"The Legend of the Wolf" belongs to CardMaster123

Mopy's POV

I was walking with Stringy, Zachary and Phillia in the cool night of November. Stringy was talking to us, inevitably annoying us. The street lamps lit up the park, dimly shining below the shimmering moon above. Phillia was about to go to sleep until I snapped her out of it.

"Huh? What? Oh, is Stringy talking about history again? Oh man, I'm about to puke!" Phillia said.

"Hey, you watch your mouth," Stringy retorted, offended, "I may be a 'history nerd' but at least I have the capability to save your butt from disaster."

"Yeah, yeah whatever," said Phillia, "I just miss it when you get angry like that."

Stringy scoffed. She turned to me and said, "Mopy, now I know you are practically new here, to my dimension, do you want me to tell you?"

"Stringy, by all means, you told me the same story before: over and over, and over again," I said, "Not to hurt your feelings, Stringy, but case in point: you do go overboard when it comes to talking about stuff that people rarely talk about."

"Oh," said Stringy, sounding a bit disappointed, "I see."

"No, no," I said immediately, trying hard not to be as critical that she perceiving me to be, "but I do like it though."

"Really?" she asked, looking at me with her sharp, clear brown eyes.

"Of course, why can't it?" I asked.

Stringy smiled, halcyonic. I sighed, hiding it from her, in relief.

"Mopy, you're a good friend," she said, smiling. I felt good, but at the same time bad. So when you lie a bit, it hurts just as bad to you than you get blasted by a giant robot attacking a city, or when a dangerous, opposing Badgette posing as the form of a super-bear and knocks you clean until you feel as if your jaw was about to fall out? Boy, that reeked with pure disgust, but I don't like it when people are upset, but at a same sense, I don't like it when I lie to a friend. It feels kind of strange, and not right inside of you. It feels as if ants are fitting in your stomach as you try to combat them by drinking gallons of water.

Despite of all that, we walked together in the park, with Phillia falsely hurling up disgust.

"*cough* Weak. *cough* ", Phillia said.

"You know Mopy, there is a…"


"Star? What about a star?" Stringy asked.

"No, star you academic idiot!" Phillia yelled. Zachary woke up and was wide eyed that a "falling star" was heading straight for us.

"Run away!" I yelled.

"Star?" Zachary said lightly, eyes dilated. Just before it impacted, Stringy grabbed Zachary's arm and pulled him out of the way.

BOOM! The small bolide impact created small fissures through the earth. Dust accumulated as the news vans came rolling in.

"Time to clip up!" said Stringy pulling out her Zeta Badge. The badge was circular-shaped with a white, Calibri-font "I" in the center. The "I" glows white as the badge powers up.

I pulled out my Alpha Badge, my badge was the same shape as Stringy's, but it was blue. It had a yellow Calibri-font "I" on the center. The "I" glows yellow as my badge powers up.

Phillia takes out her Beta Badge, same shape, but silver. She also has a white Calibri-font "I" on the center. It glows white as her badge powers up, and finally Zachary. Zachary had no cowered behind Phillia. Phillia pushed Zachary away.

The three of us got into our fighting stance as we got ready for the worse; the trademark colors of our badges spewed their energy on us, based on the badge's color. As we began to power up, the dust cleared. My eyes squinted as it appears to be a young man with long black hair wearing virtually no clothes! My eyes shielded in horror by that shocking image.

Phillia, she kept staring at the guy!

"Oh the humanity!" Stringy yelled, "Let me take another look!" Phillia glared at her for a good five minutes.

"Is he naked?" Zachary asked.

"Gee, I don't know since the guy is lying in a crater for a good five minutes," I sarcastically said to him not looking at the guy in the crater.

"Who is he?" Phillia asked.

"Whoever he is, he looks badly injured," I said, "We need to take him back to base. General Copula will know what to do with him.

"Alright, but I'm not carrying him," Phillia said.

"Don't look at me," I said, "I'm the leader here."

We argued over and over until we stopped to see the boy over Stringy's shoulders. It was a good thing that she censored the boy's personal areas in bright white light.

"Wussies," Stringy said carrying the boy, "And they say that I'm annoying. What a disgrace."

We all looked at this girl in mere surprise, she did not care what's she touches, like at all.

"Um...Stringy?" I began, "Can we talk?"


Zero's POV

Damn, that was one night. That fight with Nexus had put a number on me. Who's were those guys anyway. Those guys...those humans who can communicate with wolves? There were three of them, each wore black cloaks with a white "I" on the center glowing in the night emitting a mocking moon glow.

Akira was right, going after him was suicide.

Did I die? There was a bright light above. A bright white light, my vision was a blur until it clarified. I tried using my paw to block this light but then I realized that some thing was wrong. These were not paws at all. What are they.

It was filled with meat, I bit it and... OW! it hurt! Bad.

"What the hell?" I looked around in my surroundings and saw that I was in a large metal space. I was on some sort of soft rock, very comfy but... odd. I sat up and saw my paws only for me to look down to find that I was wearing some sort of cloth covering my furless body. I felt all parts of my skin, the only fur I had remaining on this body was a small, long patch on my head.

What the hell am I?