a loud thud, frozen in terror. All of my belongings dropped out of my hand and scattered onto the wooden floor. It was still very dark but I could slightly make out a towering figure in front of me.

What are you doing sitting on your sorry butt?! Get up and run! The door is still wide op-

The door behind me suddenly shut close as if it were reading my mind. Well, so much for my escape plan.

My chest tightened and my breathing became choppy. My palms became sweaty and all of the horrible things that could happen right at this moment flashed across my mind.

Who is this guy? What does he want? Why is he here?

Snapping me out of my endless daze, he spoke. "I've been waiting, Parker." As much as I hate to admit it, his voice came out as hot and drop-dead sexy. I bet he could make anyone do anything with that voice of his. But right now he seemed more of a killer than every girl's fantasy. "How do you know my name?" I asked shakily. I received no response from him, only the faint sound of his boots dropping on the mahogany floor was heard.

"One mo-more step and I'll scream for he-help!" I taunted my attacker.

But nothing happened. Instead he just chuckled playfully which gave me some serious chills. He still was walking. His footsteps landing hard on the carpet making the floor squeak just a bit. I backed and backed until I hit the door.

Seriously, De javu much?

This was like the Fosters all over again.

When I hit the door, he laughed which freaked me out even more. I looked around, studying my state. I'm going to die no matter what, I thought to myself.

Who could possibly save me right now? Mother Sophie? No, that woman can't even hurt a fly for goodness sake. Matthew? Matthew. Matthew can. Oh goodness gracious, send Matthew here right now. I need Matthew.

Then out of the corner of my eye as if my prayers were answered, I saw my Asian History book lying beside me, opened up. It was a really sturdy hardbound with a plain brown leather covering. It was 700 pages in all. A really good head smashing device, I thought.

Thanks, Fosters.

I grabbed the old book as fast as I could, stood up on my feet, held on the book as if it were the only thing keeping me alive and then slammed it hard on his head.

Or so I thought.

Since he was like inches taller than me, I may have smacked him in the face.

I heard a pained growl come from him. Beat that.

I felt for the light switch and then flicked it open. The sudden beam of light made my head spin, being in the darkness for so long. I squinted my eyes as it fell on the guy in front of me cupping his face with his long fingers. I think he was cursing.

But I was in no mood to be pitiful right now.

I still held the book in my small hands in case he had any ideas of doing something stupid. "Who are you?! What do you want?! Who sent you here?! Where did you come from?! Does your face hurt...?" My voice came out as a squeak as I came to a realization of what I had just said. But unfortunately, it was audible enough for him to hear. I was like totally digging the groove of being the upper hand then this happens. Go figure.

He tilted his head upwards with this very puzzled look on his face. His perplexed look was replaced immediately with a playful smirk. I promise you, I could have died right there if he wasn't my attacker.

"I knew you couldn't resist my charm, sunshine." He propped himself up and sat on the floor, a good one feet away from me. "Better?" he asked. "Sh-shut up and stay where you are and don't even try to move. Re-remove your weapons right now, lay it on the floor or I'm one step away from calling 911!" I ordered shakily. Gosh, I was not really good at this, being loud and all but, come on, there's a guy in my cabin who I don't know why on earth is he here. Gotta be brave or else this is gonna bite me in the butt.

"Oh, feisty. I like feisty women." he whispered almost seductively. My heart fluttered inside my chest with a bad feeling.

I didn't notice how attractive this guy was until now. He was wearing a plain black shirt, some faded black jeans and some black construction boots. Boy, does this guy love black. On his neck, I could see a chain connected to a silver skull-key.

He has messy, unruly and super soft black locks that fell on his ears and covered some parts of his eyes. His hair was as dark as the midnight sun, to be honest. His skin was white and fair and definitely not tanned. If Snow White had a brother this guy hit the jackpot. He also has this amazing jawline on both sides of his cheeks, lining his face perfectly. He has a lean body which rippled underneath his black shirt. His nose was pointed and his lips were kinda reddish and captivating. But what captures my attention the most were his eyes, they were steel gray with little specks of red. I'm not joking you. It felt as if there were a storm and a volcano churning inside of it. But as gorgeous as he might look, there was this terrifying aura surrounding him that I couldn't get my finger on.

"Are you done checking me out, sunshine?" He said loudly, snapping me out. I felt my cheeks burn red and to his satisfaction, he smirked once more.

"Stop pl-playing around. I said lay your we-weapons." I ordered again

"You know you're adorable when you're shaky, sunshine. I may have a little crush on you." he said playfully.

My cheeks started to heat up. Not with blush but with anger. This guy is really getting under my skin.

"Stop flirting with me, you je-je-jerk. And stop calling me that. My name is not su-sunshine. My name is-" Wait, should I give this guy my name? For all I know this maybe some kind of sick scam!

"I already know you're name, sunshine," he gave a lot of emphasis to it maybe to piss me off even more. "No need to sweat it." he added.

Then he did something totally unexpected, he looked up and winked at me. WINKED AT ME! Is this guy serious? "And hate to break it to you but I don't have weapons, only my charm and good-looks." he boasted.

"We-well, I don't trust you so give me your weapons right now."

"I told you I don't have any," he answered me calmly.

I stepped a little bit closer to him, holding the book in my hands. He took the cue and raised his arms up and lowered his head. I stepped forward watching every move of his body making sure he doesn't take advantage of this. When I felt I had a good distance I ran to his back side. Now what do the police do after capturing the criminal? Oh yeah right, they search the delinquent. Thanks, CSI. I brought the book down on the floor where it was in my reach and used my hands to search his body.

I started at his waist. My hands didn't know what to do so it just slid down his garments and stopped when it felt some lumps that could have been a weapon. As I was about to start searching him, I could feel the quickening rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. His body instantly stiffened at the collision of my fingertips and his skin. I could sense that his eyes widened and the gears of his brain stop rolling. But then, he sighed with relief, and shook his head.

I could most certainly not ignore the fact that he's body felt so good and warm. My little hands roamed around his torso and at his back but I found nothing. I heard a faint groan come from this guy's mouth.

"Gosh, sunshine, you have no idea of how much this is turning me on right now. I could get used to this."

"Shut up." I blurted out my cheeks bursting with color again. When I finished searching at his torso, I moved to his arms.

"Tell me you're name." I moved onto his other arm as I was waiting for a answer.

"Grey. Grey Hunter." he said casually. "Seriously, do you this often?" he suddenly asked out of nowhere. I felt him bite his lip to stop another groan. "Because if you do, I'm gonna come here every single day," he said seductively. "No, I don't. And stop your fantasies, Hunter. I'm not that kind of girl." I said a little boldly. I hate it when boys are so cocky. Their egos are even bigger than their heads.

"Woah, sudden change of heart, sunshine?"

"Would you just shut up?"

I motioned for him to stand up and pin his hands behind his back. "Why are you here?" I asked when I stood up as well. "You did just say to shut up.." he said with his voice slightly innocent. I started at his legs and then went up slightly at his thigh.

"Again. Why are you here?" I asked again a little bit more demanding. He smirked cockily at me and looked down to where my hands were at.

"Oh God. Don't even think about it, Hunter."

"What? I wasn't doing anything.. unless..." his voice sounded slightly on the edge, "you want to do something," he wriggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"I swear, the Asian History Book is just right there, Hunter."

He held his hands up in mock defeat. I rolled my eyes and asked him to sit down on the floor.

"Let's get this over with. Who are you and what are you doing here?" I sat down as well then reached for the book aka my head smashing device.

"Okay." he breathed for a second and then continued, "As you know, I'm Grey. Grey Hunter. I'm here because you, Katherine Parker, are a Guardian. The Guardian of Dreams exactly," he said casually as if telling me 1 is next to 2.

This guy is nuts. Does he expect me to believe that?

"Oh har-dee-har-har. Do you expect me to fall for that?" I laughed a bit and the said, "Stop it and tell me the truth."

"I am telling the truth."

"No, you're not. You're just messing with me," I stated.

What have I done to my fellow orphans for them to trick me like this? As far as I could tell, I have never been into a fight with any of these kids.

"Listen. All of this is true, believe it or not. You're the missing Guardian of Becciam. You're the Guardian of Dreams, Katherine."

"Notice how you see things? That evil fork. Remember that? That was one Blackyielder. That was you're enemy." The way his voice changed from playful to serious worried me a lot.

"Either you're a creepy stalker or you're just really good at acting."

He rolled his eyes. "You like kids right? You're very fond of them. And who loves dreams more than anyone else? Kids," he stated matter-of-factly. "And your eyes." He pointed his fingers at me. "They're violet, the girl with the eyes of a thousand galaxies. I'm not kidding, Katherine. You're it."

Okay, so I'm getting freaked out right now. I made a little bit of distance between us and nodded toward him to continue.

"And you're quiet and brave at once. I tested you. And you did a pretty good job."

My cheeks burned red as I remembered smacking him in the face.

"The last Guardian of Dreams was like that as well. You're hers descendant. You share the same features. Violet striking eyes and long straight white hair." He continued naming features we both share but one thing caught me. The last? Where is she?

"The last? Wha-What happened to her?"

Could it possibly be my.. mom?

My heart beat quickened at the chance of me finally seeing my mom.

"She was -she- disappeared." he finally blurted out.

"And if what you're saying is true, which I doubt is not, why are you telling me it now?"

"The War is starting between the Guardians because the Circle is imbalanced."

I gave him a doubtful look but anything he might have said earlier were pure lies as well.

"Okay.. so what exactly are you?"

"Me?" he stopped and gulped. "I'm a-" He was cut off mid sentence by a loud banging of a door.

I whipped my head back to see Matthew standing in front of me his face wet with sweat. He just had sweat pants and a yellow shirt and still he looked good. His brown hair was messed up and his piercing green eyes were looking at the room attentively. I think he just woke up from sleep but he still looked great. What's with guys being so good-looking nowadays?

"Katherine! Thank goodness you're all right!" Matthew asked. "Is he gone?"

Wait. How did he know that?

"How.. did you know?"

His green eyes darted around the room and I could literally feel the gear of his brain halt. AHA! So he's been the one who was pranking me. Of course! He's the only one who knows my encounter with evil forks. How stupid am I really? And to think that I believed in that Guardian of Becciam business!

"Nice prank, Matthew. You're friend was really nice," I said to him, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Prank? What pra- Oh, yeah! Prank! I was the one who planned that. You were pranked by me. That's right," he let out a nervous laugh.

"Okay? No need to be nervous. I smacked him in the face anyways." I held up the Asian History Book.

"With that?!"

"Yes? Why?"

"No-nothing." he replied while fiddling with the hem of his bright colored shirt

"Okay? Thanks for checking on me, by the way." Then I suddenly remembered Grey's presence.

I turned my head back to his position. "And you, nice going but you can't fo-"

but he wasn't there.

He was gone.

My eyes widened, my jaw completely dropped and my heart beat quickened as if it were in a race.

"Umm, Ma-Matthew wh-where did your, ah, friend go-go?" My voice came out shaky.

Matthew looked side to side. "He jumped out of the window?" he answered a little bit unsure. "It's ummm- actually part of the... ummm- prank! Yes! part of the prank! Yeah that's what happened." he answered with his eyebrows furrowed together.

That was weird.

But how come I did not feel him climb out?

"I'm just going to take that as he was just super fast that I didn't notice him exit the room." I thought.

Don't over complicate things, Katherine. It was just some silly prank.

"You boys definitely have a way with things." I shook my head slightly and then smiled at Matthew.

"Well, I had a lot of fun with your prank, Matthew. Good night," I greeted him. I stood up and walked towards the door where Matthew was standing in front of.

"Wait, Katherine, one last thing. What- umm did he tell you and how did it -er- go?"

Why is everyone stuttering?

Anyways, as much as I want to spill everything about my encounter with Grey Hunter with Matthew, I'm so drained out right now.

I yawned. "Matthew, I'm sorry but I'm very sleepy." I looked up at him. "I might not even get through half of it without drooling. I promise I'm going to tell you everything tomorrow at lunch," I said reassuringly.

He smiled back at me. "Promise?"

"Promise," I answered back.

"Stay safe, Katherine," his warned me, his voice pure of sincerity.

And with that, Matthew was gone and on his way to his cabin.

I shut the door close and glanced upon the digital alarm clock on the wall of my cabin.

1:36 am

No wonder I was so tired.

I looked at the mess on the floor. All of my books and clothes covered the carpet. My backpack was underneath the bed and my clothes were literally everywhere.

I'll just clean it all tomorrow.

I jumped on my bed, let out a yawn and stretched my arms. As I was about to sleep, I saw the Asian History Book of mine right beside the bed. For no reason at all, I picked it up and placed it on my pillow. It somehow made me feel more safe and secure.

I snuggled into the sheets and then I slowly drifted away to sleep.


I sat straight up. The usual feeling of me when I panic came back to me much more stronger than every time I had experienced it.

"No. No. No. NO!" I repeated.

By now I was fully awake. My eyes were wide open because of the very alarming thought.

Cabin 317 was known for something very very disturbing.

It was the one and only cabin in the whole orphanage- without a window.

Who needs sleep anyways?

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