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Saying always goes that people never realize something's importance until they lose it.

The flames went wild across the village, its demonic burning mouth swallowing each house and person that came into its way, shining brighter against the eerie night sky against the pale moon itself.

That night is unforgettable.

The whole village was on fire-people scrambled across the fields and collapsing houses to escape, numerous screams pierced through the thick air as smoke made its way to fill up the area.

He was 8 years old back then, fiercely running across the dry grasses without his shoes on, the flames chasing him like a monster from behind. Tears filled his eyes but he brushed it away with the back of his hands, the sounds of collapsing buildings, crackling fire and the yells of the people rang into his ears.

Fire torches were continued to be thrown, but he couldn't force himself to turn around and looked for the ones who threw it.

Look ahead.

He knew that if he continued to run, he would reach the forest. The village was set a few kilometers away from the forest in the mountains. But is hiding in a forest a good choice? Wouldn't it be bad if the forest also catch the fire?

Collapsed, burning houses still surrounded him as he ran, and he realized how slow he was running.

Don't think about it. Just run. Just run ahead.

Those were the words that his sister had told him to follow when he was in danger. Yes, his sister...What about her?

That moment of thought hesitated him as he suddenly came to a halt-his sister, she was not running with him anymore. As if brought back to reality, the unnaturally sticky wet sensation from his feet caused him to look down.


His feet were wet with blood.

Surprised, he nearly let out a scream before somebody shoved him onto the ground-more villagers, they were also running away, their eyes filled with fear.

I shouldn't have stopped running!

Struggling to get on his feet, the thick smoke filled his lungs and he coughed fiercely, the thought flying past his mind. Yet he couldn't make himself to move once he stood up again. The fear of losing his sister is bigger than anything else.

"Sis? Sis!" He started to yell, choking at the smoke as he started to run in the opposite direction of where he was supposed to be running to. His legs felt sore, but he didn't stop. Holding the urge to cry, he forced himself to look across the burning flames of the ruined buildings.

It wasn't until a good distance away from where he started running from when he saw it:

The gruesome numbers of bloody corpses lying on the burning field in the middle of the village.

For a second, he felt nauseous, but as quickly as the fire caught onto the corpses, his mind was back on searching for his sister. His body trembled with fright, but he stepped across the corpses. His sister wouldn't be with these lifeless bodies, would it?

"Sis!" He screamed, tears streaming down his face. "Sis! Sis! Where are you!" He looked all around him, no longer caring as he was surrounded and trapped by a circle of flames.

It was that moment he saw them, that he froze right where he was.

Tall, hooded figures, their long, inhuman arms and giant claws dripping blood as they walked slowly through the field, through the fire, and through the corpses.

A villager stumbled through the fallen houses and crashed right into the field, and he watched with his widened eyes as one of the hooded figure held up the villager within a second by her throat, and the next moment, blood poured out as a giant slash was made across the villager's chest by the monster-like claws of the mysterious figure.

A scream almost escaped him before a hand covered his mouth and pulled him backward.

"Shhh," the voice whispered gently, shushing him. The familiar voice repeated in his mind before he realized who it was.


He struggled to be let go, and she did, but forcibly turning him around so he could stare right into her dark, brown eyes.

"Jake, after I free you, run right behind me and you shall see a clear path. Run ahead, don't look back. Never look back. Just run until you saw the forest. Continue to run through it, stop only for a short moment to catch your breath. Don't let what you just saw get to you," she said quickly and harshly, leaving only space for the boy to nod.

"H-How about you, sis?" He asked back, shivering.

There was a moment of silence, and his sister seemed to be wondering how to answer before one of the hooded figures appeared close beside them. Noticing it, he was roughly pushed away before getting an answer to the question.

The last words he remembered as he struggled to run again were:

"Run! Now! I believe in you."