Zero stared at the female duo getting in their katas against the malevolent Sine and Cosine. Sine, to him, was a slender man who had an imitating look with her. She was pretty busty for her age and had those sultry curves. Her leotard looked as if it was too tight on her. Her rosy pink hair spelled nothing but fire to Zero's eyes. He must admit she was rather beautiful and arousing. Something to which made Sara scoff. Stringy didn't mind – maybe because she never cared in the first place. Sine was good with her hands as she was with her mouth. In other words, she was a force to be reckoned with.

Cosine however was very skinny and slender. His black leather trench coat made him more than a nice friendly old man. He was in great shape for his age, being only 89 that was rather impressive. He was good at phenomenal swordplay and practically anything to do with blades. He had on black shades to up his "cool" factor. Everything else, despite his age, he looked like as if that you were that kind of guy who was a loner who wants to join a clique full of outcasts but yet looked hot enough for every girl in your girl to get in your pants. He had long gray hair stretching to his broad shoulders being covered by his black top hat. He was menacing enough to full you at almost anything.

"Sine and Cosine," Sara growled, "The greatest pests since the flea."

"Oh give me a break. This bimbo again?" Sine sighed, "I would rather deal with wolf-girl here than stare at you for five minutes."

"HEY!" Stringy snapped scaring Zero out of his ass, "I prefer the term wolf-woman!"

"Same thing moron," Sine said earning a sharp glare from Sara; Sara pulled out her Iota Badge and spun it with her fingertips before grasping it with her palms.

"I know a hospital just around the corner, and I know how to send you there…in handcuffs!" Sara snapped.

"Oh please!" Cosine yawned, "You said that before and we still got out unscathed."

"Not this time," Sara scolded as she glowed bright green making Stringy to back away.

"Sine, you better stop where your teeth is still glued," Stringy warned.

Zero said nothing.

"I'm so sorry," Sine began, "If I ever offended you, just know that from the bottom of my heart that I really don't give a…"


Sara slammed a powerful punch up against Sine's jaw so hard that she went flying through several buildings, all in close proximity, knocking them down like a child swishing their arms around a tower of Janga blocks while at the same time hurling out a fiery textured mushroom cloud in the air. Sara flew in supersonic speed; unheard from her peers, she went Iota Mode and zipped to her opponents spot to beat the living air out of Sine.

"Looks like it beating time!" Stringy popped her knuckles.

"Well, despite my idiotic niece getting a pummeling from her arch rival. I might as well fight one of World's Finest," he pulled out two X-blades from thin air.

Zero froze.

"Alrighty then!" Stringy said in her kata, "Time to clip up!" She pulled out her Zeta Badge, slapped it on her chest as a surge of white light engulfs her.

"Come at me bro!" Stringy ran towards the old man with a smile, fist pulled back to strike a daunting blow to his face. Cosine ably dodged Stringy's quick attacks. Zero watched the whole fight unfold not moving a muscle while he sipped on his drink. Just standing there. Watching.

Stringy struggled to land a blow at the old man and instead got delivered devastating blows herself from Cosine.

Cosine threw menacing punches to Stringy's face forcing her spin, grabbed her hair, slammed her to the ground and stomped on her stomach forcing her to cough up blood. Before he landed another blow. Stringy dodged and smashed both of her feet up against the old man's face and got up just in time for the old man to throw his x-blades at her. Stringy of course dodged out of the way only for them to boomerang from behind.

This caught Zero's attention as Stringy paid little attention to her surroundings. She dodged a few X-Blades here and there but most of them sliced her up like a salami. Coming down from the sky was Sara heavily bruised, she slid across the road and was smashed by Sine's feet, grabbed by the neck and was slammed to the ground creating a gaping hole in the ground. Stringy was being battered to a pulp with the old man. Even at Zeta Form he was stronger!

"I can't believe that I was ever beaten by you!" Cosine yelled in pride, "I should have made a deal with that wolf years ago!"

"Yeah and you forgot the part where…my god the pain…that you…forget it. Do your worst," Stringy growled.

"My pleasure," Cosine said. Giving Stringy a massive beating. Sara and Stringy were in tremendous danger.

Stringy blocked his attacks only for her to be delivered a right hook to her face. Sara was the one who was suffering the most. Sine earth slammed her several times until she got bored. Cosine and Sine threw both of their victims on the ground, now powered down, shaking in pain. Stringy's shirt was almost ripped off, parts of her hair was ripped off, and she had several bruises here and there as well as a massive gash on her stomach. Her lips was swollen as hell…she was bleeding all over.

Sara had the most abuse. She had broken ribs, arms, legs, everything. She had burned marks all around, and had massive bruises. Her shirt was almost ripped off from her body – almost! The Zeta and Iota Badges lied dormant on the ground.

"Let's put these guys out of their misery – and ours. How about it?" Cosine asked giving his niece an X-Blade.

"Sure thing, Cosine," Sine said grabbing the X-Blade from her uncle. Stringy, refusing to give up got up in her kata. The one thing…the one person she hated the most – except Sara was Stringy. She just does not know when to give up.

"Seriously Strings?" Sine asked growing annoyed. Stringy spat blood on the ground and wiped her mouth. Zero had to say he was impressed. But he had to acknowledge that she was stupid at the same time. Seeing them being beaten to a pulp was just enough for him to get involved. He walked over to the battle scene – armed only with a cup in hand. "You just don't know when to give up do you?"

"Give up?" Stringy croaked, "No. I fight until I…well…I fight until I…well um. Why do I want to fight you guys despite you guys ripped my shirt, torn my hair, and broken every…ow…bone in my body? Well uh. Oh yeah, because it's fun to kick your ass!" Stringy said with a grin.

"Gosh you are so annoying," Sine said brandishing the X-Blade readying to behead her enemy. Stringy clipped up once more as white energy engulfs her. Just before Sine could do anything. She could not move her arms. Cosine was confused.


"Hissatu?" Sine recalled.

"Sine what are you waiting for?" Cosine asked.

"Yeah! What…oh hey Zero! Ow. Ow," she limped, "What took ya?"

Zero grabbed Sine's arm and crushes it forcing her to drop her weapon, "I heard you guys made a deal with a wolf."

"Yeah what of it freak?" Sine grunted trying to slam Zero but finds to be very difficult to do. He was too heavy to lift up.

"Protien. Keeps the body stern," he said with a smile wrestling her down to the ground only to meet a fist to the face. That slam alone should have thrown him to a lamp post but Zero? No his head twisted to one side which freaked him out.

"Are you kidding me?" Cosine said his hand hurting from slamming his massive fist at Zero's face. Zero fixed his jaw and popped his shoulders.

"Whoa," Stringy was amazed. Sara got up, regaining her consciousness and movement and saw Zero standing up against two somehow powerful people.

"How in the hell those two become strong?" Sara said fixing her jaw.

"Zero just took that like a champ! I trained him well…sort of," Stringy ached, her back becoming a bother. It was funny that after all of that abuse, Sara was not shocked to how fast Stringy was healing. Maybe because that whatever she is around her, strange things begins to happen like yesterday when she caught Stringy taking a bullet from a gun at point blank range. It hurts like hell, she managed to pull through – even at times when she had to go to the hospital.

She knew about Stringy's healing factor thanks to her research on Zeta users. Most Zeta users have healing factors, but it takes them at least 10 to 30 minutes for them to fully heal. Stringy on the other hand has a healing factor that can take nearly 8. Stringy felt the pain from her back but it was slowly becoming duller and duller by each minute passes. She was slowly regaining her strength.

The funny thing was that with Badgettes most of them with healing factors takes longer to recuperate without the badge, but with it will take at least almost half an hour. Stringy was a special case. A very special case.

As she healed bright white light surged through her body much more quickly than any other badge. Was this strange? To any other normal Badgette? Yes. To Sara who had been friends with Stringy for almost ten years? No. She just said screw it, this is Stringy.

Meanwhile, Zero was successfully fighting Sine and Cosine almost simultaneously with no problem. Zero tactically maneuvered around their attacks and used their energy against them. Sine, growing frustrated at the young man took it upon herself to pierce the X-Blade straight towards Zero's heart only for him to dodge (yet again) grab the blade and pierce it down to her legs, dodged Cosine's butterfly kick and have him knock his cease out with his own attack and when he was not looking, Stringy came in at the right time to knock him out.



Her fist slammed straight to his mouth forcing 12 of his teeth to fly in trails of blood sending him flying backwards through a truck.


Zero was just having fun playing with them. They were so slow to him that kicking their asses seemed to be not funny. He powered down.

Stringy squealed in excitement after punching Cosine to oblivion. Zero, though elated can't help but put his finger on something. They mentioned a wolf. Which wolf?

"Woohoo!" Stringy wrapped her arms around her new friend squeezing the air out of him, "I didn't know that you were a Badgette! Oh boy we are going to be best buddies!"

"Stringy…air?" Zero begged.

"Oh. Sorry," Stringy flushed.

Sara, now partially healed saw everything. Zero had taken them down in one go all by powering up by some strange power he called a Hissatu. What the heck was that?

"I never heard a badge called the Hissatu," Sara limped, "Is that a Category X?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," Zero said, "Really I do not. I just saw that you guys were in trouble and…"

Suddenly, Sara gave Zero a quick kiss in the cheek making him to flush. "W-w-what was that for?"

"That was for saving us. Ow," Sara said softly earning Stringy to giggle."

"What?" Sara glared.

"N-nothing. But seriously man up! Or in this case WOMAN UP! You don't see me complaining now do ya?" Stringy asked.

"No," she said, "You're peachy!" she scowled.

Just as it was one of those days that Sara would argue with Stringy, Zero grabbed Sine by the collar who was now regaining consciousness. He confiscated her weapons and everything that could harm both him and herself.

"Oh you," she said, "You wouldn't hurt a lady would you?"

"You mentioned a wolf. Who is he?" Zero finally spoke in a demanding tone.

"You Badgettes are all the same," she said, "You have power beyond –"

"I'm not a darn Badgette!" Zero snapped making Sara and Stringy to jump, "You mentioned that you dealt with a wolf. Who is he?"

"Gee, it's almost as if you have beef with the guy…and why are your hands on fire? Wait? You aren't a Badgette are you?"

"It is my Fire Hissatu," he gritted, "Now give me the information or else," he threatened brightening the flames slowly reaching down his arms and into her clothes, concentrating through his skin like a heap of water still in an undisturbed glass container.

Stringy thankfully intercepted and lightly pushed the angry boy out of the way, "Whoa, you don't want to kill the girl now do you?"

"I will if she won't spill," Zero said darkly making Stringy to blink, "Now tell me—"

"Anzen!" Sine said, "His name is Anzen! He is a crazy, psychopathic wolf – with great taste in music by the way – who gave us these powers to track down some guy named Zero, Torrent, and Twilight in exchange to destroy them," Sine growled at Stringy and Sara who gratefully returned it.

"Where is he?" Stringy asked.

"I don't have to answer to you," Sine said.

"Okay then," Stringy said now becoming serious. She held Sine's neck and smashed it on the pavement road choking her. Sine was gasping for air, "Where is Anzen?" Stringy asked as white fire streamed in her eyes inflicting fear in Sine's face. She had never seen Stringy act this ruthless before. This was the first.

"On an isolated island 103,000 miles from here! It is where the Association of the Masked Men are trained. He is working for Radii! Radii and Anzen are working together and they are planning to take mankind back to the stone age!"

"By what?"

"My god what do you think? They want Zero's blood and Mopy's badge to summon the Blank God!"

"Blank God?" Zero asked looking at Sara, "What Blank God."

"You are planning to summon Yamba! What?" Stringy was shocked.

"Yes and there is nothing you can do to stop him!" Sine laughed until Stringy knocked her out. She stood up with Sara and Zero blinking. She turned around with an angry, determined look in her eye only to be replaced with…

"There's your answer!" she yelled elated, "Now where's the bathroom? I need to use the little girl's room."

Sara pointed back to the diner. Stringy ran as fast as the speed of light.

"She is a good actor," Sara told Zero.

"I see," Zero replied.

"So. Who is this Anzen anyway?" Sara asked.

"I was about to ask you about this Radii guy," Zero said.

On the island, Mopy's Team landed the Pool Float Angel on the beach to search for the person who fell from the sky. It was a tedious search but it took all of their power to get through the dense jungles. Mopy led the group through miles and miles of jungle trying to find the person but no dice. All they saw was more trees and heard was nothing but Zachary complaining that his feet hurt.

"Are we there yet?" Zachary asked.

"For the 104th time and counting NOOO!" Mopy snapped, "We are nowhere close to whoever—"

Suddenly they heard something rustled from the bushes. Mopy, Zachary and Phillia took out their badges in case of an attack.

"Hello?" Mopy called.