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Kiyan's eyes snapped open at her voice, face taking on a harsh shade of red as he spun around to glare at her. Angel smugly smirked at him, looking quite pleased for interrupting their time. No surprise there since she had the bad habit of popping out at the right places at the wrong times. The ice user shot her a harsher glare and she raised a brow at him as if to say 'What?' which she voiced out the next second.

"What? Not my fault I stopped you from kissing someone you can't recognize." She scolded, hands on her hips. Kiyan frowned at her point and brushed it aside.

"You still have a fucking terrible habit of popping in and out of thin air." He countered coolly, to which the girl snorted at, childishly rolling her eyes.

"My point stands."

It was this time that he realized that the warmth was gone. He stopped a disappointed frown from etching on his face. He didn't even get the man's name. A slight chill accompanied by a sense of loneliness washed over him for a brief second and he involuntarily shivered before his icy blue eyes landed on Angel. It was partly her fault that now, there was a dull, painful throbbing in his chest and yet, she only smirked at him like she had won the lottery or something. She was so smug about it that it pissed the hell out of him.

"... Fuck you Angel." He half snarled and the girl glared back, sticking out her tongue and blowing a raspberry at him. Kiyan's brow twitched in annoyance. What was she? Six?

"You'd never touch me dork!" She challenged, playfully swinging a fist right under his nose like some deranged lunatic. Kiyan narrowed his eyes.

'Women are damn... fucking annoying.' He grumbled mentally to himself, trying to keep his expression neutral as Angel danced around him, jabbing at his shoulders with closed fists. Each punch was getting harder and more painful. She probably sensed that she was getting on his nerves because she smirked wildly and pulled her arm back, fist clenched tightly, and launched it at him with so much force that her attack almost seemed unreal.

Giving her his coldest glare, he dodged her last punch and backed up a bit, shifting his weight on his left leg, his right knee flying for her face. Angel simply grinned brightly at this and grabbed his foot, pulling him forward and causing him to lose balance. The ice user's eyes widened and a surprised squeak came out of his mouth as he bit the ground. He could hear her cheer happily from somewhere above him, and he peeled his face from the ground. Kiyan groaned and pouted at her, a bit hurt that despite all his training, Angel could still beat him without batting an eyelash. She laughed heartily at this and extended her hand.

"You're years from beating me, mate." She chirped, pulling him up with a grin, which he returned with a snort.

Kiyan glared at her smiling face a little more before his expression cracked a smile. He. could never really stay mad at her for long. Angel, or The Chaos Angel as her code was written, was one of Kiyan's first friends in the institute, along with her twin brother, Damon. She and her brother had disappeared from the institute a few years ago. The ice user actually thought that they had died at some point, but the two kept on visiting his mind, proof that they are alive. That and he knew that a year ago, Angel's hair was very long and she had decided to cut it. However, he doesn't have the slightest idea where the two of them are now.

'They... escaped somehow... I wonder how they survived heat tolerance...' He thought bitterly as his body shivered at the ghost pain brought on by those scorching flames. Eyeing the silver haired girl who had taken an interest in one of the floating white bubbles, Kiyan sighed and shook his head, distracting himself from his thoughts. He had tried asking her on plenty of occasions but she either brushed it aside, or completely ignored the question.

"Hey Angel... How did you and Damon sur-"

"Kiyan! Look!" She said, pointing somewhere above them. She excitedly bounced on her feet, eyes sparkling like a little girl, which she is from this point of view. After all, Angel was only sixteen years of age, but heck'uva lot small for her age; With the mannerisms and attitude of a six year old... at times. She did love cutting people off when they're talking.

'Like now...' Kiyan thought. Frowning to himself, the ice user reluctantly looked up, eyes widening at the sight.

The large moon stood out against the black sky, twinkling stars glittering the background like a thousand of fireflies in May. Around them, color began to softly trickle into the bubbles, making it glow with gentle, pulsing light. Kiyan's eyes followed a silvery white bubble as it gracefully floated close to his face, like a fairy dancing to some unheard music. He could faintly make out his reflection when a single snowflake fluttered on the smooth surface. It was as if there was a soft ting as frost gracefully bloomed on the ball of light. Kiyan gingerly touched the floating orb, feeling it hum softly as it pulsed on his fingertips, almost feeling at peace, like he could rest assured despite knowing that he's surrounded by danger. He closed his eyes, listening to the soft tha-dump tha-dumpthat resonated from the pulsing orb, listening to it beat in time with his heart. He cradled it lovingly in his palms, feeling the delicate ribbons of energy curl outward in a soothing manner. Right now, it was just him and his orb, his pulsing energy, his power, his ice, his light, his heart. Ever so slowly, his energy spread, like paint dropped in water, illuminating the aura of his surroundings. His eyes remained closed while a gentle breeze caressed his face. He could see Angel glowing with multicolored light; a magnificent halo of sparks, the wisps of energy curling beautifully around her form. A small tendril of light reached out hesitantly at her direction, wanting to curl its silvery blue tendril around the stronger source. He felt it too; the strong tug that made him want to just curl that energy around himself; to blend with it; to posses it.

"Kiyan! Stop it!"


The pretty tendril suddenly stiffened, snapped back around and smacked Kiyan on the chest, sending him out of his meditative state, literally crashing him against one of the tents. He felt disoriented for a moment before the wood cracked under his weight and the entire tent collapsed on top of him, slamming a metal beam down his gut.


A sharp gasp and a nonsensical sound was pulled out of his throat. He tried to regain his breathing, but there was a sharp throbbing just below his ribs. Had he broken a rib or something? Hopefully not. His vision was spotted with black and tears were pricking at the corners of his eyes. He knew better than to move though; moving would cause him more pain. Even an idiot knew that.

'Shit... It hurts like hell damnnit...'

The soft thud of Angel's footsteps rushing to him grew louder to his stuffed ears until he could feel the weight on his stomach being gently removed.

Blinking blinking the tears out of his eyes, he saw an azure-whitish tendril hovering above him, the metal beam in its grasp. Lolling his head to the side, he could make out Angel's worried face. A bright, multicolored orb of energy floated to her right, pulsing gently in time with her own heartbeat. Her hand was stretched towards him and there was a half-amused, half-worried expression on her face. With a groan, he took her hand and she pulled him up, not in the gentle way, mind you. She practically hauled him up as if she were hauling up a heavy, inanimate object.

'Which is why she could never be a nurse. Heartless bitch.' He thought with a glare, feeling far from grateful thanks to her rough treatment.

"Next time, please do listen to me whenever you're going to try stuff like that." She scolded gently, despite her gruff treatment. The silverette crossed her arms over her ample chest and eyed Kiyan's injury, which he was nursing with a wince. "Go ahead and heal yourself."

He glared at her disdainfully. Though healing was a basic technique she taught him, it required a lot of patience and of course, energy. He was already injured and he cracked his rib and yet, she wants him to heal himself? That was just mean.

"Why can't you do it for me?" He half whined, half grumbled. The smaller girl rolled her eyes.

"Because I wasn't the dumb idiot who used such volatile energy to approach a stronger source." Angel deadpanned. Kiyan made an annoyed face and then scowled at her.

"Fucking redundant bitch..." He grumbled before touching his cracked rib with a wince. Taking a deep breath, he willed his energy to curl forth, to heal him. Once again, it was just him and his energy. He felt the volatile power pulse in painfully controlled soft tones and he willed it out. A soft, silvery blue light pulsed from within, traveled down his arm and wrapped around his hand and he pressed it against the throbbing spot. Biting his lip, he allowed his energy to trickle out in small amounts, causing frost to bloom on his skin. He could feel the crack getting filled out, mending slowly. A bead of sweat dripped down his forehead as he retained the steady trickle of healing energy. It was draining. His energy wanted to burst out, to freeze and blind everything, not heal wounds. It was willful and it almost refused to be tamed. To the male silverette, it felt like forever before the crack had disappeared completely and Kiyan collapsed on his knees in exhaustion. Angel only smiled and patted his back, as if praising a dog that had rolled over for her.

"Healing oneself is a lot harder than healing others." She said, kneeling in front of him and lifting up his shirt to reveal his frost covered torso. Kiyan didn't have the strength to complain or spite her, much less fight her off so he just let her do as she pleased. The more experienced elementalist traced the frozen patterns on his skin. "Imagine your energy as a strong magnet that is attracted to itself. Forcing it to trickle out gently to heal yourself is like squeezing maple syrup through a small, one millimeter hole, Wherein healing others is as easy as squeezing the syrup through a two inch hole with an airhole at the top." She explained softly, pressing her palm against his chest.

He only blinked tiredly at her in confusion before her usually bright azure eyes became fringed with chaotic purple. Her body glowed and hummed with the same chaotic glow before it grew brighter. The glow concentrated, and rushed down her arm and into his body. There was a sudden jolt of a hundred pounds of energy and a gasp was ripped from his throat.

"Energy being passed on to you by another is like charging a cellphone battery..." She grinned and pulled her hand away, eyes turning back to the bright azure. Kiyan winced and immediately turned around, throwing up bile.

"F-Fuck... was that... for?" He gasped out after emptying his already empty stomach. Angel shrugged and stood up, offering him her hand. He was ready.

Angel studied her protégé with critical eyes. Kiyan is strong, physically, but emotionally, he's unstable. Mentally? It's hard to understand why he suddenly turns homicidal in a fight. It was as if he had a switch or a split personality that takes over his brain. The mere thought of losing him to his energy was unbearable. Only weak Elementalists couldn't handle that kind of energy. The girl sighed, trying not to think negative. Kiyan was ready. He had unlocked second origin and with a little more practice, would unlock the third. He's got a lot going for him... He should be ready. He grabbed her hand and she pulled him up.

"Use your second origin. We'll do another practice session with that then let's spar with it, rest, and then train with your ice." She said. Angel looked pretty serious by now and Kiyan knew that he had zero chance of escaping her decision.

'Behind that angelic face, name and charming personality is a fucking demon...' He thought, observing her as she sauntered off, putting some distance between them. The multicolored orb hovered around her, almost like it had a mind of its own. Kiyan winced.

"Concentrate." She commanded without as much as turning to look at him. He winced again and closed his eyes.

The second origin of all Elementalists is the energy. Using raw energy would kill a normal human but Elementalists have the ability to harness it. Such fragile power is dangerous and could kill one if used wrong. Many overlook this fact and disregard the dangers, and even more have little to no knowledge of it, like the scientists.

'Ignorance is a bliss... If only they knew that we could kill them all with one blast... Fucking kill them all like the insects they are... Get them to beg for mercy like-'

"Three o'clock!" His eyes snapped open and he barely missed the truck sized ball of kaleidoscopic energy barreling towards him. He jumped back, feeling the air whip against his skin from the force as it crashed into one of the tents behind him.

"Are you trying to fucking kill me with tha-"


He bit the dirt when a multicolored tendril shot up the ground and swatted at him, like a fly to a swatter, sending him crashing down on the dirt. He could hear Angel's unimpressed snort in the background before the tendril picked him up again, wrapping around his body like a snake and squeezing the life out of him. He gasped and struggled, feeling himself get crushed.

"Energy is dangerous; it is volatile and wouldn't hesitate to destroy its enemies." She lectured, watching him struggle with a small frown. "You have to fight back or get killed."

"A-Ang-... c-c-can't... b-bh... breathe... !" He wheezed out, mouth gaping open as he struggled for sweet oxygen.

"Concentrate, you ninny!" Angel all but barked heartlessly, and the tendril tightened its grasp. She would not kill him, but Kiyan doesn't know that.

The air was being squeezed out of him and he couldn't move anymore. Pain shot up from his ribs. He needed to concentrate. Gritting his teeth, he ignored the pain and tugged inside of him for the familiar chilling energy in his chest. The reaction was immediate; Frost bloomed on his skin and ice shot out. The tendril around him was getting weaker and weaker until there was a slight pop and he was released to the ground. A silvery orb fluttered around him, pulsing gently, as if it was communicating, asking him if he was okay.

'Fucking hell...' He thought before glaring up. "Are you trying to fucking kill-"

"Keep your guard up!" Kiyan barely had the time to finish his sentence when a kaleidoscopic scythe swung for his face. Yelping a bit, he backed up, ducking when it took another swipe for his head. He continued to dodge her advances, barely missing the blade by mere inches until his foot caught on a rock and he stumbled back, the scythe following down on his face. He winced and braced himself when the weapon embedded itself beside his head and a foot crashed on his chest. He gasped as the air was once again ripped out of his lungs. Through teary eyes, he could see how her towering figure loomed above him triumphantly, and he could smell the sweet fruity scent that wafted from her; the sweet scent turned malicious with the way her lips were pulled up. Her devilish smirk complemented her glowing chaotic purple eyes and she leaned in until her silver colored hair tickled the side of his face.

"Don't forget, energy is energy, but one has the ability to shape it-" She lovingly caressed the handle of her scythe before fixing her eyes back at him, a shining katana in her hands. " -into any weapon." Kiyan narrowed his eyes at her.

"How much time are you going to give me to create a weapon?" He questioned, to which she shrugged at and raised her blade.

"How about..." A maniac grin flashed on her face. "Oops! Time's up!" She chirped and swung.

'Oh shit!' Kiyan gasped and brought his arms up to cover his face.

There was a flash of light and a dull push against his muscles; A spark and a yelp, followed by the dull thud of a body. He hesitantly opened one eye to peek at what happened before he blinked.

"The fuck?!" He gasped out. A silvery dome hovered above him, and protected him from Angel's attack it seems. The dome began to shimmer and disappear, turning transparent until it was gone.

'Dome... I made a dome... I made a fucking dome in a second... Fucking hell...' He thought, staring at the place where the dome once was, a bit entranced. He was completely unaware of his opponent dusting herself off, an excited glimmer in her eyes and a dangerous smirk on her lips. She twirled her scythe once as it reshaped and reformed before yelling at her lovely protégé that she was about to kill him.

"Game on!"

"The fuck?! Are you trying to kill me?!" He yelled when Angel charged at him with twin katanas, the kaleidoscopic blades swinging mere inches from his face. The girl erupted into giggles as she continued hacking at him, forcing him to dance away from her blades. Just as he managed to distance himself from her, she dashed forward and leapt in the air, and threw a knife at him, grazing his cheek, before kicking him in the chest, sending him rolling on the ground, and literally biting the dust.

"Speed up if you don't want to make a weapon." She chirped, flicking the the knife up. "Or at least attack with the orb... or a tendril."

'I just fucking unlocked my second origin! How does she fucking expect me to create a fucking weapon?!' He mentally complained. Kiyan was exhausted already. The dome he created was starting to take a toll on him. His limbs were shaking and his eyes felt heavy. 'I want to sleep, you fucking bitch. Talk about overworking the friggin' injured!'

Angel made a disappointed clicking sound at the back of her throat as she approached, idly swinging her blades. The bright azure began to return to her eyes, but the chaotic purple still fringed her irises.

"Don't tell me you've reached your limit." She began, getting closer and closer with every word. Kiyan crawled back, feeling his skin sting from the sheer emotion in her energy aura. Angel pursed her lips.

"I know you could give me more; you're one of the strongest Elementalists in the institute." The air around her had turned dark and menacing, and something at the back of Kiyan's mind was clawing at him.

'She's... really going to kill me...'

"Kiyan, this is only practice. Out there, the guards won't hesitate to kill you. Not all of them will buy you time." She came closer, dragging her blade on the ground. A bead of sweat trickled down Kiyan's face.

"Everything must be timed perfectly to survive; every stroke, every step, every calculation, every surprise..." Angel raised her blade, and for a mere moment, he saw Angel's hair glow up like a halo. He would've said she looked like an Angel if her smile wasn't so malicious.

Something whined excitedly at the back of his mind, confusing him a bit. It made him feel uneasy and... hungry?

Kiyan's blue eyes trailed up blankly to meet Angel's.

"And every attack... Must be perfect."



The sharp blade went for his neck, but Kiyan only grinned. It was only mere inches from his neck when a wave of energy shot out, knocking Angel airborne before she crashed on the ground. Her twin katanas fizzed before evaporating. She was a bit disoriented as she tried to get up, but that was when Kiyan's laughter rang out. It was a laughter full of malice; the laugh of a person who lost his mind. Angel sighed and shook her head. Maybe he wasn't that ready yet...

"You friggin' idiot. You control your energy, not let it control you." She grumbled.

"GYAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HYAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" His insane laughter rang out loud and clear and seemingly in place. The once serene, ethereal carnival was now a mess of dilapidated tents, debris and stripped cloth. Angel shakily stood up, clearing the ringing from her ears. Though she controlled energy, Kiyan blasting her with ice took her not only caught her off guard, but also froze her blood.

"Angel! Think fast, you bitch!" The female silverette immediately jumped back as a blur of white, silver and blue launched at her. It took a few seconds for her to understand what he said and she growled. The younger girl activated her weapon. Just in time too. Kiyan's weapon swung for her face and she barely managed to block it with her scythe. They were close and she could see that her protégé had his usual ice blue eyes traded for a bright neon blue color mixed in with lots of silver. She glared at him, her own eyes turning a chaotic shade of purple.

"Bitch? Do I look like a dog to you?" She growled before glaring at his weapon, momentarily stunned. She pushed him away and idiotically pointed at the glowing rod in his hands. Obviously, his choice of weapon either amused her, irritated her or possibly both.

"... Is that a light saber? Seriously? Have you been watching Star Wars or something?" She grumbled, to which Kiyan replied with a growl and a slash from his.. saber, Angel blocking it with her scythe. She glared harshly at him, looking at him straight in the eyes as he growled angrily, pushing against her.

"Bitch please..." He spat and unlocked his saber from her blade before he began to repeatedly hack and jab at her. Angel blocked most of his attacks and dodged the rest. Not once did he manage to land a hit, that is until she put some distance between them and her scythe dissolved. The small girl stood her ground, feet firmly planted apart, eyes closed in concentration.

From this view, it had looked as if she was tired, or at least had given up. But it was obviously not the case. Angel was feeling Kiyan, testing his standing, his power levels, his mental stability. How far had he gone? Was he too drunk in his own power? It was possible, but he got drunk so fast it was alarming. Maybe because it had something to do with her interrupting his kissy scene rather than the fact that he's a homicidal maniac. But that does not change one fact;

Kiyan had given in to his second origin. She furrowed her brows. This power was addicting. Maybe she rushed him to fast. His insane laughter was getting alarmingly close. She breathed in, focusing on her core. She could feel him getting closer and closer until he was just an arm's length away. Her chaotic eyes snapped open and she leapt up. Her hands curled together and a small ball of bright azure light formed on her palms. Just as Kiyan turned around, she launched the orb at his chest, causing him to gasp and reel back, only to reel forward when the orb went through him from the back. Angel absorbed the orb and sighed, walking over to her fallen protégé and kneeling beside him.

"Rule one: Never ever get energy drunk." She said, rolling him on his back.

Angel checked his pulse. Was it beating? Yep. She checked his breathing. Could he breathe properly? Yep. The Elementalist sighed. She would've gotten in a lot of trouble if Kiyan died under her tutelage. Damon always said she was going to kill someone with her teaching methods one day.

"Let's hope you don't wake up to reality just yet..."

The faint sound of beeping reached Kiyan's ears. It was annoying and he groaned, hoping to shut whatever the hell it was up. He wanted to sleep and never wake up... well... he was hungry but that's beside the point. He wanted to rest.

"That's the third time you went on a flat line, Silverlight." Silk. He heard the person sigh tiredly. "Let's hope that would be the last."

He heard the person shuffle away and he forced himself to open his eyes. The sight that met him, was that of a white ceiling. Kiyan huffed, far from amused.

'Fan-fucking-tastic! They've been experimenting on my while I was asleep... Again! Fucktards...' He growled mentally, pretty much annoyed. Pulling himself up to a sitting position, Kiyan noticed that he was sitting on another body. The other body being his.

"Bloody fucking hell! What the..." He stared at his physical body, the one lying on the bed, the one he was sitting on. He looked dead. Wonderful.

"... Fuck...? What the actual fuck?" He mumbled out, feeling confused and a tad bit scared. His body wore a gray shirt that was a size too big and a furry blue blanket covered his body. There were tubes attached to his arm and he didn't need to look at the IV bags to know that they contained nutrients. An oxygen mask was on his face and he looked... so fragile.

He must be staring (at his own body). Wait, no, he must be dead. Yeah, that's it! Dead or in a coma... That's not very assuring either. What if he really was dead? Awesome! Wait, he can't leave Eira! She'd die! And he still hasn't kissed anybody yet! 'The fuck?! Kiyan, stop those fucking thoughts! What are you, some desperate whore?! It' not even funny!' His thoughts were far from pleased.

It annoyed the hell out of him.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

'Fuck that heart monitor!' He thought in annoyance, glaring at the damned thing as it showed his increasing heart rate. Yes, he was getting agitated, but who wouldn't be? Seriously?!

A soft sigh told Kiyan he wasn't alone in the room. He glanced around, eyes cold and menacing. The medical equipment and the stuff, being a laptop, books and an IPod attached to a small speaker, registered in Kiyan's mind. But what really caught his attention was the mop of buttery blond hair that rested on the desk. Kiyan gulped and gently pushed himself off the bed.

Something... was pulling at him. He padded across the cold tile floor, surprised that the cold actually stung his feet. Soft music wafted from the speaker and he immediately recognized the song. He gulped, heart hammering wildly in his chest, the heart monitor beeping like there was no tomorrow.

The blond man was fast asleep, completely oblivious to the curious Elementalist hovering near him. Kiyan neared, fingers reaching for the soft, buttery strands but pulled his hand back. His lips were trembling a bit and his hands were shaking in what seemed like anticipation. Something felt... strange, and he knew it.

Because everything works, love

His pulse was racing again, and he knew he had been standing there too long. The song was coming to an end. Slowly, Kiyan reached out, fingers trembling.

Everything works

His hair was soft, the gentle waves tickled his fingers and palm. Kiyan just stood there silently, blinking at the sensations going crazy. The mystery man moaned in his sleep and the ice user blushed frantically, pulling his hand away as if he had been burned.

In your arms

Golden eyes flicked open and Kiyan caught his breath, completely mesmerized. Those grand colored eyes flicked in his direction and all of a sudden, he couldn't move, couldn't breathe and his head bounded like mad. The silverette whimpered and shut his eyes, collapsing on the floor as the pounding in his head continued. It felt like he was being torn apart, like there was a missing piece of him. He must've met this person. He must've! Panic rose in his chest as the pain continued on.

'Ouch... W-what... Fuck it! Gaahhh... How?' Thoughts were becoming blurry as tears streamed down his cheeks. He was so confused, and the headache wasn't helping either. Kiyan whimpered once more just as a large man in a grimy lab coat barged in.

"Ashwood! I've had enough of this waiting for Silverlight to recover nonsense! You've cooped him up here for two and a half weeks!" The man's loud voice momentarily snapped Kiyan from his inward battle. He tentatively peeked up, quite surprised when the blond scientist walked through him to face the taller, ugly scientist.

"Lox, this is getting tiring. I've told you once, and I'll tell you again." His voice was full of authority. The way his golden eyes narrowed sent shivers down the silverette's spine. "Silverlight, despite being an elementalist, is still human, and thus needs time to recuperate like normal humans."

The venom in his voice was tangible and Kiyan, for the first time in ten years, felt his heart do a little leap of hope. His vision was getting dizzier and dizzier.

'He actually... sees me as... human?' Kiyan shakily stood up, their rising argument nothing more than jumbled noise in his ears. His two steps were shaky, but he managed to approach the bigger bloke. Just in time too.

It all happened too fast.

A knife was pulled out, Kiyan's switch was flipped.

The ice user snarled and charged the man, completely unaware of the surprised golden eyes behind him as he momentarily became visible. He grabbed the weapon and wrenched it out of the man's hand, fist flying out to connect with jaw. There was a sickening crack as the man keeled over, jaw broken and consciousness quickly fading.

The ice user panted roughly, eyes closed as his head began to pound again. He could hear his name being called, but he was too tired to move, to even open his eyes. He felt like he was dissolving in the cold as warm arms tried to catch him from his fall. It all felt too good.

Too unreal.

'Maybe... I'm still in Dreamscape.'


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