(do not) compare thee.

do not compare thee to a summer's day
because i compare myself enough with other people
and if that's not the textbook definition of sad then i'll never know what is
because what's sadder than seeing someone who determines their worth based on others?
or maybe i haven't seen enough of this bloody world
and it doesn't end there, does it?
because while yes, it is comparisons but there's slightly more
there always is
because all those people who compare, compare, compare, want more
and it's a double-edged sword they try to wield
for they push themselves to achieve things higher than their heights
and they berate themselves so damn much when they fall short of reach
they see others, and they judge themselves based upon what they see
i want to be better, no, i want to be best
i can't be worse, no, i can't be worst
and there's really no shades of grey here in this self-deprecation
there's barely room for black and white to accomodate other shades
there's merely those two sides of the same coin, and it's all quite simple
in a world trapped within skin sewn with comparisons, it's really so simple to understand
just two sides of the same coin
where the dark eats them up and swallows them live
(i can't be worse)
and the light burns them to death and ashes
(i must be better)
and there's no room for shadows in between
and that's, i believe, is the paths set for those who compare their worth
so do not compare me to a summer's day
you'll only make it worse

22/04/2014. Written by Waad.