Do they really care?

Or is it just a fa├žade?

Maybe they hide it,

-their resentment and hatred of me

Perhaps the do care,

Only without showing it

Maybe they were your friend,

because of how they were

Possibly a challenge to themselves,

To be nice to someone.

Maybe they didn't expect it,

Becoming so close.

What if it was a lie?

It could of been a dare

I'll never know how it became.

I'll never understand but I will,

I swear, to remember and treasure

This friendship forever.

I promise

Author's note:

Hey! I know it's been a while again but I felt like writing down this idea I had so hopefully I can put it up soon and it's name should be something like: 100 threads to unpick. Anyway I can across this when I was looking through what I had and so therefore, I posted it.

I hoped you liked it ^-^