Chapter 3 - New Friensd



A loud call shook Jake awake from his deep sleep.

"God..Shut up Keith…" He mumbled back, turning sideway to continue on with his dream.

"KEITH?! WHO THE HELL IS THAT!? My name's Edward! Did you forget my name already?!" Edward said loudly, crossing his arms.

"...Ah?" As if woken up, Jake forced himself to open his eyes. The first ray of sunlight acted like a bullet as it shone right onto the lad's face, and he immediately let out a gasp, looking away.

Jake let out a groan as he suddenly remembered what had happened-the academy, Mariana, and Edward the ghost.

I want to go home, he couldn't help but thought, not caring if he's already 17 years old.

"What do you mean by 'ah'? You forgot to set up your alarm clock last night so I might as well wake you up. Damn, young man, look at yourself all messy-haired and stuffs. It's 7:00 AM right now, you already missed breakfast! But it's okay. Today, you're going to start your first day! Hurry up and put on your uniform and head down to your first class by 8 o'clock. I'm not coming with you cause I want to stay in the room." Edward immediately started talking once he saw Jake waking up. Jake scowled at the endless talk, annoyed.

Sitting up from the bed, he rubbed the back of his head. "I got it...You can shut up now."

"How rude, at least thank me for waking you up."

"Yeah yeah thank you," Jake rolled his eyes, saying it without much sincerity. He left the bed then, letting out a tired sigh and went to the bathroom.

Splashing water onto his face, he felt more refreshed. He then took a quick shower, brushed his teeth, and finally opened the door to exit the bathroom, staring right into Edward.

"Okay, you don't have to follow me everywhere," Jake grumbled.

"Well at least I didn't follow you into the bathroom, stop acting like some sort of high-privacy girl," Edward replied.

Giving up, Edward headed to the closet. Finally having a nice look inside, he inspected all the nicely-hanged school uniforms. They're consisted of black long-sleeved shirt and red ties, along with black pants. The academy logo was sewed on each of the shirt, a golden logo with the simple shape of a lion, holding a dagger in its mouth. Underneath it is some tiny words: Blazondia Academy.

There was a jacket that goes along with the uniform, also consisted of similar color and design. While this set of long-sleeved outfit and jacket are the winter uniforms, toward the right of the closet was the short-sleeved version without the jacket, which is the spring uniform. Only the gym uniform is white, contracting greatly with the other black outfits.

"How nice," the lad commented, wondering himself if he said that to be sarcastic or not. With these uniforms lining up so neatly like that and Edward speaking behind him so casually, this almost feel like an ordinary academy with no tension.

Jake took out the uniforms and put them on, making sure he looked neat and tidy-it was his first time wearing a school uniform after all. He fumbled a while with the tie before finally managed to wear it correctly, with Edward instructing and correcting beside him.

"All set to go! It's 7:50 now! Here's your bag, you're ready! Ten minutes, run to the class! Damn, don't you think I sound like a mom? If I'm still alive I might be a great daddy in the future," Edward seemed satisfied as he stared at Jake, who was having a final check in front of the mirror, surprising himself with how...Handsome he looked as he forgot to reply to Edward.

Edward blinked, "Are you falling in love with yourself?"

"Shut up," Jake let out a sigh and grabbed his bag from Edward, where a notebook and a pencil case was placed, along with his schedule. He was about to get out of the room when the ghost called behind him.

"You forgot your weapons man! You have to carry it around!"

"...I need my weapons?"

"DUH, it's Killer Academy! People might kill you anywhere! You have to have your weapons to fend yourself! Besides your first class is weaponry! And the weaponry teacher is super strict! Is your brain still in Lala land?" Edward crossed his arms, as if unable to believe what the other just said.

It felt so peaceful though.

"Oh, okay. Alright!" Rolling his eyes, although the thought repeated in his mind, Jake ran back to his room and grabbed his guns. Finally, he shut the door behind him and continued on his way quickly, with Edward mumbling all kinds of complaints.


Jake walked through the hallways, completely lost.

The bell had long rung, he was late already by 10 minutes.

Everything feels so normal so far...Well, there are some classes you can't find in other academies..

Jake had looked through his schedule-there's normal classes such as history, literature, etc, there, with some rare classes like weaponry and combat. If you eliminate those rare classes out, it's even possible to forget that this academy's for killers at all.

However, the hallways were dim despite the sunlights shone through the numbers of windows in the building, and illustrated by the similar designs and colors of the school lobby. The dark green and red, as well as the golden colors almost made the academy looks royal, or rather, royal enough to know that this academy isn't normal.

At least that's what he thought, for the hallways were mostly empty by the time he managed to exit the dorms in the right way after getting lost for more than 5 minutes. As he finally started to search for his class, the bell already rang, marking the beginning of class.

Jake remembered that Edward mentioned about how the weaponry teacher is strict, and could feel his own anxiousness of getting scold first thing on his first day. He doubt it though...He's a new student after all. The teacher would let him go, right?

Anyway, he should focus on finding the classroom for now. Why is the hallway so completely empty?

Being all alone in the hallway actually made him more nervous than getting scolded by a teacher….

What does A2V43 means though? Jake stared down at his schedule, unable to understand the number that labelled the location of the classroom.

Time passed, by the time he realized, he was already 15 minutes late. He sucked in a breath, this is not good. Maybe he should just skip?

Why didn't Edward explain the schedule to him….

Why isn't anybody around?

Completely lost on both the directions and on what to do, Jake gritted his teeth and stared down at his schedule with extreme agitation. It was then he spot a girl standing alone at the corner of the hallway that he felt the slightest hope.

Walking quickly over, a smile formed on Jake's mouth as he approached the girl. "Excuse me…?"

The girl who was originally looking down at her notebook looked up at him, mouth closed. She has dark, messy brown hair and dark brown eyes.

How weird, being all alone here in a corner. Shouldn't she go to class as well? "Um...I'm quite lost. May you tell me where to go?" Although the question lingered in his mind, he showed her the schedule instead. The girl stood there watching him for a moment before shifting her attention the paper in his hand.

Staring at it for quite a moment, she took out a pen and opened up the notebook that she was holding, then began to write:

"From your position, turn left, go straight down the hallway. There, you shall see different sets of door. Enter the door labelled 'A'. Walk straight down until you reached a hallway facing your right. That's the V hallway. Continue to walk down that hallway, turn right at the second hallway you see, and you shall find the classroom."

"That's complicated, but thanks," Jake scratched the back of his head.

The girl shook her head, then started to write again. "It's nothing."

"Can't you talk?" The lad found himself asking.

There was a long pause after that, and the girl finally looked up at Jake, staring into his eyes.

She slowly opened her mouth, and Jake's eyes widened, letting out a gasp.

She has no tongue.

"U-Uh, alright, thanks! I-Imma go then!" Suddenly taken aback, Jake let out an awkward thank-you as he immediately backed up. However, he found himself couldn't move, probably too caught up by the scene of a girl alive without a tongue.

"Hurry. He's coming." As the girl saw him still standing there, she quickly wrote again, and ripped the paper with the direction to the classroom off from her notebook, shoving it to Jake.


A bit confused and not understanding what the girl was talking about, Jake found himself curious but have no time to talk. Regaining his senses, he immediately ran down the hallway to his left, away from the girl without a tongue, and away from the soon-be-coming male.


It turned out quite pleasing how once he knew how to reach the classroom, he reached there quite fast. However, he was still 20 minutes late for class.

Sighing, he decided to apologize right after opening the door, and ignored the stares that would probably be landed on him once he entered the classroom. Inhaling a breath, he turned the doorknob and stepped in. "Excuse me I'm so-"


Yet, what welcomed him is not what he originally expected. Instantly falling backward, a giant slash of a gigantic axe formed right in front of his eyes, accompanied by a loud wild yell.

Jake felt his butt landed on the floor with a sweatdrop as he let out a painful hiss, feeling the mini heart attack going through his body from the earlier surprise attack.

"Ah?" A voice identical to the loud yell earlier uttered a sound, causing Jake to look up. Frowning, he watched as a lad stepped out of the classroom, glancing down. They stared right into each other's face, and paused there for a moment.

It is a lad, somehow muscular, with an eyepatch over his right eye. His pupils were of an inhuman bright orange, his short hair red. In his hands held a huge, heavy axe, which caused him to look overwhelmingly stronger than what he really should be. He was wearing the school uniform, however, the sleeves were ripped off, showing his bare shoulders. He was not wearing the red tie of the uniform either. In fact, his uniform changed so much that it looked just like a stylish sleeveless shirt with the school logo still on it.

"Oh? Who's this guy over here? Aye, Lorzo, you shouldn't have dodged that. Look who I nearly killed because you stepped out of the way." Jake heard this lad say as he glanced back into the classroom. He could hear another male's voice speaking, then, next to the doorway inside the room.

"As a gun-user, my only and best move is to dodge, unless you really want me dead," The voice sounded cold and emotionless, still and cool. "Dorzo."

Jake forced himself to stand up then, gasping at the little pain that shot through his body as he did so. As if noticing, the eyepatch lad, or Dorzo, as the other male called him, looked back. A wide grin formed onto his mouth then. "Aye, whatever, he dodged it himself anywhere. Barely, though. Sorry buddy, didn't expect you to open the door all of a sudden." He stepped out of the door's way and allowed Jake to walk into the classroom.

"Is it the new student? Is it? Is it?" A high, female voice entered Jake's ears, and as he stepped into the huge classroom, he saw a girl with two long dark ponytails jumping up and down from her seat at the front. She has what people would call a baby face, looking extremely cheerful and happy, her pupils a peachy pink. As she saw Jake, a smile grew on her face, and she seemed to beam. "Mr. Wong, it seems like I'm right! Can he sit next to me?"

"...It seems to be the only empty seat in the classroom anyway." Jake found himself switching his attention to the source of the reply, only to stare into an elegant male. He has a fan in his hand, his fair skin, accompanied by a good-looking, charming face, almost as beautiful as that of a female, looked extremely handsome with his short, soft black hair. He looked like a male from China, or one could guess from his last name.

The teacher's name is Mei Wong, even his name seemed to fit more for a lady, yet it ironically suit this elegant teacher. Jake was surprised to find such a teacher in this academy-he seemed to suit more in some fancy Japanese royal palace than this, as a teacher.

"Yay~Come here, new student. You gonna sit here." The girl from earlier grinned then, as she patted the empty seat beside her, and didn't seem to mind how handsome the teacher look at all. Jake stood there, hesitated.

"You may go," he heard the teacher say with a deep, cool voice, and Jake swallowed his saliva before walking up to the seat.

"My name is Jen, but call me Jenny," before Jake could neatly sit himself, the girl next to him started talking. "The guy that will sit on the other side of you will be Dorzo, who just attacked you with an axe. Behind you will sit Lorzo, his younger brother." She pointed toward the teacher, Mei Wong, and continued. "That hot teacher is our weaponry teacher. He's strict, though, but Dorzo never seemed to mind. Dorzo nicknamed him Meimei, at first Mr. Wong is really agitated by it by I think he got used to it."

"Enough talk, Jenny. And Dorzo, Lorzo, the both of you may resume to your seats as well. You two have set a well example on how the weapons work already." Hearing the student's talking with her big mouth, Mei furrowed his eyebrows then stopped the chatters. Lorzo, or Dorzo's brothers, after hearing Mei's stopping signal, reloaded his guns then tucked it into the side of his belt, walking slowly to his seat, which, as Jenny mentioned earlier, is behind Jake.

He used guns as well, Jake realized, and found his eyes following Lorzo as he stepped up to the seat behind him.

"What." Upon realizing the new student's look, the lad said. Similar to his brother, he has inhuman orange eyes. However, his hair is of a medium length of snowy white.

"N-nothing." Jake immediately switched his attention away.

"Whaaaat, but Meimei, the fight stopped earlier than usual." Unlike Lorzo, who had returned to his seat, Dorzo still stood at the front, dragging the axe behind him then leaning it against the wall of the room. There's a look of dissatisfaction on his face, as if extremely disappointed by the fact that the fight ends.

Mei's expression remained still. "Then, take the fight to the Fighting Grounds later after class."

"Hell no, Lorzo wouldn't fight with me unless he's forced to."

"Wait till combat class."

"Bro, that woman wouldn't let us fight with our weapons right now because she's all like 'fighting with only your physical body is really important' blablabla stuffs like that."

Mei shot Dorzo a cold and annoyed glance. "Well then, close that mouth of yours and kindly take your seat."


"Or else, no helping me after class."

Dorzo seemed taken aback. "Wha-Aye, aye, fine, whatever." He let out a sigh, defeated.

Seeing the interaction, Jake whispered toward Jenny. "They look close."

Jenny chuckled. "They are close. Not sure the reason why, but Dorzo loves to fool around with Mr. Wong since the beginning of the school year. I guess in the end all the stop-fooling-around talks made them close."

The lad blinked. "So close that Mr. Wong let Dorzo help after class?"

"Hehe~That remained a mystery. There's rumors all around saying that Mr. Wong and Dorzo might in fact be a teacher-and-student forbidden gay love couple...We never know."

Jake blinked, surprised by Jenny's words. He turned his attention back to Mei and Dorzo as they interacted a few more words, one with a smirk and the other with a scowl. An elegant teacher and a wild student…? They...Don't exactly suit each other do they?

"But isn't it good?"


Jake was so caught up in his thoughts that he missed Jenny's words. The girl chuckled then repeated, "Isn't it good? It's nice to have these types of gossips going around the school...It makes this academy feels ordinary, and that's good."


"Yo yo, what are the two of you talking about with your big mouths? Jen, you are really curious about our relationship huh?" Suddenly, Dorzo's voice rang into both of their ears and Jake looked toward his side to find the lad already sitting himself into the seat next to him. For a moment, a slight embarrassed blush formed onto her face.

"Shut up! Your relationship with Mr. Wong has nothing to do with me."

The eyepatch lad grinned teasingly. "Yeah yeah, I see the jealousy in your eyes. No girlwon't remain still after learning how close I am to their fancy prince, after all~"

Jake's voice suddenly cut into the conversation. "Um, just a question, Dorzo….Are you chasing Mr. Wong just because you want the girls to be jealous of you?"

Jenny couldn't help but laugh, and Dorzo gasped. "New boy, you sure knows how to talk huh! Of course not. I couldn't care less about them girls-"


The clear sound of a fan hitting the teacher's desk shifted their attention to Mei.

"How about all three of you seal those lips of yours," the teacher said with displeasure in his voice. "Do let us resume to class."

The classroom fell silent then. Satisfied, Mei crossed his arms. "Jake Dorzon, there are a few things you have to know in my class," he paused before continuing.

"First, always bring your weapons with you into the class, heavy or not. Second, lateness is not tolerated unless you're new. Third, in order to settle examples on various weapons I have mentioned, I would often have my students spar with the weapons in front of the class. Just like what Dorzo and Lorzo were doing just now before your interference, with the Bull Axe and the Speed Gun." Finishing what he wanted to say in little breaths, his eyes then quickly scanned over the lad.

"May I see your weapon?" The teacher asked, then.


"Your weapon," Mei repeated.

Jake sat there, blinked for a moment, as if confused, before realizing. "Ah, yes. Um, here you go." Quickly taking them out from the side of his pants, he handed both guns over to Mei. Lorzo's tiny exclamation of interest on having similar weapons could be heard, although Jake assumed that there should be a lot of students in the school who use guns.

Outstretching his hands a bit with the weapon, Mei was about to accept it when he furrowed his eyebrows, looking a bit confused.

"Your hands…" Jake could hear the teacher mumble, and a question mark seemingly formed in his mind before the other brushed it off. "Never mind."

Mei took the guns from Jake's hands, then inspected them carefully. It didn't take long before he returned them, his tone as still as usual. "They're too ordinary and weak. You can't survive with them. Buy some new guns or have Doctor Fulalanko modify it."

"Ah, yes…" Jake mumbled a reply as the guns were returned to him, his mind curious on why Mei looked a bit confused when he was handing him the weapon.

"Meimei's words are no doubt, man," Dorzo said from aside, and Jake was caught back to reality. Before he could say anything back however, Jenny nodded before continuing.

"Do you know the way to the school shop or modification room?"

Probably nothing, Jake decided to let it go. He smiled awkwardly at the girl then, who asked the question. "Uh, not yet."

"I can lead the way then!" Jenny chirped.

"Ah, but having a new dude and a girl to whom we don't even know how strong she is yet walking together alone might be somehow dangerous, you know how the hallways are roaming with murderers," as if remembering something, Dorzo let out a thought.

The girl's grin widened, "No worries. Lorzo and you will come along, after all, right?"

"Aye aye, guess a girl do need my help," the eyepatch lad shrugged.

"..." Lorzo let out a sigh, but one could tell that he did agree to come along.

Another slap from Mei's fan, and the four resumed to paying attention to class. Jake, who was extremely nervous at first, especially after getting lost in the hallways in the beginning and finding a girl without a tongue before reaching the classroom, gradually found himself relaxing.

He didn't expect it to be fast, but it seemed like he could handle the academy a bit better…

Don't really get why but there are some unexpectedly nice people who volunteered to help me...He thought as Mei went through the different weapons during class, with Jenny and Dorzo mumbling around.

Maybe I would get friends and get used to this academy faster than I thought, he smiled, then, his mind filled with possible hopes that this academy wouldn't be that bad at all.