I remember the first time I saw you

I remember when you first spoke to me to ask what I was reading

I remember when you messed with my desk

I remember all the times I would spend science completely red in the face because of you

I remember when you would say hey to me every time you saw me in the hall

I remember when you stopped me and asked for my number

I remember Robin saying she saw a connection when you walked away smiling

I remember laughing at her but being secretly happy

I remember all of our 2am conversations

I remember the times I would fall asleep waiting for your responses

I remember you falling asleep waiting for mine

I remember my mom liking you when you said her to me after school

I remember when you first asked me out on a Saturday night at 1 am

I remember when I used Robin as an excuse to go on our first date

I remember wearing shorts and my skull shirt walking to Starbucks

I remember seeing you in your purple striped shirt

I remember you giving me the Eiffel Tower key chain

I remember our hilariously awkward "your turn" conversation

I remember you saying you were going to stop wearing soccer jerseys

I remember saying I liked them

I remember you saying you'd wear them ever day

I remember leaving and going to Robin's and talking about the date

I remember our first breakup because my mom didn't want me dating and I had mixed feelings

I remember all the times I stopped texting you because I didn't want to lead you on

I remember feeling bad and texting you again every time

I remember the anger I tried to hide every time you got a new girlfriend

I remember Adelaide telling me she liked you in 8th grade

I remember hating her ever since (also because of other things but that started it)

I remember all of the confusion I had towards you

I remember seeing your brother in the halls wearing the jerseys that reminded me

of you

I remember spending my summers texting you

I remember my mom getting mad at me for texting so much

I remember sitting next to you in Chemistry

I remember wanting to kiss you every time you leaned over to speak to me

I remember helping you study for Chemistry in the mornings (even though you didn't need it)

I remember you asking me to go to Pretty Lights

I remember my anxiety as you came to the door to pick me up

I remember sitting in your car excited but extremely nervous

I remember standing in the room waiting next to you with your purple striped shirt again

I remember the loud music and heavy bass as we danced to the beat

I remember someone getting between us and a girl telling them to move because we were together

I remember being pushed up against you by everyone

I remember not trying to make more room between us

I remember deciding to forget about everything except for you and the music

I remember the look on y our face as the music surrounded us

I remember that smile you gave me

I remember you dropping me off awkwardly

I remember all the afternoons of studying for physics (even though you didn't need it again)

I remember the first few times we went to movies together

I remember meeting you up at the summit

I remember finding your Christmas present on my stairs

I remember you asking me to go to your birthday party

I remember walking into First Ave and seeing your smile fill your face when you saw me

I remember how sweet you were teaching me how to climb

I remember you ignoring your friends because I was there

I remember sitting against the wall laughing about everything that had happened between us

I remember wanting to hug you and hold your hand and kiss you then

I remember the day of the basketball game

I remember you convincing me to go even though none of my friends were going

I remember sitting by you on the bus and listening to music laughing

I remember you buying me a sandwich even though I hadn't asked you (but I was really hungry)

I remember you asking me out for the second time

I remember our first date

I remember waiting for you to pick me up

I remember you trying to kill us on the ride there

I remember you holding my hand the minute we were out of the car

I remember how strange it felt but at the same time it felt right

I remember wanting you to put your arm around me during the movie but you didn't

I remember eating afterwards and us being awkward with you trying to be polite and not eat a lot and me being unable to eat at all

I remember you dropping me off and me surprising you with a kiss

I remember sitting in your car on the hill

I remember sitting in your house

I remember breaking up with you again

I remember the pain I felt for those two days we didn't speak

I remember watching you walk past me unnoticed

I remember you avoiding me and showing up late to school

I remember seeing the expression on your face as you walked by

I remember it was exactly how my heart felt

I remember texting you because I couldn't see you in such pain

I remember how quickly we acted like it had never happened

I remember going to your soccer game

I remember trying to get you to ask me out

I remember finally asking

I remember saying yes

I remember having to reassure you when I got home that I wouldn't do that again

I remember staying true to my word for months afterwards

I remember all the dates, all the hugs, all the snuggles, all the kisses, all the everything

I remember all of it and can't wait to create more memories for me to remember for the rest of our lives always and forever no matter what