The screeching of my alarm sounds right in my ears and I groan, slowly reaching out and smacking the button with my palm to put it to sleep.

I turn my head slowly, looking at the time.

"5:30...Saturday morning...time for work..." I slowly drag myself out of bed, yawning and stretching my muscles a little. Even though I wished I could go back to sleep I felt perfectly awake which was good.

Swiftly putting on my work shirt and jeans I head out of my room to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and then looking at my horrid looking hair.

I had an afro, but I swiftly fixed that issue with a hairbrush and flatiron, not really bothering to put on makeup.

Once I'm ready for work I head into the living room to finish up some homework and take care of my chores. By 6:30am I headed out of the house and to work.

My name is Nora. I'm 5'6", 118lbs and I have green eyes and short dusty brown hair that's not quite shoulder length. I work two part time jobs, I take classes up at the public school and am mainly homeschooled. I also take twirling lessons in town. I'm a busy girl and don't make time for anything else except family and for my dream to one day be a published writer.