When Jason arrived I was waiting outside for him to make sure he came to the right place. He got out of the car and I walked up and hugged him tightly.

After getting inside we played several rounds of Call of Duty. One of which I won against Jason, he won the rest sadly enough.

While I was playing against my brother Jason managed to sneak my phone and took a selfie with it.

I looked back at him and saw him with it. "Hey! Give me that!"

He laughed quietly as I snatched it out of his hands.

After awhile I took Jason outside to see the chickens and the property. We walked all the way to the end of our property eventually and once we were out of sight of the house Jason took my hand. That's when my brother headed down the lane in our golfcart telling us we needed to get back to the house. Therefore we did with my brother riding back to the house but once we had seen him coming we stopped holding hands.

We were almost to the house now and Jason jumps onto the back of the golfcart as my brother is driving.

"Get off of there!" I shout to him. He then falls right off, rolling in the grass.

I sigh and run over to him. "Please tell me you're okay." I say, looking at him worriedly but still scoldingly.

He grunts. "Yeah, I'm alright."

"I told you not to do that you know." I tell him, crossing my arms as he gets to his feet.

He nods. "Yeah I know, but I couldn't help it."

I let it go, smiling at him amusedly. We head back inside, me being thoroughly scolded by my mother for taking him a showing him the property without someone as a "chaperone". I was then told that we needed to go out to my grandmas to get hamburger buns for dinner since we were out.

I therefore drug both Jason and my brother out since I was forced to take him anyway. We get in the little golfcart and head on our way. I smile, Jason resting his arm on the back of the seat, his hand on my shoulder, rubbing it a little. I glanced at him briefly, a little surprised but my brother wasn't noticing. Unfortunately for us though the golf cart runs out of gas.

"No no no no!" I says as we come to a stop.

How embarrassing! How could I have been so stupid as to not check for gas!

I mentally scold myself and we get off the golfcart and push it into the ditch so it isn't in the way. I think about it for a moment.

Might as well kill two birds with one stone. Get gas and hamburger buns from grandmas.

As we walk to grandmas I start to realize that it would probably have been quicker to just walk back to my house and get gas first but it was too late now.

On the way my brother tries to convince Jason to give him a piggy back ride. I told him no and Jason agreed and then I started to amusedly think to myself.

What if Jason gave me a piggy back ride? Wouldn't that be a sight?

I almost laugh but I decide to hold it back and just smile big at the thought. We finally make it to my grandmas house and explain all that's happened.

She tells us there's gas can in the shed and that we can take her van back to the golf cart while my brother stays there.

Jason and I head out to the shed and get the gas can before going to the garage and getting in the car. I don't even bother with the seatbelt since where we're going is only like a minute away.

When we get there I fill up the gas tank before setting the can back in the van.

"You drive the van and I'll drive the golfcart?" I ask him, not really feeling comfortable pulling my grandmas van into her tight garage. Jason had more driving experience than I did, and at least if he broke a mirror off no one would take the heat for it.

He agreed to drive the van and I started to walk back to the golfcart and then hesitated. I turned around and called to him.

"Hey!" I started to walk back towards him and as soon as I was close enough I grabbed him and kissed him.

He was clearly surprised and when I pulled away he was blushing. "That was unexpected."

I smiled big before taking a few steps backwards. "I had to."

With that we parted ways and when we got back to the house my brother and grandma were waiting for us. I returned the gas can to the shed and we were making our way back out to the golf cart with the hamburger buns. I got close to Jason and whispered, "You're still blushing..."

"Am not..." He says shyly and I giggle a little.

When we get back to the house, supper is of course ready and we get an extra chair to set at the table before getting our food. I get everyone drinks and sit down next to Jason.

Before we got back to the house I asked if he was going to stay for dinner. He warned me about him being a picky eater but when I told him what we were having he said he would eat that. I smiled at him as he wolfed down his BBQ pork sandwich.

Hungry boy.

I think to myself amused.

After dinner mother makes everyone a serving of homemade apple pie with ice cream. I thought Jason was gonna die and go to heaven, he loved that pie so much. I giggled as I watched him eat it. He even got another slice.

I however just ate a bowl of ice cream since I didn't like apple pie. In fact I don't really even like apples.

Once everyone was settled down we put in Sherlock Holmes 2. I sat down right next to Jason, tempted to snuggle up next to him but it was too risky with my parents around.

However as the night drew on and as the movie continued we got closer and closer, eventually grabbing each others hands when no one was looking. I tried to be as close as possible. It was good to be close to him. He was warm and he made me feel safe. Like nothing could ever happen to me now that he was there.