Chapter 3

Have you ever woken up somewhere not knowing where you were? Speaking from experience I can tell you that there is really nothing more disconcerting. What's worse is if you have stranger staring down at you. Especially, if that stranger is from the opposite sex. Let's face it: the mind jumps to conclusions. I could feel panic building up at the pit of my stomach.

"Hi, I am Divya's flatmate!" the boy said quickly. I am pretty sure he realised I was on the verge of tears. "She just went out to get some food and asked me to watch you for a bit. Are you feeling better now?"

"Huh?" I replied eloquent as always.

"She brought you here last night because you had had too much to drink. It was just easier because we two streets away", he explained.

Now that I could dismiss some of the worst case scenarios that had formed at the back of mind. I started noticing a few things, like the fact that my head hurt. Really hurt. It felt like someone was trying to hammer a nail into it.

Someone and I sincerely hoped that this someone was Divya had changed me out of my dress into a large comfortable purple hoodie and loose cotton shorts. I was in largish room in a double bed, pushed against the right wall. There was a wardrobe a few feet away from the foot of the bed. Next to the bed there was a large desk facing the window. The wall right above the bed was full of photos, birthday cards, inspirational quotes, and posters of events that had happened on campus, tickets and a Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. Most remarkably there was a grocery trolley parked right in the centre of the room.

Noticing what I was staring at, the boy began laughing. I must say that he had a very attractive laugh. It made you think of chocolate and warm sunny summer mornings. For the first time I focused my attention on his face and I liked what I saw. He wasn't good-looking in the way that an actor or model would be but his face, which was framed by slim smart glasses, was very pleasant. He had big eyes, a broad smile and very cute button nose.

"Don't you remember?" he asked, "Divya kind of had to push you home in that trolley. You kind of got pretty attached to and refused to leave it on the road so we brought it in here. Both of you were very drunk. She was also waving a windscreen wiper around. What I really want to know is…where did you get the trolley and the wiper from?"

I pretty much started at him dumbfounded.

Trolley? Wiper? I genuinely had no clue. I bit my lips trying to remember…

As anybody who has ever been out to a club or a pub will know. One drink is never really one drink. It usually ends up being one of several drinks. How many drinks did I have that night? I really have no idea. Being drunk for the first time for me was having an out of body experience.

I remember dancing with Diyva, Jade and whole bunch of people I had never met before. I remember flirting and laughing with an Irish boy. I remember having drinks with completely different Irish boy and dancing with a third. (yes, Irish again) As the night progressed things become more and more unclear. At some point during the night (it was closer to morning really) I remember calling my flatmate and crying hysterically to her on the phone. I vaguely remember Divya taking the phone and speaking to her.

I remember all these things like someone would remember the scene of a movie. Like it hadn't really happened to me. I definitely didn't remember getting to this room. I didn't even know what time it was now or where my phone was…speaking of which.


"Karan", he supplied.

"Karan, do you know what time it is? Or where my phone is at?" I asked

"It's about eleven thirty…and here is your phone, Diyva gave it to me before she left", he said passing me my old blackberry. Then noticing the expression on my face he added. "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing", I lied, "It's just that I should really get back home."

It took me another fifteen minutes before I could leave. Karan wanted me to walk me home and it took me a while to talk him out of it and convince him that I was fine. I just really wanted to be alone.

As I left the flat I checked my phone again. There were a few missed calls from my flatmate but other than that there were no messages. I didn't really understand why I was upset. I guess I just hoped that Arzan would notice that I hadn't messaged him good morning at my usual time and checked in. Or maybe I just hoped he would message first instead. It just made me wonder, if I vanished of the face of the planet today, would he even notice?

Feeling hurt and then ridiculous for feeling hurt in equal parts I trudged home.