A/N: Hi, so this is a story I wrote a looong time ago. I posted it on Wattpad...with no results. Please read and tell me if you like it!

Chapter One

"Hey, UC!"

I kept walking, hoping that today would be different, that they'd finally get the hint and leave me alone. No such luck.

A huge hand shot out in front of me and pushed me backward, causing me to stumble.

The owner of the hand appeared in my line of sight and smirked.

Just my luck. It was Ruben, the terror of the streets.

"Didn't you hear me call you, Unclipped? Aren't your processors working? Oh, that's right-you don't have processors!" His goons laughed like he'd never said that 'witty' remark before. In reality, it was what he always said when I didn't respond.

He shoved his face closer to mine, close enough that I could smell his rancid breath.

"Now, UC, you know the rules-if my gang finds freaks like you in our town, you pay the price."

His hand shot out.

"Loreans. Now."

As quickly as I could, I slid my hand into my pocket and pulled out three Loreans. Trying not to shudder at the contact, I placed them into his grubby hand.

He looked at the discs and gave me an ugly smile. "Haven't you heard, UC?" he smirked. "If you pay with physical Loreans, the price is tripled."

My head spun. Nine Loreans? That was enough for two days worth of NutriMeals!

Ruben smiled, sensing my discomfort.

"Too much for you? I can always ask my dad to talk to your folks, if you don't-"

"No!" I yelled, thrusting my hand back into my pocket. "I'll get you your stupid money-just leave my parents alone."

That's when she came.