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September 2 - Tuesday

I don't know what I want
So don't ask me
'Cause I'm still trying to figure it out

Don't know what's down this road
I'm just walking
Trying to see through the rain coming down

At exactly 7:30 am, Rain's alarm clock tunes in to her favourite radio station. This morning the DJ decided to play some Taylor Swift to start the day. Groaning, Rain rolls over and glares at the big red numbers on the display. Too early. How many hours of sleep did I get last night? Quickly doing the math in her head, she realises that 5 hours is not enough and resolves to sleep earlier tonight. Sitting up, she reaches for her glasses on the bedside table. I hate being blind. If I ever have kids I'm taking their books away after story time so they don't read under the covers with a freaking flashlight like I did. Reaching over her pillow she listens to the song for a few more seconds before turning the alarm off.

I'm just a girl

Trying to find a place in this world

Taylor Swift, why do you always get me? At the age of 17, Rain still feels unprepared to deal with the real world. One year away from being legal and still so lost. Sigh. Finally getting up, she trudges to her personal bathroom. At least I have my own washroom..

As Rain brushes her teeth, she inspects herself in the mirror. Her dark brown eyes take in her curves and wince a little when they reach her bottom. Shaking her head, Rain smiles as she remembers her brother adamantly insisting that her butt is NOT big, and she is NOT fat, no matter what she thinks. Squaring her shoulders she looks at her reflection again. Lifting her shirt up, she looks at her toned stomach and smiles at her defined V line. Every time she feels bad about her body, Rain lifts up her stomach to check on her V. It might seem silly to you, but to Rain, just knowing she's in good shape from running gives her the confidence boost she sometime needs.

Rinsing her mouth, Rain washes her face and then smiles at her reflection one more time. You're not ugly, you're cute. You're loved. She leaves the washroom and goes to her walk-in closet. Putting on a tight purple graphic tee she finishes the outfit with dark blue cargo pants and a black fitted cap. She's known at school for her love of hats and she plans on keeping her style known. A quick look out the window confirms that the sun is shining and the day is hot, so she decides against grabbing a hoodie.

Rain leaves her room and knocks on her brother's door. Receiving no reply she peeks her head in. "Chris! Wake up! You're going to be late."

Her brother opens one eye to look at the clock. Seeing that it reads 7:43, he rolls completely out of bed and lands on the floor with a thud. Rolling her eyes, Rain walks down the stairs and enters the kitchen where she attempts to make breakfast.

Rain grumbles to herself as she accidentally overcook the eggs… again. She places the food on the table and pours two cups of orange juice, and sets two slices of toast on each plate. Before her brother even steps foot into the kitchen, Rain already has their lunches microwaved and in the respective lunchboxes.

"Mornin' sleepy head." She pats her brother on the head and hands him his lunchbox. "Dig in, we have about five minutes before we need to get going."

"Mmh fanks fwo packing my lunch Wain," Chris says, or rather attempts to say as he spits food everywhere. "And fwo cooking bweakfast too."

Rain winces. "Chris, I don't mind if you talk with your mouth full, but please try to keep the food in your mouth, yes?"

A loud gulping sound is heard from Chris as he chugs down his orange juice. "Sorry sis! Can't be late for the first day!" Putting his now empty plate into the sink he fills it with water before dashing out the door. "Bye!"

With an amused smile on her face, Rain calmly finishes her breakfast and puts her plate in the sink as well. Looking at the clock, she sees that it's 8:04. 11 minutes? I can make it. She smirks to herself. There's nothing she loves more than speed. She grabs her bag and leaves the house through the garage door, taking her cruiser with her.

The brilliant sun shines down on Rain as she pauses outside her house to take in the fresh air. After a moment, she checks the road before dropping her board and heads towards her best friend's house, who lives about a mile away. Zipping through streets at record speed, she arrives at her destination in less than five minutes, and without stopping, Rain chucks a rock at an upstairs window. "GABBY WE HAVE FIVE MINUTES!" she yells.

Within the next instant, the door of house number 23 on Cedar Lane bursts open and two girls rush out, shoes half on, with their backpacks dangling over a shoulder. One of them starts a furious dash after Rain while the other takes a moment to lock the door and grabs a bike instead of following the lead of her crazy older sister. Laughing out loud, Natalie Martin pedals furiously to catch up with the two older girls. She watches amusedly from the distance as her sister Gabrielle chases after Rain while throwing small pebbles at her.

Soon enough, the rest of the gang joins the trio. Blake shows up and jogs next to Natalie. "Soo. Those two are at it again? What'd I miss?" she laughs as a 'You could've broken my window!' is heard from an annoyed Gabrielle. "Man, I heard you guys from a block away. Every day, without fail, am I right?" she winks at Natalie.

Before Natalie can reply, Damien appears next to Blake with his bike. "Rain was probably up to some mischief again, you know how it is."

Jennifer shows up on her bike and adds, "I bet a dollar Rain will get tackled to the ground by Gabby the instant she stops! Who's in?"

"Come on Jen, we all know what's going to happen," says Erin as she pops out of nowhere. "Rain's going to eat dirt."

The group laughs and continues to observe the duo at the front. Everyone holds their breath as the school is in sight. "We will reach our destination in 3..." starts Damien. "2…" continues Jen. "1!" says Blake. Rain pops her cruiser and catches it with her left hand, stopping right at the edge of the street by the school's main doors. Not even one second later, Gabby tackles her from behind into the sidewalk. "No more rocks to windows you hear?!" she all but screeches into the ear of her best friend. "Mmpfff!" is heard from Rain as she goes down.

The group gathers around their two friends lying on the ground, laughing. Blake lifts Gabrielle off of Rain and sets her on her feet, while Damien tugs at Rain's hands until she stands up. He pats them both on the head and then pulls everyone in for a hug. "Ahh, I've missed you guys! Florida was great but nothing beats hanging out with friends!" Natalie giggles from outside the hug. "You guys all look so goofy, and everyone's staring! Also, the bell's going to ring and we're going to be lat-".

Before she is about to finish her sentence, the bell rings, the clear sound cutting through the air. The gang freezes and looks at each other in panic. "LATE ON THE FIRST DAY," they yell in unison. "RUN!" Natalie, Damien, Erin and Jennifer quickly run to secure their bikes on the bike racks while the other three dash into the school. "See you guys after classes!" calls Rain. "We'll catch up then!"

According to the timetable I got in the mail, I have Advanced Functions first. Let's see. What room was that in? Oh, it's in the portables. Rain sprints back outside and enters portable A2, which was luckily unlocked. Oh thank the gods that the teacher seems to be nice. She quickly looks around for an empty seat, just to realise that each desk had a sticky note with a name on it. Great. Seating plans. Well, at least that means my seat partners will be somewhat polite since we don't get to sit with people we're more familiar with. Finding her spot right next to the windows in the back, she sits down and surveys the room. At least there's only one person sitting next to me. Window seats are the best. Of course, with my last name, it's not a surprise I'm the very last seat right next to the door. At least that means I'll be first out when the bell rings! ... Even though I can't see the board from here. Maybe my neighbour will let me copy off of them. Glancing at the sticky note of the girl sitting next to her, Rain notes that she's an Indian who goes by the name of Alisha. She doesn't look very friendly. Looks like it's going to be a boring class. Sigh. Looking around the room, she remarks that even though there are a few friendly faces, most of the students look like they just want to get this semester over with. What a boring class. I think I'm going to cry. Rain sighs and puts her head down and waits for class to start. I can already tell it's going to be a long day.

"-and for homework, please get your permission forms signed and work on the review packages." Ms. Taylor calls out through the noise of students packing their bags. Rain stands up lazily and pulls out her timetable from her pocket. Chemistry next, in room 128. My favourite subject. Not. More like my worst. She folds the paper neatly and puts it back in her pocket. Slipping out of portable A4 before anyone else, she follows the dirt path and re-enters the school. The switch from the bright sun to the fluorescent lights blinds her for a moment as her glasses readjust to the setting. 116, 121, 125… ah. There it is. Rain expertly weaves her way through the crowd and enters the lab just as the bell rings.

Of course my class is on the other side of the school. Rain grumbles. She takes a quick look around and doesn't see a single familiar face. And of course I don't know anyone. Resisting the urge to groan out load, she sees that the teacher is already set up and is passing out today's notes. Guess I better sit down before I get in trouble. Wouldn't want to make a bad impression on the first day. The only seats left are at the very front, so she makes her way over and sits right in the middle. If I have to sit here I might as well choose a spot where I can see. Rain thanks the teacher for the notes and skims quickly through it. Organic Chemistry? Hmm.

"Hello class, my name is Mrs. Besgrove and I will be your Chemistry teacher for the year. If you pay attention in class and complete your assignments, you should have no problems passing this course. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions! Now before we start, let me pass out these forms that need to be signed…"


The bell that signifies the start of lunch rings and Rain's stomach can't be more grateful. She quickly packs up her things and moves to leave, but a hand on her bicep stops her before she can get past the doorway.

"Hi! So sorry to bother you but you seem friendlier than the other kids. Do you mind lending me your cellphone? I forgot mine at home today along with my lunch so I need to call my parents and ask if they can bring me some food." Rain turns around and is met by the sight of a girl who is just a little bit shorter than she is.

"Oh! Sure, no problem, here you go." Rain passes her the phone and waits patiently for her to call her dad. As the other girl speaks, she can't help but notice that she's speaking Cantonese. When she's done, she thanks Rain and gives her back the phone, who puts it in her pocket.

"I've never seen you around before. Are you new?" Rain tilts her head to the side. It was probably a mistake to assume that by now, she would know most, if not all, of her schoolmates. It's been a long four years after all, but here she is, in a class full of foreign faces wondering how it's even possible. Wait, why am I even surprised? I'm friends with a girl who insists that she was in my English class freshman year when to this day I still have no memory of ever seeing her there. Also I can't remember names to save my life so why not faces too? Man I need to stop being so oblivious. She shakes herself out of her thoughts to listen to the other girls' reply.

"No, I'm not. I'm actually an Arts student, but I decided this year to take some Science courses in case that doesn't work out." The girl shrugs. "I get 90s in all my subjects so I figured if the best Art school won't accept me, I'd try out for Health Sciences or something instead."

Rain's eyebrows raise. Of course it's the genius of the class who wants to talk to me. I'm surrounded by smart people who make me feel dumb. Such is life. "That explains why we haven't met! I've never had space on my timetable to take additional art courses, but I love creativity and art. I would love to see your work if you're willing to share." Rain takes a quick glance at the clock on the wall. "Anyway, nice meeting you, but I should probably go find my friends before they finish eating, or else they'll steal my food." She gives a little wave and starts walking away.

"Hey wait, I just realised that I didn't introduce myself. My name's Abby. Do you maybe want to be study partners in this class?" Abigail gives her a smile. "I wasn't joking when I said that the other students don't look very friendly. They all look like robots but you seem different. Besides, sitting by yourself in the front is kind of lonely, don't you think?"

"Sounds good to me, I could always use a study buddy. My name is Rain by the way." She gives a little grin of her own to the bubbly girl in front of her. "See you tomorrow then?"

"See you tomorrow!" Abigail waves and heads to the front doors to pick up her lunch.

Rain places her hands in her pockets and heads off in the opposite direction. Well. That was unexpected. Guess I made a new friend today. Maybe the day won't be as lame as I thought. Although… it will surely get worse very fast if I don't finish my lunch before my friends finish theirs. Eep!

From the office, the secretary raises her eyebrows as she sees, through the monitors, a girl wearing a hat and holding what appears to be a skateboard of some sort sprint through the halls at record speed.

"Rain! What the heck took you so long?" Gabrielle grumbles and crosses her arms. "Erin ditched us for the library and Jen is MIA as per usual. Geez, it's only the first day, and those two are already at it!" She groans and throws her head back, falling over and lying on her back in the shade.

Rain gives a little shrug. "You know how those two are. Erin's always got her nose in a book and Jen just can't stop painting when she starts. You can't stop them even if you tried." Rain plops down next to her best friend and takes out her lunch. "Besides, Jen's art is to die for. I can't wait to see her newest masterpiece!" She takes out her sandwich and starts taking large bites. "Man I'm hungry."

Gabrielle's head lifts up and her eyes lock on to the food in Rain's bag. Before she can say anything, Rain interjects. "And no, you can't have any of my food, because a hungry Rain is a cranky Rain. It's not like you're hungry anyway, you just want to steal my food."

Gabrielle puts an arm over her eyes and the other hand over her heart. "Ouch best friend, I thought you loved me!" She says dramatically.

"Oh shush, you." Rain acquiesces and pops a grape into her so called best friend's mouth. "I'm only feeding you because you don't eat enough, even though you're always stealing my food."

"Nah, you're feeding me before you lo-oove me!" Gabrielle pops up and wraps her arms around a disgruntled Rain before lying back down under the tree.

"Yeah, yeah. Now be quiet so I can finish my lunch quickly without interruptions. We still have an hour left and Blake and Damien will be waiting." She looks around. "Where are they anyway?"

Gabrielle replies with her eyes closed. "Hmm, they said something about football and ran off. They left their bags for me to babysit though. Jerks." Yawning, she lifts her hands above her head and smiles a lazy smile. "It's such a good day today, with the cool wind and blue skies. … I've missed you, Rain."

Rain closes her eyes and sighs contentedly at the feeling of the wind on her face. "I've missed you too, Gabby."

Hearing a suspicious rustling sound, she opens one eye in time to see her best friend with her face full of grapes and wide, innocent eyes staring back at her. Both eyes shoot open. "GABBY!" Her best friend springs up and prances away before she can grab her, shakings her hips mockingly at her, and winks. Rain rolls her eyes before deciding that inhaling the rest of her lunch is a more viable option than making that dingus compensate for the stolen fruits. That girl will be the death of me one day, I swear it.

The moon is high up in the sky and Rain had just finished tucking her brother in and kissing him goodnight. She tiredly trudges into her room and flips her journal open and records todays' events.

September 2

It was the first day of school today, and of course mom and dad were nowhere to be seen. And they call themselves parents? Geez. School was alright, my Advanced Functions teacher was really nice and I made a new friend in Chemistry. Abigail, I think her name was? A third of our group was missing during lunch today, as to be expected, but it was so nice to see our oak tree again. Gabby was a jerk and ate all my grapes before ditching me to play football with Blake and Damien. I joined them later and we played a 2v2 game, and my team won! I mean teaming with Blake? She's just too good of an athlete. I bet she's going to get an athletic scholarship to all the sport schools. I had French and then English after, it was great seeing my old classmates in my French class, and Gabby and I have English together. She's going to be an amazing journalist one day, if she decides to do that instead of being a choreographer. Maybe she can do both? Sounds like Chris had a great day too. I'm not surprised, my little brother is such a ray of sunshine. He told me about all the friends that he made today while inhaling the spaghetti that I made for dinner. I'm surprised that my food turned out so good, I'm getting better at this cooking thing! I think I'm going to ask Damien for some more tips. Or maybe just hire him to be my chef. Phew, this entry is getting pretty long. I'm going to call it a night. This year will be a good year right? I'm going to make it a good year.

Rain places the journal back on her nightstand and turns off the lamp. Sitting on the edge of her bed, she turns on her keyboard and prepares to play her nightly song. What shall we play tonight? Thinking about it for a second, she smiles. I know the perfect song. She closes her eyes and lets the notes and wash over her, singing softly along. After this, she would turn off her keyboard and turn in for a fitful sleep, but right now, she's at peace. Her mind is quiet. She dives in headfirst, and loses herself in the music.

It's late and I am tired, wish I could spark a smile
This place is flying high but right now I want to be low
Don't want to move an inch, let alone a million miles
And I don't want to go but I know I gotta go

I just want, to feel alive
The, times, you don't want to wake up
'Cause in your sleep it's never over when you give up
The, sun, is always gonna rise up
You need to get up, gotta keep your head up
Look at the people all around you
The way you feel is something everybody goes through
Dark, out, but you still gotta light up
You need to wake up, gotta keep your face up

Seems like the more you grow, the more time you spend alone
Before you know it you end up perfectly on your own
The city's shining bright, but you don't see the light
How come you concentrate on things that don't make you feel right

I just want, to feel alright

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