I wish that I could be a robot,

Make me out of metal or of stone

Make me into a statue

That way when you hurt me,

I don't feel it, I'll never feel alone.

Take this heart made of glass

Mold it and turn into gold,

Silver or something hard

That will last.

I wish I was less than human

So this pain wasn't all


I don't want to miss the friend

who stood beside me

I don't want to remember

the times we shared.

I don't want to feel lost forever

I don't want to be the only one

Who cares.

It wasn't my choice to say good-bye

It wasn't me who broke my heart

Who made rivers pour from my eyes.

I'm still standing where you left me,

Not sure to go right or left,

I feel lost here just waiting,

Hoping and praying I can forget.

My shadow has been ripped from me

Like the heart from my chest.

The one constant in my life

Disappeared, and I couldn't

Even put up a fight.

You chose nothing over me

Do you see?

You chose NOTHING

And here I stand

I wish that I could be a statue

Made of metal or of stone,

Turn my heart hard as rock

So i don't think about you.

So i won't feel every second

I have to breathe here without you.

I wish that I could be a robot,

The Tin man had it pretty good.

I want to be numb,

I don't want to live through what

you have done.

But even if i were a statue,

I'd stand here waiting

For you.