I used to draw looks

Nose in the air or nose in a book

I was twelve and he was seventeen

"You're the hottest girl I've ever seen"

It didn't feel like a compliment

As he became increasingly adamant

"If you don't love me it isn't worth it

If you don't love me I will forfeit"

I only fucked him to inspire jealousy

To push until you screamed breathlessly

That he had no right to me

You were right

But as I grew old and my body burned

I knew your claim to me was equally unearned

You sought impossible possession

And in return garnered my unconditional affection

And when she declared me enemy

I drowned endlessly

And for years the bile and blood seethed

Felt like screaming every time I breathed

But I survived

My desirability is no longer unanimous

My goal is simply to be magnanimous

I never anticipated the day might come

I thought that all was said and done

So when I saw you I thought I would die

But again, I survived.