"You'll have fun, I know you will." My mother says to me as I fidget nervously in the passenger seat beside her.

"Yes, I know I will." I tell her only slightly confident in myself, though inside I'm totally freaking out.

We pull into the driveway and my mother and I get out of the car. I slowly follow her into the extension office and are met with Karin, a lady that I knew well due to her help with many of my 4-H projects.

I had just joined 4-H and I knew no one other than two of my fellow homeschool friends that I've known my entire life. I was a foreigner in this new world and Karin definitely helped me figure things out in 4-H to make sure I was following all the rules for entering projects and getting things in on time if the dates were changed suddenly. She was a big help and was so nice.

She smiled. "You'll probably want to park around back. That's where Deanna is."

My mother nods as I remain quiet just beside her. "Alright, we'll pull around there then."

Quickly following her out the door I step off the curb and into the parking lot, slipping a bit and tripping over my own heels.

I gasp in slight surprise, silently and furiously scolding myself for being such a clutz as I get back into the car.

My mother pulls around the backside of the building and there sits a white van. Looking around I also notice on the far side of the parking lot is a little blue car. It was a little beat up but didn't look too bad.

Looking back at the van I notice an old woman standing beside a young man around the back of what is probably her van. He was putting his minimal amount of luggage into the car. I couldn't quite see him since his back was facing me but from what I could tell he had dead straight sandy brown hair that was quite shaggy. It had obviously been awhile since it had been cut. Noticing his small bag of what was probably clothes, my face pales feeling a little stupid for my three bags of luggage that I brought for these five days at 4-H camp.

Totally beating myself up as I get out of the car we're greeted by our extension agent Deanna. I smile and wave to her, my eyes briefly flitting to the boy who I still hadn't got a good look at. He was wearing glasses and was very tall but that was it. His back was now to me as he was walking to the little blue car who I now assumed to be his car.

I keep on my smile for Deanna who was apparently the one driving us to Rock Springs. After we were introduced I went and got my bags out of the car, still feeling quite stupid for bringing so much stuff. She helps me pile my luggage into the back of the van before shutting the back door.

"Looks like Caleb isn't here yet so we have to wait for him. We can go inside and wait there." Deanna tells me as she heads inside.

Just then the boy I had seen moments before returns from his car and smiles at me, now able to see his face. My thoughts automatically thought of him as cute as I took in his features.

Tall, skinny, with rectangular nerdy glasses. He had a sort of big nose as well as a normal amount of acne on his clean shaven face.

He extended his hand and my mother shook it. "Hi, I'm Jason." He introduced and my mother smiled politely.

"My name is Molly and this is my daughter Madison." She tells him, gesturing to me and I nod, smiling and giving a little wave.

"Hi..." I say quietly and shyly. I was also blushing a little as I could feel my face was warm.

He smiled at me sweetly, almost making my face turn bright red.

That's when I realized something that nearly made me freak out and want to scream.

Oh my-...I'm the only girl in this car!?