Ok so I found out this guy I barely know (but respected) is seeking a mail ordered bride from Russia

Mail ordered bride
Male ordered bride
Male ordered
Fee male.

How capitalizing! He's hard core Christian! She wants a Visa!
American women these days so free with their sexuality.
Can he teach her to be American?

I wonder what she'll think about
Fee male
hidden behind Popular Mechanics and Good Housekeeping
at the Kwik Trip, the naughty bits covered up
with brown paper bag type material (like wine!)
so the little children and grandmas
won't be corrupted or scandalized.

Don't get me started on the TV
I watch.
or the trashy romance novels
I read.
or the music I listen too—a lady on the streets and a freak in the bed.
Provider, mother, prostitute, virgin, warrior, wife, lover, maid.

Why is everyone so messed up about sex, love, and family?

Shall I get started on other cultures
or cultures within our culture,
arranged marriages, circumcised girls,
the veiled virgin, acceptable beatings, religious shunning-
shall I go on?

Wo-man, Fe-male-
Is Adam's rib all that different from Kali's arms?

The physicality of sex, we are one, we are separate.
Why is that so hard to accept?

Why can't this guy find someone to love out of all the many, many lonely/perfect/fucked-up
individuals I meet every day? Instead, he looks half a world away.