Elena Martin emerged from her small one story home wearing a light blue dress with a single pink ribbon in her hair. She gave her mother and father a small smile and a brief hug before walking out to face her new life. Elena knew she would be able to see them again soon, but things would never be the same again. The minute she had stepped off their small wooden porch she had left that old life behind. As she walked down the beaten down dirt trail, Elena didn't look back at her parents, but looked forward to her future, and in her future she saw the back of her friend Jenna.

"Jenna! Hey wait up!"

"Oh hey Elena! Are you excited or what?" Jenna exclaimed lifting her beautiful red lips to the corners of her eyes.

"What." Elena replied kicking the dirt rode with her sandal. "It's just a stupid game that everyone loves to watch and at the end of it they tell us the rest of our lives. What's the point?"

"What's the point? Are you kidding? This is the time when we get to find out who our husband will be! We get to know what our class rank is and whether we're going to be workers or revelers!"

"Yeah, but are you not at least a little scared? What if you don't even like your husband? Or you're made to be a worker like your parents?"

"That's what the games are for! This will help us be paired with someone perfect for us and show us where we truly belong!" Jenna smiled picking up the pace to the stadium.

"I guess" Elena mumbled wishing she could be wearing jeans instead of a flimsy dress.

As the girls neared the stadium, their ears were aroused by the deep shouts of boys running through the groups of girls whooping and hollering at them saying, "Hey girl you might be my wife!" and blowing kisses as they passed. Elena and Jenna spotted Evan Norsden rushing through the streets with a pack of his friends. Jenna, who had been good friends with Evan for years, waved at him as he passed. Evan returned this gesture with a smile and a wink before continuing on the path to the stadium doors. Once inside the girls and boys were pointed down two different halls.