A/N: I'm setting up (Larry) he's important to this story but also the sequel after this story as well just wanted his character to be known now so that when the sequel comes out you'll already know him.


Steve walked into his apartment and strolled over to his mini-bar and made himself a bloody mary to relax before going to sleep. He emptied out his pockets of wallet ,keys and the napkin that Faye had written her phone number on and tossed all on his living room table . Steve thought to himself , "Maybe I should give her a call in a day or two and see if she wants to go out sometime for drinks and dinner."

Steve's apartment was quite large , spacious , and expensive 2 bedroom 2 ½ baths , large kitchen and living room . The bedrooms weren't to shabby neither with king sized beds . Not that Steve had wanted a 2 bdroom but the landlord gave him such a deal on the rent that he accepted it. He fiqured if one of his family or friends showed up unanounced he could put them up for a while .

Steve took a sip of his bloody mary and layed his head back on the lush couch he was sitting in trying to relax as much as possible ….it worked he fell asleep right there. It was near 5 AM when Steve opened his eyes and realized were he was at... he laughed at himself and padded towards his bedroom and his bed.

Part 4:

Larry as he was walking away after Steve parked in his spot in the parking lot and they breifly exchanged goodnites . Larry wasn't in the best of moods as usual with him , he wondered why he let Steve always talk him into going out on the weekends especially friday nites. He knew Steve was more confident around women than he was , he just wasn't that confident when around any women its like his brain shut down and never knew what to do or say when in their presence . Larry knew he could out do almost anyone on those things he was good at which was quite a few things.

Larry opened his 2 bedroom flat in his building . Larry actually wanted a 2 bedroom apartment , one was his bedroom and the other was his computer and sound studio. He needed to destress himself and his method of doing that was playing musical instruments of songs he wrote . n Larry lumbered into his music room and picked up his electric guitar after turning on his amp. Making sure the amp was down enough that it wouldn't bother any of his neighbors … not that they ever gave him the same courtesy. His parents drilled it into his head that no matter how rude people maybe to him he wasn't to be as rude to them back. He sat in his chair and began strumming one of the songs he wrote about what true love should be . It was meant to be a love ballad slow and soulful. Steve had tried to encourage Larry to play and sing on open mike nights at the club but He was just to shy to do anything like that at all especially in front of others that might include women in attendance... Larry played and sang until 2 AM before turning in for the night .