Editors Note: Bonnie and Clyde were American outlaws from the 1930's who became famous for their turbulent relationship, their murders, and their seemingly adventurous, high-stakes life style. This poem imagines their first meeting.

Bonnie & Clyde

It was a day in mid July
The starlings flew, they waved goodbye
Through swirling haze, a summer sky
The minutes ticking slowly by
And on the road, a figure there
A man in black
A quiet stare
I walk beyond the trees and stand
Feel him move from sea to land
A fearsome quake
A thundrous call
The earth has moved, I feel it fall
Two steps in, I know he's lied
Steals my name, and holds my pride
Eyes like coal and hands like ice
Stake my heart and roll the dice
Two steps more, now my soul
Sweetly pure and sweetly whole
Not a sound, just the wind
I beg you now
Speak your sin
Do you see their faces stare?
Is their blood too much to bear?
Lead me to the shadow side
Speak it now
"I am Clyde."