"1999. Me and my older brother, we are a little peculiar on the inside. We love each other very much but on the contrary, we love everyone as much as we love ourselves too. Yet we like to keep to ourselves as we know a secret yet to be found by society, who knows how. He is a mechanic and I am a kindergarten teacher. We aren't much of the type that draws too much attention and I hope we won't when we go to see the kingdom of peace, who knows when."

"Oh can we dream in this world? No. Not the kind of dreaming that lets you pet dragons, and be friends and chat about life with bumblebees. But my sister, she can dream at times. And so will I, soon. It had been a while though since we talked with our dear friend, bubbly. She is unfortunate to have dreamless friends like us. But that day when my sister was stuck in an awkward dream, a dream where you can forget things easily and have to come back to what is it…oh yes, reality, is when things changed."

"Magic is such a delicate yet powerful thing. Those poor entrapped souls who call prison, their home, and still don't want to be released (or at least try to escape) just frighten me really. Well, there are exceptions too. Like Leonard and Leonarda. I am their sacred guardian angel, hanging literally behind their back so I can guide them into DREAMING or REALIZATION, and the reason I take the risk to show them who they really are, is sort of a miracle. Leonarda saw me in her dream. It was an awkward time really. You see Leonarda, this time, was the kind of girl to fall in love and never again imagine pain ever again. No, it is not a fairy tale dream rather a perfect dream to simply live upon. Her soul mate IS out there, somewhere, and at one moment, they were both casting a thought about each other. That true love must have gotten momentum because I found myself in her consciousness and she saw me! Very slowly I explained who I was, and flew away from the risky field of invisible, sticky honey."

"Oh it was simply a miracle I could feel her, my soul mate, just through my mind. Until the fairy, no, another soul from another galaxy came into my mind and explained to me instructions on attaining power that will let me unleash a race of magicians, magicians of the universe. The souls that even after death find themselves engrossed in beads of sweat soaked in magic. Why was this very captivating and mind moving to me? Because I could join with my true family and have not to worry about these sickly identities these… humans, put on them. But MOST of all, I could touch the hair of my love whose eyes are the color of the fiercest and most substantial universe hidden somewhere in the galaxy. That is how powerful, she felt. So after a couple of years of searching, I found her and her brother, whom I felt as a more fatherly presence than brother. But that moment we OPENED our eyes, all illusions closed."

"This is probably the weirdest case. As the other police officers come in to take the bodies of the poor 20 year olds, I watch, stunned by the true magic. Maybe it is a real good coincidence that they all had heart attacks and died, they said no no, that's too weird maybe a drug is the cause of this ugly mess, let's take a blood test, they said. But I was the only one who noticed the tiny blinking dark purple rock in the corner. I stealthily took it, putting it in a black satchel, telling everyone, "As a crime investigator, I am doing my job, which is used to get weird like this." Laughs. Well, at least they don't suspect what I am going to do. At home that night, I sat near the fire and well…dreamed."

"I shiver down ALL my energy sources/ chakras as I watch the souls of Leonarda, Leonard, and Slivan. SILVAN I yell panicking. Sorry bubbly, I know you told me to use the rock to help poor unfortunate souls, but guess what? It is better if we come up here and you explain us what is REALLY going on he says, as leo and lea's faces just stare blankly at my eyes. Oh do their eyes look lost. So here is what I said to the rather interesting group of warriors. "The magic, and the dreaming, as you know, Is really looking at the universe being the material world. But would I put such magical souls like you three, down, for nothing? Do you really think this is the end of your earthly lives? As their faces go pale from REMEMBERING their true identities and duties, that they sadly forget sometimes by EARTHLY magic, I dial Patrick."

" As these three suckers warm themselves up, trying to remember how they were washed up in the shores of myrtle beach, I sit back and drink my coffee, getting ready to teach them what they should've known when it was a team of three peace-making warriors in this corrupted world, trained from above. Now it's just two. I need some pay to be Patrick again and again, right? I am getting old."

"2999. As I try to pick flowers and catch water for God, bubbly pulls me away into the earthly magic room and puts darkness into my consciousness. I struggle as I try to ask why, but she gives me a look of troublesome worry, looks like it is time for the peace-making warriors and recently, we finally got our freedom to dream truly from any world. But you know what, through all my experience with magic, love seems more attention-seeking on earth than any other magic, especially when Silvan got his identity as… oh yeah "Abe Lincoln" and "Gandhi." Well, here goes another road trip.

"And again and again, and again and again, we make these road trips memorable for everyone, right, sister? I rise from the bed, nodding, but from the look of my face he realizes today, I have dreamed where our missing piece of threesome is."