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I watch them from the far corner of the room, feeling so many conflicting emotions at once. I saw them kiss each other's faces and it made me sick to think another man was touching her the way I've always wanted to. Holding her, kissing her, loving her.

I finally got to a point where I could watch no more and I left the room, walking down the hallway with tears in my eyes. Kyle met me in the hall, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. "Oh, hey Gibby. Something wrong?" He asks. "Is Nora okay?"

"She's fine..." I say with a spiteful tone, my mind drifting to the man currently getting his grubby hands all over her.

"Oh...well...I'm going to see her. I'll talk to ya in a few minutes." Kyle says before heading in the direction I had just come.

"Prepare to vomit..." I mutter to myself as I walk to my hospital room, not caring if he heard or not. I sit down on my bed, irritated that the doctor wouldn't let me check out yet. I was fine and I didn't need watching over, especially now that my step father was in prison.

I was angry, confused, and most of all hurt. I thought that there was a chance she could like me. Not anymore...turns our she already has a man in her life.

I clench my fists, trying to force back the tears welling in my eyes but it doesn't help. They flow freely.

"Why...why is life so cruel..." I say to myself out loud.

"I know Gibby..." Kyle's voice is heard from across the room.

I look up at Kyle, tears still streaming down my cheeks. "I thought...I just thought that...someone could love me..." I reach up and wipe my eyes while Kyle just walks over to me, wrapping his arms around me.

"I know Gibby, but the important thing is that she's okay and that she's safe." He tells me with his rarely gentle voice. I nod, resting my chin on his shoulder.

I needed to think positive of all this. Nora was safe now and she was recovering quickly...and...she had someone better suited to protect her, than me.

"You'll be out in a couple days Gibby and we can hang out again." Kyle pulls away and smiles at me. "Maybe we could go get that ice cream you missed out on."

I give him a faint smile. "O-okay..."

3 days later...

"Feeling better Gibster?" Kyle asks me as he meets me at the corner on the way to school.

I shrug. "Yeah, I'm okay."

I was of course lying. My ribs were still broken and hurt like hell. I still had nasty bruises all over my body so it honestly hurt to even move but I was alive nonetheless.

"I invited Jason to come with us today. Is that okay?" Kyle asks and my irritation surfaced.

"Yeah...invite the perfect little sailor boy." I say spitefully.

Kyle sighs. "Look, if we want to stay friends with Nora then we have to make nice with her boyfriend. Besides, Jason is a fun guy. Don't be sore alright." He punches my shoulder lightly, causing me to wince since there was a bruise there actually. I pulled my hood up over my head.

"Yeah...make nice..." Was all I said as I walked to my class.