Blood CHALICE (Executors of sin 1)

THIS IS ONLY THE second be considered very light Shounen ai/bromance :D . RATED T FOR LANGUAGE. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM IS WELCOMED ;) .


The thing that always strikes Canesk about the rich and noble is the extent of their narcissism, their belief that what's wrong is right with money as a buffer to consequence and their ingrown belief that if they have money, they will always have it and it's their god-given right. Bullshit, only a small fraction of the million reasons of why he hates the rich. So on his first day at Henos academy the home of the rich and privileged, he wasn't expecting much else. His expectations were proven correct in the name of Fenist.

This was Canesk's first meeting with Fenist, his arch nemesis and soon closest friend and partner, whom he expects will remain a Fenist-shaped thorn in his side for a while to come or at least until his mission at the academy has come to an end but he has a distinct feeling the thorn may be wedged deeper than he initially thought in his fate.


Prologue (I actually don't know if this counts as a prologue as this happens somewhere later in the story)

Like a scene in a horror story, Fenist ran, feeling stings across his flesh as stray branches signed his body in blood. His heart pounded in his ears as adrenaline coursed through his veins. His eyes strayed to the dark macabre clouds that marred the once cerulean blue sky and casted its ominous shadowy silhouettes on the ground below. It's as if the world itself had distorted itself to reflect and mock the sharp shift in emotions in Fenist's heart as he watched the two figures enter his gaze.

His attention was instantly caught by gold as he stared into the eyes of his friend-turned-adversary as the features of one of the figures in front warped to accommodate a gracefully svelte frame. "Why?!" He screamed "Why did you do it you Bastard?! Was that all just a bullshit act of yours?! Where you just laughing as you watched us dance on the palm of your hand?" He ended silently as his anger gave away to grief. The adrenaline that kept him going for so long eased.

Even the screeching wind that kept blow-blow-blowing stilled in that moment. A pregnant pause passed. Ubiquitous apprehension smothered them tightly, suffocating them in its metaphorical grasp. His breath caught as he stared at being that captured all his attention in that moment. He watched as the last remnants of the illusion were cast aside, leaving sharp yet somehow delicate features, perfectly wrapped in snow-white, almost-translucent skin. The gold crowned by long, thick, feathery lashes straddled a thin aquiline nose sitting above thin pink lips. Silky ebony spilled across his shoulders in bountiful tresses, gifting him an androgynous, ethereal beauty.

"Beautiful", the thought passed Fenist's mind before anything else as he felt a tight pull drawing his very soul. But what caught Fenist's attention above all else was the pulse of power beneath the gold, brutally pounding against it to get free.

"…It wasn't all a lie" he hesitated " sorry" , The new unfamiliar yet melodious voice of his ex-friend spilled out his lips breaking the silence. The last was said so quietly that Fenist strained to listen to it, having to almost lip-read to understand. Holding the chalice- the culprit of the events taking place- in one hand, his ex-friend took the mask handed to his from the other figure, fastening it on his face, concealing his features and breaking Fenist out of his trance.

The other figure, a tall, red-headed man, raised his arm palm-up as threads of gold descended, engulfing the earth below in an eerie golden glow where the treads fell, forming a symbol.

Abruptly, Fenist broke into motion as the both the figures stepped into the symbol.

"Wait!" he yelled, his hand reaching out. His ex-friend turned, his hair curtaining his expression as both the figures disappeared.


The Purplish bruise-colored clouds were speckled across the sky beneath angry red as the morning sun woke from its slumber. The older students of Henos academy set about doing their morning duties of tending to the horses, they were as excited as a predator spotting prey for the new first year's arrival.

"The fuck!" The boy,a first year, judging by the symbol on his uniform, yelled, "Does this shitty horse know what it's chewing. It worth a hundred talis," His brows creased and an angry glare twisted across his face, his fist raised to strike. Canesk noticed the once-clean-now-dirty embroidered handkerchief in the horse's mouth.

"Stop!" Canesk yelled before he could stop himself catching the boy's fist, "Wouldn't do that if I were you mate", he grinned. Might as well enjoy the situation, he does love to watch the undeserving-rich flail.

"And Who the fuck are you?"The kid asked, his gaze shifting from Canesk's hand blocking his, to Canesk's face, his own twisting in anger and going bright red. "Do you know who I am? I'm the Harnevest's only heir." A flash of recognition washed over Canesk's face before his shirt was gripped and he was pulled forward directly below the boys face, so close that he could feel spit rain on his face as the boy, 'the Harnevest's only heir' as he's identified himself, spoke "If you dare get in my way again, I'll make sure you'll be pissing blood for the next week blondie" blondie, what a nickname. Very creative. Show off his amazing observation skills. If this was the kind of first years this academy was getting, Canesk worried about its future. Canesk struggled not to chuckle at his own thoughts, better not escalate the situation; he's got himself into enough trouble as it is. The horse neighed sensing the tension in the air.

"Well I think the 'Harnevest heir' is exactly where he's meant to be. On top off Horse shit." He felt his grin widen and this time he didn't restrain himself, what can he say? He couldn't help himself, probably that drug his master gave him. The boy looked down finally noticing the excrement that clung to his boots.

The kid was seeing red. His outrage at having failed to get his intended reaction from Canesk and at being insulted and of course the horse shit pushed him over the edge. He could hear the horses neighing and whimpering in the distance again, their agitation rapidly increasing as the kid grabbed a horse whip by his side and aimed for Canesk's face. The kid's two friends, freckles and mop head, he would have chuckled at the irony of his own nicknaming ability if the situation wasn't so out of control, started to surround him.

"Oi! What're ya brats doin' over there?" the Stable master called just in time for the boy to stop the whip before it landed on Canesk's face.

"You got of lucky this time blondie, don't expect someone to come and save you next time." the boy snarled into Canesk's face before letting go, sending Canesk staggering back. His friends followed him out as he exited the stable.

Canesk groaned; him and his big mouth. Now that the initial adrenaline has worn off he began to regret his actions. He was supposed to keep a low profile; he's not the only infiltrator here. If he were in his usual state of mind, something like this would have never happened. Yup. Definitely the drug.

Quite a few of the first years, even more than there were when he looked beforehand, were sneaking peeks at him, where as others were outright staring at having seen the argument. Even a few second years seemed interested, some gazing at him curiously giving him a once-over, where as others were evaluating him more closely. "So much for not catching too much attention", He sighed, "who said he was the undercover agent sort anyway?"

"Heh! You stood up to that prick. Good on you, mate." a gangly looking ginger haired boy patted him on the back. "The name's Sten Heathens, 1st year. you?"

Canesk liked his lips, "Yuan. Just yuan. 1st year"

"What? Ain't got a last name?" Sten asked. He looked mildly amused.

"Nah m'an orphan from Henos' ale yard" He replied sticking to the cover story. Sten's eyebrows visibly rose a meter or two.

"Wow mate, not to sound offending an' all, but, how did you get in 'ere?" he asked "This place is more the rich's playground than a place for education. Full of pompous snobs but I bet you already figured that out", he grinned and gave a wink at the last statement.

"So are you one of those snobs too?" he asked smirking good naturedly.

Sten laughed, "Yeah mate, I am I guess. Son of a merchant, new money." he elaborated.

"Anyways, one of the professors here, professor Katen, recognized my magic talent when I tried to knick his purse and offered to give me a full scholarship" Canesk explained. He didn't talk about how they set the poor old man up for this to happen.

Sten let out a whistle. "Set out to grab a few talis but end up in one of the most renowned universities in the world. You're one lucky kid yuan", he patted Canesk's shoulder, his grin widening "I like you Yuan you're honest and straightforward unlike some people here who like to play around the topic so much that I might go bald from frustration. Plus an enemy of Fenist is a friend of mine"

Canesk noticed the first years starting to gather at the entrance of the stables.

"Why? Did something happen between you and him? I think you already know why I don't like him."Canesk asked curious.

"'s not that he's that much of a bad guy or anything," he shrugged "he just likes to shoot his gob. We used to be mates when we were younger. Played together when our parents 'ad some business. he was a nice enough kid then but 'is parents cut off business with my mine so we didn't see each other much after that and the next time I saw him, his personality had done a roundabout. He was just a complete ass and bloody moody" He explained "Speaking of asses, we're gonna get ours kicked if we don't get over there now" he said heading to where the first years have gathered just outside the entrance of the stable. Canesk started to follow him when he noticed a dirty handkerchief on the floor. Fenist's. He grabbed it before heading off.

They reached the crowd just in time for the bell to ring announcing the beginning of the announcement. An old man stepped forward, he was quite short with a bit of a hunch and his face was a spider web of wrinkles. His beard reached to his chest. Contrary to his appearance, which might be that of a frail old man, his presence was overpowering capturing the attention of all around him. The first years waited silently for what he had to say, not even a whisper breaking loose. Canesk noticed Fenist and his friend at the upper right corner of the crowd trapped in the same state of almost-apprehensive silence.

"WELCOME FIRST YEARS!" His strong voice boomed "You are gathered here today to begin the greatest journey of your mortal lives. You may laugh when you hear this but the next three years of your lives will be some of your hardest. From today onwards, you are no longer boys but men. Men who will have to fight to find your place here as have many others before you. You will be taught to defend yourself as well as your district. Some of you here may even make a legend of yourselves same as the great hero, Saiyun ,who stood here, outside this very stable many years before, when the academy had just opened. This is no place for the weak and those who are considered weak will swiftly be expelled. Today you are equal no matter your family or origin. Here you are what you make yourselves. I won't offer you luck because if you rely on it, you don't deserve to be here." he finished then walked back to a row of people further back. The students were shrouded in stony silence confused at what to do. Canesk felt his arms lift and begin to clap, other followed suit as the applause became thunderous. Once the clapping finished, another man stepped forward. This one was taller and younger with less wrinkles and black hair peeking beneath gray and wore rounded glasses. He also looked kinder, as Canesk noticed the smile lines on his cheeks and the crinkles of his eyes.

"Thank you Principle Nerveen for that empowering speech and just like him, I would like to welcome you all to Henos Academy."he smiled " My name is Professor Hargreaves. I know that many of you are unfamiliar with Henos itself and have never ventured from home but this school trains the soldiers ,scholars, politicians and of course magicians from all the districts. This school provides you with opportunities you won't have anywhere else so I advise you not to waste them. If you have any problems, you should come to me as I'm the head of 1st years but for now, I assume you'll all want to go to the dorms to settle your selves in so please follow me shortly. Also, any further gatherings will be held in the school auditorium." He said as he went to the west side of the compound where the first year dorms are located.

"Hey, wanna meet out here after finding out who you're rooming with?" Sten asked, nudging Canesk with his elbow

"What?! We're rooming with some one?" He didn't know this! Why didn't his master tell him?

"Well duh," he gave Canesk a look "We're only 1st years mate. Only third years get their own rooms and that's cause by that time only a fraction of them remain of from when they were first years" That part he knew. They weeded out the weakest through the end of term challenges.

"Sure ,"Canesk agreed "we'll meet here. I just hope I don't get Fenist"

"Luck to ya mate" Sten gave him a friendly punch to the arm.

The first year building was simple; build for purpose rather than decoration. It stood relatively tall at two stories high and quite high with a small well-kept garden in front.

Professor Hargreaves was giving out the key to the rooms. Canesk went up to receive his key. Room 116. Right, time to go see the roomie.

Canesk's room was on the second floor to the far right of the building. As he walked across the corridor he noticed the door to his room was slightly open. It seems his roommate has already arrived. Yay.

"How dare they give me 'the Harnevest heir' such a shitty room!" someone screeched from inside. No no no please lord no. Fenist turned around. "No… please tell me this can't be happening! Why do I have to share a room with this shit head?!"

'My Sentiments exactly buddy' thought Canesk.

"Hey," He greeted, closing the door behind him to prevent another spectacle. "Look, I know we had a bad start but…" he didn't get to finish as a fist came flying his way. He let it hit hoping that it'll make them even. He felt his jaw sting and lip split. Unfortunately for him, this did not appease Fenist.

"You better listen to me blondie, if you get in my way again, It won't end with just a punch" he said before turning around and stalking out of the room.

That went well.

Canesk felt his aching jaw and the trail of blood oozing from his lip. "I should probably do something about this." He thought, wiping the blood off. "At least I can use the illusion spell so that the bruise won't stand out too much". He didn't have anything to unpack so he decided to pay a visit to his sponsor, professor Katen.

After finally finding Professor Katen, who gave him some money for expenses like food and cloth provided he show him the receipts of his purchases, he was still considered a street-rat after all, he then went to meet Sten near the stables. Sten found out his roommate was freckles a.k.a Anir Fernadez, Fenist's groupie, who Sten says isn't too bad and after getting lectured about fighting back and an offer to beat up Fenist in his place, Canesk returned to his room.

Fenist still hadn't returned and most of his things were still unpacked. Canesk remembered the handkerchief he picked up, he took it out of his pocket. He went to the bathroom and washed it underneath the tap. One of the good things about the rich establishments is the running water, he grinned to himself. Now that it was a bit cleaner, he could see the embroidery much more clearly. It was fine and delicate, and quite feminine with light pink roses, something he wouldn't normally associate with Fenist. As he looked it over, he noticed writing carefully embroidered in small print on it.

A part of myself for my treasure so you'll never be alone


"Maybe Fenist's anger wasn't quite so unfounded after all."he thought. He himself would be pretty pissed if something important to him was damaged. He let a small trail of his magic, thin as spider silk; latch itself onto the fabric giving it a slight glow. It slowly separated the dirt from the silk. "Right. Good as new. A perfect peace offering." he tried to convince himself that he did that for the peace of his mission not because he's going soft. "Oh Wait". He noticed a small tear. He pondered fixing it with magic but decided against it. It would take too much magic so would be detected. Separating things is a much simpler form of magic. He sighed "I'll fix that tomorrow, the good old fashion way" .Yawning, he began to unlace his combat boots, sitting on the unused bed opposite to the one Fenist claimed. "Time for some shut eye"