Chapter 1 - Arriving


The building was huge.

Jake stood in front of it, raising a questioning eyebrow at the building first before looking down at the invitation letter in his hand. It's 10 o'clock at night, but through the windows of the building, yellow lights shone out of it, making the building glow even at the eeriest night. The moon was pale, barely lighting the night sky.

He had crossed the gigantic black gates successfully-ringing its bell and the gates opened itself. But now in front of the huge double door, he couldn't make himself to walk up the few stairs and ring the doorbell again.

Instead, Jake looked up, inspecting the building carefully. It's a beautiful, gigantic building consisted of dark-colored marbles, Behind him, a black statue of a roaring lion was placed right in the middle of the front garden, which he walked around of.

On top of the entrance, which was a set of double door decorated with different pattern designs, was a few letters in gigantic prints:


Under the words were some other words with slightly smaller prints:


Just where have he gotten himself to?

Jake frowned, letting out a sigh before stepping up the stairs, inhaling one deep breath before pressing the doorbell. Jake checked the invitation letter in his hand-yes, he must be at the right place, for the invitation letter made itself clear:

Dear Jake Dorozon,

You have been invited and successfully enrolled into the Blazondia Academy-also famous as the Killer Academy.

We congratulate you in your enrollment and wish you a wonderful school year…...

The letter was longer than that, but Jack didn't mind reading all of it.

Killer Academy? Stop the bullshit. He didn't even hear of this academy before.

Without anybody to welcome him, the double door opened by itself after a few seconds wait, bringing Jake back to reality from his thoughts. He blinked for a moment before peeking inside the building, the hand carrying his luggage tightened.

He arrived late at night due to some train delay, for, according to what he heard, some parts of the train broke halfway during the ride. Wearing only a plain black t-shirt, a thin red jacket and a pair of jeans, it was actually quite cold by the time he arrived. To make it worse, it's some 2 hours walk to reach this academy, and he had no money or car to drive himself there.

Jake quickly stepped into the building to avoid the cool winds that were going to blow on him, and shut the entrance door.

Suddenly inside the academy, he looked around, finding nobody. Beside him, an empty counter with only a white sheet of paper on top was placed-the surface was painted in a golden color, and the rest a noble green.

Talk about colors…Jake turned around and studied his surroundings. The pillars inside the academy were consisted of gold and white, the floor covered by the same noble green mats, with beautiful patterns drawn on top. Different carvings of lions, dragons and other fierce creatures or wild animals could be spot around the edges of the ceiling. Huge paintings of similar creatures were hang around the walls as well.

Jake was standing in the lobby right now...And directly ahead was a grand hallway, which probably leads to different classrooms or offices. On his right was the staircase that leads to different floors.

He quietly inspected his surroundings before walking further into the lobby, narrowing his eyes at each little details. Some fancy sofas were placed at the side, and Jake walked toward it, cautiously sitting down before letting out an exhausted sigh, relaxing himself.

There's nobody around.

It's understandable that everybody was probably at their dorms sleeping already, due to how late he arrived. But having nobody to guide him here...The enrollment form should probably reached the academy successfully by now, right? Well, he did receive a welcome letter….Then, shouldn't somebody know of his arrival, and at least leave some steps to follow or guide him through this academy?

Jake rolled his eyes at the thought, before letting out a sigh. Thinking about what should've happened didn't help on his situation right now. It was that moment his cell phone rang that he picked it up.

"Hello?" Didn't even bother to check who it was, he said tiredly.

"Oh, Jake. What's up? How's the academy?" The familiar tone from the other end made Jake frown, and he let out a short whistle before he replied.

"Look, Keith, I just arrived. And I'm lost."

There was a long pause on the other end. "You just arrived? How?"

"Train delay. Should've arrived at 7:30 but arrived at 10 instead."

He replied while his eyes slowly drifted to his large luggage. It was heavy, indeed. Remembering how he had to walk to the academy carrying the luggage made Jake let out another exhausted groan. "I'm in the academy now, and I don't know what to do. No person, no guide, no anything."

He heard Keith laughed, "Don't worry. Somebody will come to get you. He or she answered your doorbell, after all, right?"

Jake blinked, Keith made sense-there must be somebody who answered the doorbell. Standing up from his seat and hanging off the phone, he forcibly threw his luggage over his shoulder before walking back to the counter near the entrance, thinking he might as well look carefully to maybe find a hidden door. That's when he finally paid extra attention on the piece of paper on top of the golden surface.

A sign-in sheet.

Raising an eyebrow, doubting that writing his name and information down can change much of anything, he took out a pen and signed in. Well, at least by tomorrow somebody would notice his coming….

And maybe he could spend this night on the floor or something….

"Who is it?"

A voice called from behind him, and Jake slightly jumped before turning around.

The sight of a young woman came to his view. She's quite tall-at least she appeared so in her red high heels. Similar to the crimson color of her shoes, her curly long hair that was tied up as a high ponytail was consisted of the same color, only a bit lighter. She wore a pair of glasses with sharp edges, making her looks unbelievably strict and hard to deal with. However, despite her scary looks, she was extremely pretty, with green diamond eyes. If she could let down her hair and take off her glasses, she might be that one rare beautiful woman that Jack would ever known.

Jake had to blink a few times before replying to this sudden appearance of a person. "..Uh, a new student...Jack Dorozon. I should've arrived at seven but due to some train del-"

"You are late for 3 hours," the woman harshly cut him off.

"...Well, yeah, due to some train delay," Jake coughed.

As if to study him, the woman raised an eyebrow, looking at the lad up and down before crossing her arms, letting out a humph. "I see. Yes, I do have your information in my files that arrived just yesterday. Well, it's 10:30 already. What took you so long to sign-in?"

"Eh? Did my sign-in bring you here?" The lad's eyes widened a little in surprise.

"Sure do. In case you don't know, that sheet of paper is no ordinary paper. Created by our skillful Doctor Fulalanko, that paper is neither rippable nor burnable, and in fact contains a tracking device within the paper which makes a report to my office whenever someone signs in. I am responsible for tracking the people down."

Fulalanko...That's a weird name. "Oh. Alright. Um, and you are…?"

"The assistant principal of the academy, Mariana West. You can call me anything you like as long as it's not curse words or anything disrespectful."

Jake nodded, a bit surprised that the assistant principal was that young. "Understood. So Mrs. West-"

"Miss West," Mariana corrected. " I am not married."

"Okay, but I thought I can call you anything." Jake frowned.

"Being called as a Mrs is disrespectful for a woman who has never married."

"...Fine. So am I allowed to know if you are the one who answered the doorbell?"

The assistant principal threw a confused look before answering, "Nobody. Why ask?"

"...But the door opened after i rang the doorbells so…"

"The door and the doorbell system are bound together with a device that identifies any person who rings the bell as an intruder or not. For you, since we already have your information and mark you as a student, the door will automatically opens up for you."

Looks like the technology here is really advanced, Jack couldn't help but thought.

"Have I answered all your questions?"

"For now, there will probably be more later."

Mariana nodded, "Good. Then, please take out your weapons."

Jack blinked, "Weapon? You mean my guns? Why?"

"It's a ritual to see how strong you are when you first enter the academy. Usually, we let students enter different rooms right after the orientation at the beginning of the school year and have different teachers test the students by fighting against them or have the students fight against each other," the assistant teacher explained. "I assume your weapons-your guns, are in that luggage of yours?"

Standing there as if frozen for a second, Jack slowly put the lullage onto the floor and opened it up, taking out two of the guns. He made sure they were loaded as he mumbled, "It's ten thirty at night, you know. You sure we're doing it now?"

"You are not that tired enough to have no energy at all to fight, do you? Our academy is not called the Killer Academy for nothing. We do not show mercy nor will we be taken back just because you look tired, or that it's late at night, or that we're out in the lobby. As long as you can stand up, the fight continues." Mariana took out two daggers from her belt, her eyes seemed to glow underneath her glasses. "In this academy, deaths are tolerated."

Jack found himself inhaling a sharp breath "You mean...It doesn't matter if you or me kill anybody."

"The only rules in the school that restricted killing is no killing in the hallways or anywhere within the school building except the fighting grounds and outside of the school, as well as no killing instructors or teachers and no teachers killing students," the assistant principal stated as he pointed one of her daggers toward Jake. "How about enough talking? I want to get this over with. The fight lasts until somebody gets hurt, a light wound is enough."

Jack stood there, frozen.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry." Mariana scowled.

Nodding, although hesitating a bit, Jake pointed both of his guns, one in each hand, at the assistant principal. Just where have I gotten myself into….In his mind, the thought repeated on its own. It's not like any other academies I have been...Not like I have ever been to any academies to start with though….

An academy for killers-an academy that trained the students into killers, where deaths are tolerated, where there would be lots of fightings. He remembered himself talking about it to Keith when he first received the invitation letter, and Keith reacted as if it's the most normal thing in the world and just decided to accept the invitation.

"It's not like you're an innocent person and never killed anybody before," he had said with a light smirk, and didn't bother to care about the sudden bitter look on Jake's face.

Almost the second Jake raised his guns, Mariana lunged toward him, waving her left arm into a giant slash. Jake's eyes widened as he barely dodged, letting the upper part of his body fell backward as he maintained his balance. Noticing an opportunity, Jake fired his guns, but Mariana dodged out of the way.

"Smart move," she mumbled.

"Thanks," Jake replied.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Mariana threw a dagger right toward his face. Jack jumped aside and the dagger went straight into the wall. Not bothering to care about that much, he immediately fired a bullet toward the assistant principal again. However, she only smirked, and within a second, almost unbelievable, the dagger in her other hand cut right through the bullet, causing it to fall apart as two pieces.

Jake let out a gasp. She is strong.

"There is a reason why I'm the assistant principal and that is nothing." Mariana said, brushing a strand of hair that fell onto her face away.

"Then...There is a reason why Keith just throws me into the academy!" As if displeased by how the bullet failed to attack her, Jake gritted his teeth and tensed up, the two guns in his hand raised readily. He should be extra cautious now.

The fight got faster as Mariana took out another dagger. There were a total of four daggers around her belt, and she took out the last one and held it with her mouth. She started to run, aiming straight toward Jake in the speed of light. Jake's sharpened his view as the endless attacks seemed to begin.

Each slash was fast, barely leaving Jake space to attack himself. However, his body moved along with the speed as he managed to dodge each of the attack, tilting his body sideways, forward and backward. Finally, he dashed aside, once again firing his guns in a total of four times, 2 times with each guns. He clicked his tongue when not a single bullets wounded Mariana.

"Too slow," she heard him say. Before he knew it, she was behind him, and he felt a stinging pain as the dagger stabbed into his shoulder, and then pulled out. Letting out a painful groan, Jake fell to his knee, holding onto the wound where blood started to gush out.

Not minding the wound at all, Mariana's expression remained emotionless as she took out a handkerchief and started to clean the blood off her dagger, the other two already neatly placed back to her belt. "However, you have surprisingly nice reflexes, fast movements and skills. Are you trained?"

"...M-my master Keith trained me…" Jake answered through the pain, it has been a while since he received a wound like this. "...And...This sure...Isn't a light wound…"

Mariana furrowed her eyebrows, "Not a deep wound either. You have to get used to this if you want to survive in this academy. You are quite a talented student, however." As if satisfied by the earlier fight, Mariana held out a hand to Jake.

Jake stared at it, suspicious.

"I'm not going to let you fall, or do you want to bleed to death here?" Mariana let out a sigh and rolled her eyes.

What kind of assistant principal is this, Jake glared at her before accepting her offer with his free hand, standing up. "..Are you going to bring me to the infirmary?"

As soon as he stood up, Mariana's hand let go. "No. The infirmary door is long locked and the key isn't with me right now. I shall bring you to your dorm, there are supplies there that you can use to heal yourself," She answered.

"..." Jake decided to remain silent.

"The dormitory is located in the school wing. At the end of the grand hallway you see there, it's a set of double doors. Follow me," the assistant principal said as she started to walk, her high heels creating a light tapping sound each step she took as she walked off the mats. Jake followed behind slowly, listening to her instructions.

"Walk out of the double door, and you shall see an open hallway. After walking through it, you reach the doors to the dormitory. Your room is 325." Mariana explained as she guided Jake. "Inside your room, in your closet you'll find your school uniforms prepared in there. The set of drawers contained emergency supplies and therefore have bandages, alcohol and such. On your desk, you'll find some papers explaining the school rules and policies, as well as your schedule. You'll understand everything once you reach your room."

They stepped into a new building, then up the stairs, through long hallways with identical doors on both side, labelled with different numbers on each of them.

"And here is your room." Finally reaching it, Mariana opened the wooden door, revealing a simple room, just like any clean bedroom, with only a closet, a set of drawers, a window, a desk, a mirror, and a bed.

Jake slowly stepped into it, the blood soaked through his shirt as he tried to distract the pain by studying his surroundings.

There is another door within the room that leads to a tiny bathroom, and Jake couldn't wait to take a bath.

Finally having everything dealt with, Mariana let out an exhausted sigh. "I have explained everything I can think of now. Anyway, welcome to the academy.." She said before closing the door, leaving a few words behind.

"It will be different than any academies you've seen."