STORY SYNOPSIS: Steve Kelly is a young man whose wife cheated on him she's pregnant with another mans child but told Steve it was his. After the birth and 5 years latter Steve finds out that wife

Faye cheated and his child isn't his . She's divorcing him and taking as much as she can legally get away with . The house,the car , alimony and child support and health insurance for her and the child. That is until an eventful happening which neither Faye nor Steve knew about while they were arguing in a museum in front of a historical display of an Indian display depicting a Stick Indian sometimes referred to by the Indians as a trickster. Well Steve and Faye evoke the Indian trickster spirit unknowingly thereby swapping their gender roles... How will Faye respond as she is now in Steve's body facing what she (now Steve) was planning on doing to him(now her) will they learn anything from this tricksters prank?


"Steve I've already told you I'm filing for divorce there's nothing more you can say or do to change my mind." Faye stated heatedly. "My lawyer is also going to ask the court for alimony and child support ,which will also include the house ,the car and health insurance for me a Tara."

Steve looked around disgustedly after he had earlier that morning agreed to meet her at the Natural History Museum in downtown Plattville,Florida To discuss their problem.

"Faye I have here proof in my hand that Tara isn't even my child and I know for certain now since you told me in no certain terms last month that she wasn't mine but that jackass Carl's that supposedly "only a friend" , you've been hanging around so much with" . I stated angrily.

Steve and Faye were standing in front of the ancient Indian Stick god called ,Ta Ha Mana. Which supernatural power being generated by Steve and Faye's bitter argument before him. Ta Ha Mana cast a

spell saying they shall change places tonight and until they learn their lesson they shall remain so even till death. An invisible white cloud was swirling around Steve and Faye continued their heated argument .

At one point Faye after putting what she believed to be the crowning point to her selfish argument spun on her spike heels and strutted away hips swaying seductively as to prove a point to Steve that he was finished as far as it was concerned with her.

Steve was red faced and boiling mad, this ,this she bitch was trying to financially rape him, and drive him into the ground. Which Steve at present was pretty much afraid at the time being ,she could probably do pretty easily seeing as to how the Family courts and law was more on her side than on his . At least, this is what his lawyer has told him. Being in a state where "NO FAULT" divorces occurred but yet still for reasons unknown to many men favored and leaned heavily on the women side to award them ,even if they were the ones that were at fault. In this case cheating, paternity fraud were the 2 biggest issues that really charred him emotionally and his mental stability.

It's not that Steve hated or didn't love Tara ,because he did love her, it was just the way the situation was, she just wasn't his biologically. Why did he have to support someone else's child shouldn't they be made to . Steve was pretty sure that Tara was probably Carl's daughter seeing as to it was him she was cheating with on him.

Steve forgot that he was just standing there in the museum and people were starting to stare at him ,he guessed that they could see he was agitated and angry by the appearance of his red face and all. He looked over at the Ta Ha Mana historical display and saw a large placard in front telling the history of the historical trickster god. Steve muttered to himself ,"Well bub I sure wished I had some kind of a trick to play on that bitch" , Steve chuckled to himself ,"now i'm talking to myself and a dumb display.

Steve slowly turned and walked away from Ta Ha Mana's presence and left the museum.

Ta Ha Mana's spirit spoke to himself and said , " You will get your revenge but I hope you realize the gravity of any decessions you make not only affect you but others as well so chose well ."

A/N: this is just an idea that I came up with that i'd like to incorporate some comedy,mellodrama, and some legal issues that has to to looked into and addressed in a fair way. I realize this isn't my regular run of the mill stuff I normally do but read some things recently which got me thinking. Thereby this story line popped up please let me know what you think. Movies such as Freaky Friday , and "It's a Boy ,Girl Thing" basically gave me the idea. Hopefully with some interesting humor and twists that will take the sting out of any anger generated because of stances helded by those who may not agree with the story line.