My heart is pounding in my chest, body shaking with anticipation as I crouch down in the corner. My surroundings consist of Chinese architecture, a small area of walls with no roof, zigzagging out to reveal the entrance to a greenhouse and then an area that leads beneath the big house in the middle of the surrounding area.

I aim down the iron sights of my gun, waiting, listening and watching.

I hear footsteps and I tense, readying myself but then those footsteps stop. I do see that none of my teammates are nearby so I still wait, then suddenly the gunfire takes me by surprise but I'm much faster and I shoot him down. Almost immediately after another one of the enemy jumps out at me and attempts to use a shotgun but I move to the side, out of my little corner, the bullet just grazing my arm. My machine gun known as the Ripper was much faster and took him out with ease.

The screen lighting darkens a little bit and it shows that our team won. I smile and set down my controller, taking off my headphones as I look at my score. I was above all of my teammates in score.