Chapter 2 - Edward the Ghost


The warm water ran down his bare skin as he hissed at the pain, where the shower poured straight down towards the wound on his shoulder, washing the blood away.

It's midnight already, he realized. By the time he and Mariana finished talking and fighting, it's well past 11. Jake yawned, it had been a long day. He never expected to fight immediately after his exhausting walk to reach the academy.

"Our academy is not called the Killer Academy for nothing. We do not show mercy nor will we be taken back just because you look tired, or that it's late at night, or that we're out in the lobby. As long as you can stand up, the fight continues." He remembered the assistant principal's words, a glint of coldheartedness in her eyes. She's almost saying as if even if he dies it's not anybody's fault and his own, and she most likely meant it that way.

He turned off the shower and let out a sigh.

After this, he should go bandage his wound, caused by the assistant principal of the school. The thought made Jake frown, it's not his first time receiving such wound, but to be caused by an assistant principal of a school?

Although he knew that this academy is not just any academy, he already knew for certain that he would have trouble getting used to it.

Why exactly...Have I been enrolled….

Stepping out of the bathroom entrance, he let his thought overran his mind as he threw a towel around his bare shoulder after using it to dry his hair. Walking past the mirror, he glanced toward it and came to a halt, his reflection staring back at him.

A dark-haired, young lad, with a finely-built body and maybe what some would consider as a handsome face. He's not too muscular, but the signs of muscles could be seen around his trained body.

Yes, he was trained-ever after the cruel fire incident, Jake, an eight years old child, struggled to survive as he hid himself in the forest, fearing that one of the hooded, mysterious frightful figures might suddenly approach him and painfully steal his life away. He had lived solely off from the tiny lakes or pools he found in the forest, and the fruits that sometimes proved poisonous as he threw up, and lost consciousness. Many times, he thought he would die. It's almost a miracle when he stumbled upon the exit to the forest that led to a path to the city.

Having his poor, village clothes dirtied and tattered by then, the exhausted Jake had shivered as winter approached and snow began to fall down onto his bare skin. As he dragged himself onto the streets of the city, strangers had ignored him as an invisible being and continued on their ways. Tired, hungry, and thirsty, Jake lost his energy to stand and fell, blackness starting to invade his eyes. It was then he saw the figure of a man that he forced himself to stay conscious.

It's a man in a large, warm, brown jacket, a cigarette in his mouth and a hat on his head. He has long, dark curly hair, but tied up in a loose ponytail behind him. He stared down at Jake for a moment before a tiny smile formed onto his mouth, almost a snicker.

"What a poor little fellow," the man had said. He paused for a moment and took the cigarette out of his mouth.

Jake had struggled to sit up, and as the man watched him, he threw the cigarette onto the ground.

"You're coming with me, boy."

That's the last thing he remembered the man saying before he lost consciousness.

The man is Keith, and had become both the savior and master of Jake as he grew up in the tiny wooden house of this 34 years old man. Under him, Jake learned how to fight, to read, to write, to defend himself, and to hunt.

Keith is a hunter. However, he hunted not only animals, but people too. He earned money by accepting requests from people, usually polices, to catch criminals or others. Even though many jobs of his are simply to capture someone or something, there were times when he was to hunt down the targets and kill them alive.

Jake became his assistant at the age of 13. However, he didn't commit his first murder until the age of 15-which is 2 years ago. Keith's house was invaded by robbers while Keith went out shopping for dinner. Trying to fend himself and the house, Jake fought back fiercely, trying to not kill anybody. But when the house was set on fire, the sudden flashbacks of memories of his burning village caused Jake to lost control of himself.

That day, he killed 4 robbers, seriously wounded 3, and 2 escaped.

He was let go from the police for self-defense along with Keith's persuasion, but Jake was marked as a dangerous person by the city people ever since.

"Dude, how long are you going to stand in front of the mirror? Do you love your body so much? That wound on your shoulder gonna start bleeding again, ya know." A sudden voice brought Jake back to reality, and he raised an eyebrow before looking toward his bed, where the voice came from.

A lad, about his age, sat on the edge of the bed, smiling at him.

Jake blinked, "Who are you?"

The lad grinned, "Edward."

He has white, a bit spiky, short hair, and inhumanly pale, yet clear, gray yes. His face was extremely white and pale, his lips a faint pink. He wore, from top to bottom, a completely white outfit.

"...I'm sorry but I don't remember knowing that I have a roommate?" Jake couldn't help but continue to stare at the other's weird looks and outfits. He didn't look human-rather, there was a faint glow around this lad.

"Of course not, you have a single room with no roommate," the lad who called himself Edward grinned.


"I used to have this room, and I really love my room, so I'm not going to leave this room. In fact, I hate going anywhere else. So I'm staying here. Don't worry, I sleep in the closet, so we won't share the same bed. Fufufu," Edward continued to speak, tilting his head left and right, the smile never disappear from his face.

"..." Jake couldn't find himself to talk for a moment. Who is this weird guy?

As if remembering something, Edward suddenly looked up at Jake. "Oh, by the way, I'm a ghost."

"You're a wha-?"

"A ghost. I died here 3 years ago. But I forgot how I died. I know I died though, in this room. My corpse's under your bed."

Jake took three steps back.

"The last part is a joke. Damn, you lack a sense of humor!" Edward started to laugh, his voice is soft, yet ironically makes people feel loud hearing it.

"I..Uh, don't believe in ghosts. And, uh, even if you are one, uh, please, uh, let me have this room entirely on my own in peace…? Or…" Or I'm going straight to Mariana's office to switch room, he thought, wondering if he should say it out loud.

"Nooo noo don't think of switching room you know I'll feel happier if a girl moved in here but this is boy's dorms after all. I'm just happy someone finally moved into this room you know they all moved out when they saw me here and you see I'm actually a pretty lonely guy you know?" As if reading the other's mind, Edward put on a puppy face.

Well I'm sorry but I'm going to move out too, Jake gulped. He opened his mouth, but Edward quickly continued on with his talk.

"Or or or do you not want me here because I'm not a sexy girl? If it's a sexy young female ghost will you stay here? And you'll even ask her to sleep next to you! Well I'm sorry I'm not a sexy young female ghost but an okay guy. Oh, or do you just see me as not beautiful enough to be with? Like, if it's a beautiful super handsome guy who has lots of charms then you will let him stay? Yeah yeah, I get it." Edward rolled his eyes. "You just don't want me here because I'm an ugly ghost. Well, Imma tell you something. You're no better than me."

Jake inhaled a breath, "Actually, no, I just don't want to be with a ghost..Any ghost in general."

"Oh, so you accept 's ghosist."


"You accept humans but not ghosts. How mean, how unfair. I call that ghosist." Edward pouted like an immature kid.


What am I supposed to do? Jake thought.

"Well, too bad. I'm staying in this room. I have decided to stay in this room therefore I will stay in this room because I'm going to stay in this room." Edward stood up from the bed, then started to float, crossing his arms at the same time. Jake's eyes widened, surprised at the sight of the other staying in midair.

"And since I'm going to stay in this room I will also not allow anybody to move out anymore unless you go bring a girl to switch yourself with. I want a nice cute girl who's not ghosist and I want her to be super pretty who's willing to sleep next to me.'

I doubt anyone will want to sleep next to a ghost, Jake felt a sweatdrop. How do I get him out of this room? He seemed so determined to stay….

"Anyway, you better go treat that shoulder of yours," as if finally done talking, Edward finished everything he had to say about the room and pointed at the wound on Jake's shoulder.

"Oh yeah," as if reminded, Jake let out a short gasp. The pain had ceased after the shower and he almost forgot about it.

Letting out a laugh, Edward floated toward the drawer of the room and pulled it open, taking out the emergency box. He then placed it next to Jake, to whom sat on the edge of the bed where Edward just sat. "I can't believe you forgot that you have such a wound on yourself! And it's not even a light light wound! Are you so surprised to see me, a ghost? I'm honoured."

"It's funny," Jake suddenly spoke, watching as Edward opened the box.

"What's funny?" Edward looked at Jake, curious.

"You really do seem like you're not going to leave the room and is already starting to act all friendly to me as if we have known each other since forever when I don't remember myself getting to know a ghost."

"Well," the ghost rolled his eyes. "We're gonna be roommates after all. Besides, you gonna have a lot of advantages if you're with me."

Blinking, Jake started to treat his wound as he asked, "What advantages?"

"I know how to hook girls."

"How awesome," now it's Jake's turn to roll his eyes.

"No no, I really do! At least when I'm still alive! I also know a lot about the academy since people other than my roommates can't see me. I know gossips, I know a lot." Edward flew in front of Jake and stared right into his eyes, wearing a mischievous expression.

"I don't care about gossips...Not much anyway," Jake sighed, but Edward ignored his response.

"You probably fought with Mariana earlier. She's the only one who would still tell you to fight even though you arrived super late and were super tired. Let me tell you, she got a secret relationship with a student~"

"You sound like one of those gossip girls…." the lad shrugged with disinterest. "Can't you tell me more about the academy and the rules? I'm too lazy to read over the stuffs on my desk."

Edward frowned, then sank onto the ground in boredom. "Uh, you better go read that on your own. But I can tell you about the academy. A little, I guess, basic knowledge, super boring but I can tell you, considering you're new, and you won't seem to talk to me about anything else right now."

Jake looked at him as if telling him to go ahead and talk.

Clearing his throat, Edward crossed his arms. "Alright then, fine, whatever you say mister. I'm only going to tell you to prove that I'm useful. First, I will have to say, it's not rare to have new students in this school. The academy accepts new students all the time-they got interested with you from your records."


"Yep, not your everyday records. But criminal records. Or records that showed that you've done something the society would consider...Harmful. Most often, it's because you've killed somebody."

Jake breathed in a sharp breath. He did kill off people before…

"Why would the academy be interest in that?"

"Because that's the type of students they want, and they use those types of students to train them into killers. They don't accept random students-they make sure they have potentials...To become a killer."

"Why..would this academy want to train students into killers?" The lad found himself asking.

"Nobody knows, it's a mystery. There's a lot of rumors about it, but they all don't make sense. Anyway, you ask too many questions, let me go on."

Damn you ghost acting like a sassy girl, Jake scowled but nodded.

"Second, once you're in the academy you're considered a criminal to the outside world."


"Well, duh, killers are mostly murderers to most people. But don't worry, this academy protects you. As long as you're one of the members in the academy, you'll be fine."

Jake remained silent, and Edward grinned. "Also, you'll face a lot of deaths in this academy. So you have to be ready anytime that you'll lose a friend any second."

"...Students do die...A lot, and the academy won't mind?"

"They won't. All they'll care about is dealing with bodies. One of the rules is no killing in the building except the fighting grounds. That way they won't have to deal with corpses lying in the middle of the hallways or something."

The lad frowned, "Fighting grounds?"

"Yep. In this academy, the most popular places to go are the fighting grounds, the training grounds, the Body Modification Room, and the shop." Edward paused as if he's catching his breath. "Fighting grounds allow students to fight against each other to death, only the bravest students go there. Training grounds allow students to train. We have two types of training grounds-one is where students train with dummies or against each other without killing, the other is to train with illusions. The illusion works like reality-enemies will approach you, and you'll have to fight them. You'll feel pain, you'll get hurt, and you'll get exhausted. But once you end it, everything will be over, like a dream."

"...Sounds quite cool."

"It is. The Body Modification Room allows you to go modify your body. For example, change your arm into a weapon."

Jake's eyes widened. "Who would do that?"

"People, duh. But it also modifies your weapons, so that's actually what makes it really popular among both the students and the teachers. Doctor Fulalanko works there."

How about just change the name to Modification Room and adds in the option to modify the body, you weirdly-named Sir Fulalanko? Jake commented in his mind, and Edward went on.

"At last, it's the shop. You buy all kinds of stuffs there, especially weapons. We also call it the information center. There's a guy called Cain who gives you all kinds of information he could possibly get." Edward let out an exhausted groan. "That's it for now. My mouth hurts."

"You talk too fast, I can't catch on…." Jake sighed.

"Your mind works too slow," Edward pouted.

"Whatever. Am I supposed to thank you?" Nodding, Jake decided that he should at least be satisfied with what he just learned, he could always know the rest later. Long finished with bandaging and treating his shoulder wound, he put on a black t-shirt and glanced at Edward, no longer thinking him as that much of a scary ghost, although a bit annoying.

"OF COURSE! Now in exchange, you cannot move to another room and shall be my roommate." Edward replied with a huge grin.


"Yes! Now that we've done talking, it's one in the morning now. Ohoho." Standing up, Edward flew toward the closet,then, without opening the door, flew through it. "I look forward to how you'll be in class tomorrow, or rather, later, since it's already one."


After hearing the long talk from the ghost, an overpowering tiredness finally urged Jake to close his eyes. He muttered a reply then went over to shut the lights. Climbing back onto the bed and lying down, a relieved sigh escaped him, followed by a huge yawn.

"Sure a way to start not even the first day of the academy…" he mumbled to himself as he slid under the covers.

Wonder how things will go tomorrow...I wish you're here with me, sis...The thought flew through his mind before he fell into a deep sleep.


The window was not entirely shut, and gentle winds blew into the room. The only light of the dorm room came from the unnaturally bright moonlight outside the window.

Long asleep, and Edward completely silent, the bedroom rang only the quiet breaths of Jake, and nothing else.

Even when the door of his room slowly creaked open, no sound was made.

A young girl peaked inside, her light, short green hair with long bangs covered a little of her face. When she saw the lad sleeping on the bed, the originally emotionless expression on the girl turned into a smile.

A smile, as if pleased, or extremely touched, a smile of desire and hope, yet ironically hid a sense of despair and pain within it.

"...You're finally here...I've been waiting for you," she whispered softly, her voice disappearing with the winds.