A/N: I came up with this a couple hours ago and desperately wanted someone to read it, so it might not be well-written. Please leave your opinions.

You are so beautiful, someday I hope to give you the love in my pocket. The way you smile and laugh, and your eyes shine bright. Spreading happiness to complete strangers by simply saying "Hi. How do you do?" My pocket filled with love, I wish to give to you.

But today I saw something unforgivable. You were kissing someone unknown. Who was it? And why did you do that? Is this your way of saying leave me alone?

Your eyes have lost their light; no more smiles, you give, no more laughs, you share. Eyes dull and dark, is it because I'm not there?

I see you searching all around you, every time you walk out your door. Who is it you're looking for? Is it me? Because I've been here and still you can't see?

Time has passed and you seem to look better. No more looking around, no more worry in the air. But, dear, do you not care? That my love has shrunk enough to physically fit in my pocket, unlike before where metaphorically my love was kept in a locket? Locked away and frozen until it thawed with the attention of someone so beautiful. It could only be you.

Your smile melted my heart, and you've kept it with you all this time. But now that you had stopped smiling, my love shrank three times its normal size. It looks so awful and black; you did something to my love and I can't fix it back.

Just know this, I loved you very much. The love in my pocket is enough proof of that. Without my love for you, it would never have turned black. So even we don't love each other anymore, I still hope you accept my rotten love in my pocket.

Shall I leave it at your front door? A keepsake of the emotionally valuable sort. Because you did love me, dear, even if you never told me so. Your kind smile was what convinced me, all that time ago.

Here you go, I'm mailing it to you, in a small box, that says "I'll never forget you". Wrapped in plastic and your favorite scarf, as a reminder that I was never far off.

But why did you look so terrified, when you received my package? Surely, you loved me as much as I did. Why are the police at your front door? Putting my love in a Ziploc bag? That was yours and yours only! Please, tell me you did love me back!

You've moved out, I never see you anymore. Where did you go? I do not know. I miss you so. Please come home. I don't have another love in my pocket. I need to get another. Maybe then I'll get over you.

I'm getting another love, I've decided. Already, another child I brought home with me. Their love is pure and innocent and it's the only love I can take. He's been crying for three hours straight. Don't worry, I say, I'll do it as fast and painless as I can. Put him to sleep with anesthesia, impatient to see my new love. Careful not to ruin it, I delve into my task and begin to carve.

I love the feeling of my love in my hands. Its beat dying in front of my eyes. Its joyful tears stream down my hand, red and thick, happy to be mine. This time my love will go to someone who will stay with me. I'll keep it frozen until someone catches my eyes. Until then, I want to say goodbye.

Even if you didn't welcome my gift of love I had sent, I want to say I love you, but it's time for me to move on. I have another love in my pocket, no need to feel sorry. I just hope my next love will accept all the trouble I went through to attain the love I designated for them. A life was lost, but isn't worth it?

People always give their affections away so easily, but not me. I can only have one love in my pocket at a time. I can't waste it on someone undeserving. The heart will stay frosted tucked away in my freezer, until another beautiful creature can claim it. But even there, life halted, it'll always be known as the love in my pocket.