A/N: Cleaners= showers

Chapter Eight

If you were 13 and looking on your EyePhone on the twelfth of February 2522, you would have seen a message pop up: Follow the link!

You would have followed the link, curious, and the first thing you would have seen was a picture of a person from your school. The next thing you would have seen was him singing a girly song in a Cleaner. You would have laughed, amused, and sent it to all of your friends.

You wouldn't know it, but that website would have spread to thousands of people. In one day, Ruben Mastera transformed from the meanest kid in the city, the person that every kid feared, into the loser, the girly kid who sang in the Cleaner.

After that day, Ruben never bullied another kid.

And somewhere else in the city, two kids, a girl and a boy, are celebrating. They have completed their goal. Although they no longer are working together, things have changed. The girl and her two siblings will stay with the boy and his mother. The boy and the girl will grow up together and begin to eventually date each other. When they both turn 18, they will marry each other and have kids, and they will teach their kids an important lesson: Don't let bullies take advantage of you-fight back.